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    Ok LQ first. How likely is a horse to destroy a rubber bucket as compared to a plastic one? I bought one of the barns stallions new rubber buckets today because his plastic ones were pretty much destroyed (his water buckets). He is a cribber, been doing it for so many years that any attempts we have made to make him stop have ended in failure, most we can do is damage control. I'm curious as to how long they might last. For Bard: Check your email woman! I needs to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! or get on facebook, that would be better.

    He won't play with toys, he looks at them and goes "and just what do you expect me to do with this?" He had been abused before his current owner got him where he was left in a stall, starved, bored to death, and only taken out to breed. He is 20 years old and has been doing it for at least 7 years. Also he doesn't crib on wood, only buckets. Hasn't even touched his feed pan.

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rubber is much less likely to be broken, simply because it's elasticity and flexibility can withstand the abuse that plastic can't. Plastic has no give, so, there it goes. But rubber doesn't last for ever either, because that elasticity causes bulges and weak spots after so long and it will eventually tear. Could take years for it to happen, but, eventually. So, rubber is definitely the way to go when you're trying to fend off total destruction. Toys for cribbers who've been at it for so long tend to not work unless you can encourage serious stimulation. Just hanging up one of those pacifers or whatever, rarely works unless you can get the horse attracted to it. If you know what makes him really happy, besides the girlies, then find some way to turn that into a stall game or play station of some sort. Like for horses that go nuts over peppermints, spraying peppermint oil on their toys may goad them into playing -- but do whatever applies to that horse. Hanging things up that they like to eat, or making it difficult to get a treat, making puzzle boxes, slow grazers; something that takes time to work out. Using straw bedding instead of shavings will prompt them to "forage", and it is not as bad as eating shavings. Plexiglas mirrors.

    Rubber buckets should do some good. they're much harder to destroy (although they won't do well as chew toys). i would recommend removing them after he gets done eating (um.... yeah.... the waterbucket. leave that one. hah.) when we had a horrid cribber, we painted the hottest hot sauce we could find on the walls of the horse's stall. it helped (the cribbing collar did more harm than good) and it did not upset his stomach. it was "natural" with peppers and such. worth a shot! why would you geld him? if he's a good stud, keep him intact. shitty owners are everywhere, just gotta get creative when you get a horse who's had one.

    Hahah oh dear, well have you tried soaking wood, the rubber in vinegar ? some times people use vinegar to stop their horses from cribbing on wood, or you can get him a stall toy if you don't have one already, it helps with boredom.

    In my experience, rubber buckets can take a lot more abuse than plastic ones.

    Just get rubber buckets until you can find something more durable we dont need any more horses in the world no matter how well they r bred, if u do hav a well bred younger horse take advantage and ride a well bred horse we hav 2 mares who if u bred u would make bookoo bucks but we dont just because she is superialy bred please make the right choice


Axel Bahringer
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Lenny Cremin
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Brent Strosin
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Joelle Block
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Kody Fahey
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Kaleigh Frami
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Charles Orn
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Rebekah Bayer
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Aubree Cole
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Jody Greenfelder
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