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    Back in September i had a break in at my house which was covered by my renters policy provided to me by state Farm. The loss is about 6 thousand dollars in property. Since that day I have complied with all of the many and many bad faith suggesting intentions and demands made by State Farm like my credit report, cell phone records, Bank statements, Credit Card statements, Examination under oath, Pictures, receipts, tax records, recorded statements from family members, sworn proof of statements, Notarized affidavits from family members, They even came out to my house to take pictures(and snoop around) I have no clue what I should do next but I am having a hard time finding a lawyer since this is not a big claim. Any advice anyone?

    Here is another issue.... They denied the claim stating that there are many "misrepresentations and inconsitencies" but they refuse to tell me what any of them are....I know i told the truth because i know what can come out of lying to an insurance company.....and then the only reason that this happened was because the 2 week old alarm system failed to work....the bad guy ripped it off the wall which somehow powered it down. I have filed complaints with the washington department of insurance and all they can tell me is that they are maintaining their position. State Farm has sent me a check for the refund of my policy but i havent cashed it. If they really believe i comitted insurance fraud why would they give me my money back? why havent they called the police or pressed charges? Im thinking about taking them to small claims court and just taking a loss on some of the money.

    It appears they suspect fraud due to the time frame. That maybe another reason most lawyers are not interested and realize they may have a losing case. When they are looking at bank, cell, credit card, tax records and getting statements from everyone, they are building their case to deny your claim. Every time you sign a notarized affidavit, agree to a recorded statement, you are stating everything you say to be the truth. When they find something that contradicts your statements, be it from friends/family or yourself, or from your personal records, they are looking for proof your claim is suspicious. Has anyone from State Farm state say they are from the SIU (special investigation unit)? If so, they only handle in cases of suspected fraud. You only other option is to contact your insurance department and file a complaint. But it does not look good for you. good luck

    There are no finance charges or late charges to pay monthly on a State Farm auto policy. There is a billing charge of $3.00 per month unless you want it drafted from your checking/credit or savings account. If you would like it drafted and a bill sent to you, it's $2.00 per month. If you would like it drafted and no bill sent, there is a $1.00 per month charge. The other options of payment are, every six months or 1/2 down and a $2.00 charge for paying half, then the other half will be due 60 days later. This applies in the majority of states.

    You could always try a public adjuster, but they'll want probably about 40% of the claim. You REALLY need to talk to your agent. Clearly, they think there's some type of fraud going on here. If you got the policy the day before the breakin, I could see why that would raise eyebrows. Besides that, you could try filing a complaint with your state insurance commissioner.

Tom Schoen
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Aron Feil
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