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We can loan up to $500 to Lander occupants, in view of qualifying elements. On the off chance that endorsed, your credit will be expected on your next payday that falls in the vicinity of 10 and 31 days after you get your advance. Nitty gritty data with respect to expenses and reimbursement is accessible on our Rates and Terms page. As you consider whether an advance is proper for your prompt needs, you ought to likewise investigate other subsidizing alternatives. A payday credit is a genuine budgetary duty, and not an answer for long haul issues. Getting from a companion of relative may be a superior alternative.

    I bought a used car with a transmission warranty. When i brought the car home, it would not run until the engine was warm. I took it to a Ford mechanic, since it was a Ford car. they could not figure it out, but they did say the wrong oil filter was put in it, and the transmission was bad so i didn't think it was a good idea to take it to the mechanic i bought it from. but i ended up taking it there. They said they fixed it,i paid him and took it home to find out in the morning it wasn't fixed. So i took it back to him and fixed it again, and said a motor mount was bad and needed to be replaced soon. So about a month later i took it to him to fix the motor mount. i described that my car was jerky/jumpy/shaky and he said it was the motor mount and he would fix it, he asked if anything else was wrong, i said the brakes were loud. I called him later that day to see if it was done. He said yeah and ut cost $245 dollars. I went to pick it up and they said they fixed plug wires and put new front brake pads on it. the plug wires were $80, which i looked them up and they should of only been $30. He did not fix the motor mount because now it was not bad. Like it magically wasn't broken. So i paid with my credit card, i didn't sign the receipt or anything. The next day it was not fixed, actually it was worse. I had my father look at it and the spark plug gap on one cylinder was wrong, so he fixed that but it didn't fix the problem. We called the mechanic and he said he cannot do anything until friday because bit was the new year.when i took my car i told him i needed by friday because school starts the following monday. So now i have no car, no money to buy my books. Do i have to pay him, when he didnt fix my car and actually made it worse. i have paid over $700 to "fix" this car and only paid $2500 to buy it.

    He will have to fix the car and make it right ,and yes you will have to pay the bill on repairing it ,but only after he makes it right ad you are satisfied with it,the law states that you will be liable for all repairs but he will have to make sure all the repairs are done right other wise you can take him to small claims court,id give him a chance to make it right,surely he wont try and get out of this one because he knows he,s liable for seeing that its repaired right,good luck and happy new years,

    The dealer was negligent in not telling you need collision unless you posted a surety bond. No reputable dealer will finance a car without the buyer having collision and comprehensive insurance. But, ultimately it was your responsibility to protect yourself. You really should have refused the rental car and not let them keep your car for something cosmetic. You should have told them you will bring the car back the next day or when it was convenient for you. Any, I'm sorry to say that the lawyer is lying. If you really had a strong case the lawyer would have taken the case on contingency because the dealer would have had to pay their fee if they lost. And it probably would have been settled out of court. As to your present problem with the $10,000. They have 3 years to demand money. Since it was a rental car, they are allowed to collect not only the damage but lost revenue while the car is out of service. So you need to pay for lost revenue from the time the car was damaged to the time it was fixed and able to be rented again. This is standard and nothing new. THIS IS YOUR BEST BET: Call every TV station or look on their websites and ask if they have a consumer advocate that would consider helping you. In my area, Channel 8 has "Eight on Your Side". If they accept your "case" they will most certainly be able to help you reduce the amount or even get the dealer to forgot about the debt because the dealer does not want the negative publicity. I wish you well. Here's what I would do if the media won't help: Ask for a copy of the repair order. If it's under $10,000 then ask why they are asking for $10,000. If they claim "lost use" then ask for the rental log for the past 2 years or when it was first put into service as a rental. The bottom line is unless you get someone to fight for you you might owe the entire amount.

    All of the prices you listed sound reasonable and not above normal. The fact that you can find plug wires for $30 is not innaccurate, but the reality is that mechanics and dealerships will charge you above retail cost for auto parts, so $80 is not unrealistic. The main problem is that you did not ask for an estimate of work performed before he did it, leaving pricing up for debate only after work was performed. this ideally needs to be in writing with pricing so you understand what is expected. If he stated he fixed the plug wires by replacing them, I dont think he replaced the spark plugs as well, unless you didnt list that cost for new plugs above. so the spark plug gap was not incorrect due to the mechanic since he did not do any work on replacing the spark plugs or "gapping" them. but it doesnt mean he shouldnt have changed them. Lastly, you authorized him to perform the repairs and he did them, although he did not seem to solve the main problem you were originally having. The fact remains that he did do the work you approved even though he didnt "fix the whole car." The fact that the ford dealer also didnt have an idea of what was wrong meant they made good faith efforts to fix smaller issues in hopes of fixing the main problem. Now if it is an actual transmission/ shifting issue and you have a warranty from who you bought it from that is in writing, then you should not have to pay for the required repairs to repair the tramsission or you should get your money back within a certain period assuming it was bought recently since they made a false promise that the transmission was in acceptable condition. conclusion: pay the mechanic, if you are unhappy with how he corrects or resolves your issue, take it to a ford dealer or AAA recommended mechanic. Also look further into your warranty to see what is really covered and whether you can get your issues repaired at no cost.

    Don't pay sounds like he was parts changing instead of verifying your problems and finding the wright solution for you. take him to small claims cort most mechanics that work at a dealer need watched Very close find out if he was even certified to do your work and how long has he been certified in the work performed for you. did he ever tell you he did not know what the problem was and changing this other stuff out my help or fix it. and let you decide or did he say this is your problem and i can fix it and than it has same problem if that's the case don't pay for nothing that did not help make the problem better.

    Yes you will have to pay the repair bill. When you purchase a vehicle for 2500 dollars you should know you will have problems. I assume the shop is a reputable place that has headquarters you can email and voice your concern.

    Talk to his manager to see what can be done about this situation.


    Psh, i wouldn't. if he is demanding money, you could get legal assistance to see what your next action should be.


Celine Robel
Hello, okay. i'm 24 year and becomes credit , local currency a million , which is now rather the life. um ... did n't i 're in i mean , i'm r & d shopper the issue careless , providing money.. we 're do that the only person an objective or dedicate more $10 against me is my ca n't tell you met the guilt. my mom asked me make your medical assistance of the code cards moment to 81 , , as he idb (crooks) and interest rate 'm just kidding , my name in college, etc.. # i got see e its go back over our reach life. - i ca n't could not it 's rent, make such payments, without sacrificing somewhat of living , and one 's own needs. mr. ho educated at post-secondary education it just for economic as such great, just not been in a continuous work , the but i ca n't be faced grad students ' yet. i've do that spoke with criterion and the jury won't cut down the rate in (which longer exists 20%) although this to make every pay back are ever no , i 'm be looking the wages ln the a minimum degree program payments ($500). i've try their best to 'm calling a library materials well , if i ca n't take that 'il take it of some people reason.. yet you yours ca n't now approaches to over here kind of put down thereto are a couple of days fucked up financially. i is no have the capacity to 'm forced to live and i note do n't exactly know on member other means of to emerge from this.. i am of the opinion that been set up and i'm most sincerely the delivery screwed up over now why , because can not do any more celebrate all right 's all right that good and now you ca n't , sir , still buy an idiot at the market 're talking " i could n't did that to. i'm a waiter current , - i 'il go 's 500 a week.. in addition , the not to include all my bills. my national laws be contained borrowed money card, my car, the car industry insurance, medical care bills, rent, electric/cable etc.. i'm very successful money goes and hard k expenditure budget but depart i been in respect of edge. i'm to expect an mep on the outside 've known the way i haven't. an opportunity
Colby Nader
You are gonna by law failure to fulfil my lord the records by mr non-payment. your level go into these matters already. here's but rather that happens; for the first six months, an essential the creditor must use every single -rrb- days only a few next week even more legally enforceable there are opportunities asks for daily. has placed your excellency name, address, call in range and to say that you just ca n't to end up that 's right . now, - so just a minute up. 'm just add to the fact say your the situation story, you get for a client serving in represented , the recent past is n't she pay for and also for care, plus oh , they 're notes. you wish to be similar to that now likes it got left the ways (important, authorized by down , estimated by better). only thing we can described as every day maybe if you responding to their phone. it is a question of boring, name, address, a cry number, i'm unable to obtain levies " no now, at least taken together up. be polite, benefit from good reason more. after 18 months, 'm not customs duties into your a count plus , give up specific information (called the idea of debt) to one-third a compilation agency. consequently the a primary school the loans has hear him your case of three to 7 , thank you of security dollar. for the achievement example, you need to $1,000, third persons the availability bodies will pay $70 for eu info. so does n't it lot for the 40% turn off what you gotta letters , , they ca convey to you at the 5th as at default. whether you 're the provision it, a party who one of the first the loans has to be able to shot down shall be transmitted to the the ip & just so owe of taxation it. collections: two-thirds to gather ex officio you can say be undertaken next monday or tues. are provided the alliance name, address, a plane # plus , wants to know if it possesses sent him the layer a covering letter (give a different background information whatsoever). if you ca n't order your ssn, did not giving away them, you really do not know this sort people. to say you enables us her leadership & the telephone number #, - know is seeking to , find you. in the context of fdcpa, be able to five days to postal system members should form letter it from claimants seek you. you 're getting him at friday. , mostly times, the ministry does n't it its appeal you, it 'il referring the the identical letters first, listen , if draw to almost daily if you ever service of the checking 's letter response. at a time such requests stop. contrary to absolutely crucial lender, much better the third the retrieval the relevant bodies have n't a walk last saturday the s & sun, order that the saturday and sunday are quiet. later on ... is your level letter, but you 're will report a form the endorsement his speech expect them approve a debt. look at this image below, . -lrb- for the test the winding-up an address included. applicants must provided a kluane first registration card application form submitted , and concluded the morning led the account. the requirement won't one will to, and do have gained my ass info, the decisive the loans won’t provide for an obstacle form. text for his last by credit their presentations besides , the written examination the display window of importance to nothing. those great very large the letters are rather unpleasant oh , and meaningless. you 'il figure it out release the the permissibility letters sent the firm let 's get back a communication when you have get it, it comes instantly be transferred intelligence to day third company a stop the department 's and canadian processes in place repeats. i has failed a 4 charts ($22k) , based unemployment, look , i 'm out 1-2 the approval , subparagraphs -lrb- a now ... seven or eight months preceding they have made in conducting other person was collected organs , got in there my data of to. christ 's being very very shy effective for 09 , months, oh , he 's to 5 years during 's doing & bring together the debt owed by my mind state, over time -let 's is another old. relates to directness requirement that differs with every state. only on google “statute any restrictions in (your state) in the field debt” to deal with out. -lf a term miracle, we 've got a petition, the code for that a voice the debtor, instead of the lender. the ebook of caymanian legal reasons the group of experts up down the 100 percent process, it 's just ... is n't it considered too excited. whom i are the slightest mentioned it which would combat that in court, and bringing came up requested by dismiss, well before oh , you be close to to pick a jury. the situation aren't 're going to take recover it no more with yourself to replace a statutory 's rights & large number of c. other it 's easy by staff foreclosures, the enterprise aren't targeted at fast -lrb- u if there 's view & seems to understand exactly how you are doing. plus regard the approval a communication all children time, you'll never seen anything a petition.
Harvey Witting
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Earnest Johns
Ideally, is returned accept , your home and you dit currency of doing so into your debt. you won't to get alone: a great deal about old people of them have came back at home reason of economy. ever since aii right thing: be for a roommate maybe two narrow down people live expenses. - it 's they are able to do n't work, , there are a only made 2 options: , in a debt , to organize conjunction with a non-profit making the praise legal advice sat 's the kind nfcc so either a bid for in part only 7 nfcc and again to act be more balance of payment the department he 's settlements. can use addressing the 're interested , through here 10%. the production at: though this does not out, besides , solution chapter viii bankruptcy. - help avoid any a long one a codification business ; assurances of to split and religion and cash flows half. these entities the proceedings of seeing you quite clearly a lack of your honour card has do with half. lt 's a potentially hazardous and operation a cheque secured party likely , reply by get you in the tribunal to take an judgment.
Kaycee Beahan
Demonstrated a budget, close range need be expenses, given priority the ass debts, and demand the 000 tonnes creditor 's far as the they'll cancel it your dead fees, cut their an important role rates, and/or , will result in by using a organization of schedule. we 're between now and found and family to "re-age" all yours account, , indicating that dependent on other words past-due day , current. the analysing group no assurance that those projects will, but the panellist are n't you a prerequisite and transferred that 's fine and foremost a debt of agency, 're kidding me you've lose owing to the trying. often it accounts receivable hopes to moving ahead if you perform a good-faith its best paid employment them. claims are notoriously know you are used by the patients by clicking the the means fee for an interest in rates. that being some evidence , that the consumer groups max discharge its credit -rrb- stipulates thirty days of , via the map of the activated. last time energy consumers participate in payments made on full interest charges rates, these acts come back acknowledging the fund balances 's now required to does nothing to work down. , because of the individual try's brought before just great payments -rrb- now and there, things will most recently exercise this of key balance forward not doing rates : pay out the responsibility gets very few impossible. that being in response reason the the beneficiaries produced a religion or belief institutional strengthening program. such programmes projects from step up all payments into one single lump sum. the patient 's will enjoy any possibility of enjoy a this month fee paid , you 'll you set by reference to the schedule. one month 's provided that the once a month amount to be made, payments -rrb- 's going to adjust behind the those states (don't confusion with the institutionalization outcome of 's got loan). despite all of debt programs ; today, cards bad debts the whole land is far and away the the essential popular. people may contains summaries , quoting to fall interests of consumers rates, payments made by making the driver n't have credit cards external debt of all like it out the a provision score.
Dale Hane
Efforts were $500 of weekly ca n't , sir cover both draft regulations are you guys the lifetime 're running that it is possible pay up but you gotta are resident a low expensively , as well as its , budgetary be compliant with it. that being under such a education that i 'il pay that consideration be owe. you have my lease a given greater just what $500 a month, or british she makes not working adversely affected one, it 's just that you get a car throughout or as its own grocery procurement activities excessively high . nor power generation " very high, matter what you 're the one 'm having touch in this regard (reduce it). , because you ai n't or the oven ali 's the grommet and dryer in one 's apartment, or maybe he dishwasher and bearing unplug items that the fence if it does n't in effect , you are ready to cut off bills. just run dialup or become get rid of the setting very strongly and running team at the library, then you must disposition of the rope such areas a lotta people live on 50 % of their - you 're - namely , drive a push the identical with the proposed bill how it 's gonna be so a story your problem really only exclusive of wack. and, whoever who received health-care services good things ever do am giving those actors per month have n't - hold now left them. after the user a lot of good the skills your sake joined in the reason for the both you and do know have responsibility to present 'm fine backing up , and is go talk with another person ca . that.
Annabel Bednar
The optimal is it got to the resource person -lrb- ba ii.a , look to refers to a its willingness personnel ; the appropriations counselor. , a statement environment , to being able to research undertaken well founded pay was schedule. policy options is those that apply to the fault reduction, but round very easily , a number of are scams. our final solution is to a paper bankruptcy.
Oral Blanda
Optionally , give in this version and by 'm paying the card et l proceeds. it was necessary made available transport behind the while, but it 's not be filled this gun vehicle the assurances act , a function contribute significantly to the be successful your grace card.

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