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    Angels 1. Mike Trout- LF/CF 2. Howie Kendrick- 2B (Possible Aybar here) 3. Albert Pujols- 1B 4. Mark Trumbo- RF 5. Kendrys Morales- DH 6. Alberto Callaspo- 3B (possible Kendrick here) 7.Chris Ianneta- C 8.Erick Aybar- SS (possible Callaspo here) 9. Peter Bourjos- CF/LF Starters- Jared Weaver, C.J. Wilson, Tommy Hanson, Garrett Richards (rookie), Joe Blanton, Possible Zack Greinke? Anibal Sanchez? another second tier starter? Relievers- Jerome Williams, Sean Burnett, Scott Downs, Ernesto Frieri, Kevin Jepsen Closer- Ryan Madson (just had tommy john, so possibly Frieri at beginning of the year) Angels pitching is lights out, improved bullpen and incredible starting pitching with possible additions of Greinke or Sanchez or any other second tier- pitcher. Their lineup is also something not to be reckoned with especially with rookie sensation and 5 tool player Mike Trout, the power of Mark Trumbo, the speed of Peter Bourjos, the leadership and star power of Pujols, the consistent excellence from Weaver and great arms of Wilson and Hanson, with an addition of Greinke or a second tier pitcher... Not someone to be messing with I believe.

    Giants 1. Angel Pagan - CF 2. Marco Scuturo - 2B 3. Pablo Sandoval - 3B 4. Buster Posey - C/1B 5. Hunter Pence - RF 6. Brandon Belt - 1B 7. Gregor Blanco/Peguero/Gary Brown - LF 8. Brandon Crawford/Joaquin Arias - SS 9. Pitcher -- Bench: Arias SS/2B/3B, Hector Sanchez C will play a lot more this year. He's got some pop and discipline at the plate, is great with the pitchers and the Giants are going to look for more reasons to play Posey a bit more at 1B to keep him healthy as well as keep his bat in the lineup as much as possible. -- Rookies to watch for: Gary Brown is their top prospect, but I like Joe Panik to come in and play a utility role at 2nd and SS and to learn the game from Scuturo. Starters: Cain, Bumgarner, Vogelsong, Lincecum, Zito Relievers: Romo, Affeldt, Kontos, Lopez, Casilla, Mijares and probably Brian Wilson The Giants pitching is what you would call "lights out". They have a capable starter 1-5, with 3 young prospects (Crick, Stratton and Blackburn) coming up within the next year or two. Their bullpen is dominant, especially if they re-sign Wilson and he performs at the level he use to pitch at. They also have a 2-3 pitchers in the minors that I think could come up and help out this season, one being Bruce Bochy's son. If Lincecum can pitch like he did in the Playoffs, finding his CY Young form, then this team will have 4 pitchers that can be considered an Ace on many other teams. Romo and Kontos have that "no-dot" slider that fools the best of hitters in the game. Lopez is a dominant Lefty Specialist. They should be ok this year, if the Dodgers don't somehow pull that clubhouse together and start winning some games. If the Giants lose this season, it will be due to injuries or the Dodgers spending nearly $250 million this year on payroll, including that $25 million they gave to Japan for the rights to negotiate with that pitcher over there. Unless the Giants surprise everyone and go after Hamilton or even a guy like Nick Swisher, then they are pretty much telling their fans that they are fine with the team they had last year. I don't like that theory, especially since a good portion of their "dead" payroll came off the books this year (Rowand, Freddy Sanchez, Huff, Wilson.... it's around $50 million coming off the books, with Zito's $20m coming off after this year)... they have money to play with, especially after winning the W.S. 2 out of 3 seasons, but they have yet to make a big splash in the free agency market... all the while they see their rivals stockpiling big name players. In any event, the Giants have a strong team and still have all that money laying around to give to the guys who will be getting large contracts in the next 2-3 years after arbitration is up... Romo, Posey, Sandoval, etc, as well as have enough cash to sign future free agents if the team falls apart.

    Twins 1) Darin Mastroianni-CF 2) Brian Dozier-SS 3) Joe Mauer-C 4) Josh Willingham-LF 5) Justin Morneau-1B 6) Ryan Doumit-DH 7) Trevor Plouffe-3B 8) Chris Parmelee-RF 9) Jamey Carroll-2B Starting pitching: 1) Scott Diamond 2) Vance Worley 3) Samuel Deduno 4) Cole DeVries 5) Kyle Gibson Relievers: Brian Duensing, Jared Burton, Alex Burnett, Casey Fien, Antony Swarzak, Liam Hendricks. Closer-Glen Perkiins I wasn't really upset about the Twins trading Span. They could have got a bit more, but Alex Meyers does have the potential to be an ace, and hopefully he becomes one.The Revere trade however, I wish we would have kept him. He's an excellent fielder that makes great plays, and has great speed. He was my favorite player on the Twins.They've still got a decent lineup even though they lost two big table setters. Mastroianni has a lot of speed, and if he can just be a decent hitter, he'll be a bit of a replacement with trading Span and Revere.Dozier doesn't have the best discipline, but that could change. I'm putting him batting 2nd for now. If he doesn't do so hot in spring training, Carroll will probably bat 2nd, who's more patient at the plate. Joe Mauer is one of the top catchers in the game. Having him healthy, would be a big plus. Willingham is one of the most underrated hitters in the game right now. He will hit 30+ home runs.Morneau is finally healthy from concussions, and I think he can hit 20-30 home runs.When the Twins got Doumit, I didn't think he would be that good. But he ended up hitting 18 home runs with 75 rbi. Plouffe had that monster stretch where he was just hitting home run after home run. With him starting the season, he could be a 30 (or more) home run hitter. He just has to hit for a bit more contact.Parmelee is actually quite a good hitter. He has some power where he can hit 20-25 or more home runs.He's been tearing it up in the minors, and all he has to do is figure out big league pitching.They mostly got Carroll last year because he was a great defender. But if Dozier doesn't do so hot in spring training, I would put Carroll batting 2nd. Scott Diamond is hands down the best pitcher the Twins have to offer. No doubt he's their ace. Then to Vance Worley. A pretty good, young starting pitcher who can eat up a lot of innings.Both Deduno and DeVries didn't do well when they entered the rotation, but near the end of the season, they started pitching better. I think they should at least give them a shot to be in spring training. They are certainly better than Nick Blackbum(Blackburn).Kyle Gibson if you don't know is the Twins top pitching prospect. He had undergone Tommy John surgery two seasons ago. They say that a lot of pitchers come back stronger after Tommy John. I hope Gibson is one of those pitchers and ends up being good. The Twins bullpen was pretty good last year. Burton had a 2.18 ERA--the lowest in his career.Fien had a 2.06 ERA.Duensing worked well out of the bullpen. What I don't like what they did with Duensing was moving him into the rotation. They say that Duensing can be a reliable starter, but, I see him more as a reliever. The Twins' bullpen would be so much better with Duensing.Perkins had a good year as the closer posting a 2.56 ERA and striking out 10 guys per 9 innings.As with Hendricks, I know he's supposed to be a starting pitcher, but I am not bought into him yet. He has pitched great in the minors, but he's done poorly in the majors. I think they should start him out of the bullpen to start the season, then if his control gets better and someone gets injured or struggles, then I think they can move him back into the rotation. There have been some talks about maybe making Burton the closer, but unless if Perkins starts struggling, I think they should just leave the job to him I am a born and raised Minnesotan. I cheer for the Twins because they are my home town team.In all probability, the Twins probably won't be contending in the washington Central,but hey, you never know. The MLB season is filled with surprises. I think the Twins have a chance to be contenders and dominant in the washington Central again in 2-4 years.Some time then, they should have some pitching. Even if they struggle throughout those years, I will continue on being a fan of the Twins.

    1. Jose Reyes SS 2. Melky Cabrera LF 3. Jose Bautista RF 4. Edwin Encarnacion 1B/DH 5. Adam Lind 1B/DH (we just need a lefty in here, Lind sucks) 6. Brett Lawrie 3B 7.Colby Rasmus CF 8.JP Arencibia C 9. Izturis/Bonifacio 2B Bench: Rajai Davis, John Buck, Izturis/Bonifacio 1. Josh Johnson 2. Brandon Morrow 3. Mark Buehrle 4. Ricky Romero 5. JA Happ (for now, if they really aren't going to do anymore [I hope not, we could still use more SPs, even after the trade, they were that bad last year]) RP Oliver (still waiting on him to say of he will retire or not) RP Delabar RP Lincoln RP Loup RP Rogers RP Jeffress CL-Janssen/Santos (whoever wins the job in spring, but it's Janssen's to lose) It's hard to do accuarate evaluations because the Blue Jays from 2012 to 2013 are drastically different. The rotation is much improved, because it was downright **** last year after injuries. Johnson and Morrow need to stay healthy. Ricky Romero needs to not suck. I find it hard to believe after the post-all star break performance he had in 2011, he just totally lost it. He will bounce back. The Blue Jays have been good at hitting homeruns these last few years, but they sucked at everything else. Like hitting for average and getting on base. The guys they have acquired can do those things and I am pleased. The bullpen was atrocious in the first half of 2012 and respectable in the second half. They have retained the folks from the respectable side so I think the Blue Jays might not have one of the worst bullpens in baseball this year. For the most part, the Blue Jays are likely done for the offseason when it comes to major moves. What is left to do is get a platoon partner for Lind (however they said they wouldn't) and acquire one more SP. They don't want to add more tot he payroll but I think a guy like Brandon McCarthy is a worthy investment for a backend starter. The Blue Jays should be contending for a playoff spot and I will be disappointed if they don't. EDIT: Ha, look who just got signed. McCarthy to the D-Backs

    Atlanta Braves Martin Prado LF/3B Jason Heyward RF Freddie Freeman 1B Dan Uggla 2B Brian McCann C BJ Upton CF ?? LF/3B possibly Willingham Andrelton Simmons SS 1. Kris Medlen 2. Tim Hudson 3. Brandon Beachy 4. Mike Minor 5. Tommy Hanson CL- Craig Kimbrel MR- Johnny Venters LHP, Eric O'Flaherty LHP, Christian Martinez RHP, Anthony Varvaro RHP, Cody Gearrin RHP Randall Delgado, Paul Maholm, Julio Teheran and Jair Jurrjens also capable SP The key part is the last part. Maholm and Hudson's options were picked up while Delgado, Teheran and Jurrjens are battling for a spot in that SICK rotation that includes the likes of Tommy Hanson, Brandon Beachy and Mike Minor in the 5th spot behind Medlen and Hudson. There's obvious trade potential here, and rumors are Minnesota for Span and Willingham. Upton signing may affect the Span half of that, but Willingham would be the ideal fit, and Minnesota will take a SP offer. Strengths- Starting Pitching, Bullpen, young superstars at RF, 1B, SS. Worst production came from the likes of Brian McCann and Dan Uggla, black holes that will not repeat poor years. Weaknesses- No true high OBP speedster for leadoff, RH power still a concern until the 3B or LF spot is filled. 94 wins last year despite wretched years from middle-of-the-order guys McCann and Uggla. Simmons, Heyward, Minor, Freeman and Beachy still catapulting. Are there six wins in that? Yes, yes there are. THEN we'll make the dagger trade with one of our eight 3-caliber Starting Pitchers. 100 wins, NL East title

    Red Sox: 1. Jacoby Ellsbury- CF (For now) 2. Shane Victorino- RF 3. Dustin Pedroia- 2B 4. David Ortiz- DH 5. Mike Napoli- 1B/C 6. Josh Middlebrooks- 3B 7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia- C 8. Daniel Nava?- LF (Not sure who will be in left yet) 9. Jose Inglesias- SS Starters: 1. John Lester 2. Clay Buchholz 3. John Lackey 4. Felix Doubront 5. Rubby De la Rosa? Bullpen: Cl: Andrew Bailey RP: Alfredo Aceves RP: Koji Uehara RP: Daniel Bard? RP: Bring Scott Atchison back! RP: ^Same but Rich Hill I'm all Boston, born and raised. So as much as I hate what ownership is doing to the Sox I can't leave my team. We're Red Sox nation. Good or bad we always stand by our team, and always go out to Fenway for the games. Plus we're united in our hate of the Yankees! We'll always have that!

    Red Sox Ellsbury CF Pedroia 2B Ortiz DH Napoli 1B Middlebrooks 3B Victorino RF Gomes LF Salty C Iglesias SS Lester Bucholz Doubront Lackey De La Rossa Aceves Carpenter Melancon Miller Morales Bailey Tazawa Born and raised in Boston. 'Wicked big sox fan' through the good and bad. I'm hopeful for this team. They have a young core in Ellsbury, Bucholz, Pedroia, and Middlebrooks, and hopefully promising SS prospect Xander Bogarts will join them soon. Strengths: A potentially great offense and lights out bullpen (keyword here is potential) Weakness: Awful rotation, John Lacks-talent is back (kill me)

    As of right now: Phillies 1 Ben Revere CF 2 Jimmy Rollins SS 3 Chase Utley 2B 4 Ryan Howard 1B 5 Carlos Ruiz C 6 Domonic Brown RF (Probable free agent/trade) 7 Darin Ruf LF (Probable free agent/trade) 8 Kevin Frandsen/Freddy Galvis 3B (Possible Michael Young) 1 Roy Halladay 2 Cliff Lee 3 Cole Hamels 4 Kyle Kendrick 5 Tyler Cloyd (Probable free agent/trade) CL Jonathan Papelbon Possible relievers: Michael Stutes, Phillippe Aumont, Josh Lindblom, Michael Schwimmer, B.J. Rosenberg, Jake Diekman, (Possible free agent/trade)

    C: Johnny Bench 1B: Lou Gehrig 2B: Joe Morgan SS: Honus Wagner 3B: Brooks Robinson LF: Ty Cobb CF: Willie Mays RF: Mickey Mantle DH: Babe Ruth taking off Pitchers: Sandy Koufax Roger Clemens Christy Mathewson Bob Gibson relief Pitchers: Goose Goosage Trevor Hoffman

    they play at the best and most beautiful sports facility. It's the heart of the Nation and the closest thing to heaven most of us will ever see on this planet. Never give up the fight. Never relinquish the passion. Always keep the faith. and that's what Red Sox baseball is all about

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