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    1 trillon dollars of taxpayer money on a package that not one person in government can say will work to stimulate the economy! Did you know that the very ones voting this in today probably did not even read it? The Republicans say it will not work, Democrats say the same, but that we have too try it!?! Economists are advising against the package, stating that the economy will correct itsself, as in the past. There is 1Billon dollars to pay for the 2010 census! 50 million to NASA to pay for repairs from storm damage! 4.5 million to pay to make military bases energy efficient! 2.8 billion to pay for rural broadband! 2.4 billion to carbon capture products. 4.19 billion for Acorn washington other bogus community organizing groups. 650 million to digital TV conversion. 79 Billion to bail out the State Education system. 400 million to global warming research. 50 million to the National Endowment of the Arts. 200 million to refurbish the National Mall! Most of these, if they ever do, will not produce jobs for 2 years, according to experts. But, the few I have noted here are just a drop in the bucket to what is actually in that package. Republicans voted unanimously against it today, along with a couple of Democrats. This is too much, too fast and there has not been one iota of thought to what this will do to our country. What do you think?

    Mister J, there are many out there with plans to save the economy, but our government is not listening. They never do listen to the people. Congress just voted themselves a $4,700 pay raise, most are already millionaires, shows how much they are thinking about Americans. They could all afford to take pay cuts, pay for their own haircuts, parking,spa treatment, and other perks. Their raise alone will cost taxpayers another 2.5 million a year! They are making money right and left, while people are losing their homes. Really think they care. lol Our government needs to be cleaned up. Repealing NAFTA immediately would make a hugh difference in our economy. Bring the jobs back home. I am convinced that NAFTA is what actually started bringing this country down so fast. Thanks to the Democrats and Bill Clinton! There are many ways to help the economy. And there are many highly intelligent people outside of government that could get the job done.

    In all honesty, there's no amount of stimulation that's going to just suddenly fix our economy. In my opinion, instead of throwing money about (which I feel that they're doing) they need to start legislation that would keep American's jobs from going overseas. I admit, this will probably cause the cost of living to go up because we don't have cheap labor, but Jobs are what we need to boost this economy. This stimulus is more like a band aid for a bullet wound. The previous stimulus barely worked, if at all. Also, I think they need to hold off on Voting until after everyone has filed their taxes. A Tax refund could stimulate the economy as well.

    Yep, pretty sad, isn't it, but thank God the Republicans voted against it. My favorite is the sod for the National Mall, which, by my calculations, would take $64,000 to $100,000 (if I include removing the old sod) to re-sod the entire thing at once. It's not a stimulus package; it's a spending package and just the sort of socialism that we warned against.

    Whats very dissapointing is that The Democratic abode individuals locked Republicans out of each step of this bill. it truly is been a a hundred 12 months custom that the minority occasion be aloowed to grant thoughts in committee for each little bit of substantial legislations and Pelosi and Reid ignored that and in fact close the door on Republicans. Congressman value of Georgia became into exhibiting a replica of the bill after Dems have been accomplished with it with words marked out and new language re inserted and the selection a hundred million scratched out and 1500000 million inserted. One passge grants 2 billion to "technology" doesnt say what scienc in simple terms "technology"

    Waiting for the market to correct itself may work for some, but in the meantime, there are a great many people who will suffer. The trickle down effect could be devastating to a lot more. Since you asked what I think: I think anyone can criticize, but do you have another solution? What about all those Republicans and the 12 Democrats that voted against it, do they?

    This is all spending for special interests who all feel like they're owed this now that obama is in office and they can get it past the president. it is one of the most outrageous things I have ever seen. almost none of the spending will do anything to stimulate the economy. it is theft of taxpayer money.

    Rukidden, it's 200 million that has been allocated to re-sod the national mall. taxation without representation..say it with me now...

    Oh yes, every word. Twice.

Marian Dicki
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Javon Hessel
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Michale Harber
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Isaiah Kshlerin
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Darrick Lubowitz
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Marisol Dicki
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Donavon Jakubowski
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Elyse Mraz
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