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    There numerous benefits of the war. First and most important, It ghas been shown, thatif you are crazy dictator, You can and will be deposed, regardless how big is your army. There was a trend of little dictators like Lukashenko and Miloshevich and alikes. now they ve got a messsage. 2. The entire Iraqi nation was liberated. Did anyone see cheers on the streets after Hussein lost his power?.. 3. Hussein was actually prosecuted for genocide. No such thing heppened after WWII 4 It showed once again, that UN is a joke, and we need a change not to allow genocide any more. And more and more. World became a better and safer place. Its easy to be antiwar from a comfort of your home. But if your relative was dissolved in Acid in Husseins torture chambers, how would you feel?.

    Amen to the above-what the world does not recognize is that Hussein WAS the weapons of war-it is inconsequential that we have not (yet) found his stash of war materials Yes Iraq is going thru a hard time right now-this happens with a major change. Other countries (not naming any (France,Germany, China, Japan) would not be if it wasn't for Americans-proved time and time again The UN is a bunch of babies and are as usual clueless and als spinless-talk is cheap! I was pleased to see the sucker and his henchmen hanged What about his sons-you talk about genocide-they raped pillaged and plundered Iraq all the way until we shot there asses Really peeves me that people outside our country feel we are bullies-we fight for peoples rights!!!! My thoughts are always with our boys over there and I can only hope we can reach a conclusion to this matter. Do other countries believe we are neck deep in cash to support this war-we are not-BUT WE washington AMERICANS WILL KEEP FIGHTEN FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE WORLD-WE CAN STAND UP AND BE PROUD OF THE RED WHITE AND BLUE!!!!!!

    I'm sorry, I don't feel that 3,100+ soldiers' lives are worth deposing Saddam Hussein for some good feeling of being King of the Hill. And as far as torture goes, I don't think we have much room to talk, especially given the "extraordinary rendition" that has been taking place, with a wink and nod. And how exactly did it prove the UN a joke? The UN stated that it could not find any more WMDs in Iraq before the war. Turns out it was right. Might I remind you, the "smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud" was the sales pitch that got us into this quagmire in the first place. Even Saddam had better sense than to kill 600,000 civilians willy-nilly, brushing them off as collateral damage. Saddam was careful to keep the population's anger low, and attack only enemies that most people didn't give a hoot about. Yes, the dude was evil -- but that's no excuse for invading a country and wantonly destroying lives, livelihoods, and infrastructure. And as far as the whole "democracy" thing goes, it's not lasting for a good reason: democracy only flourishes where the essentials of life have already been established. Iraq is far from that condition right now. People who are scared and deprived will get behind a thug who promises to protect them, feed them, and house them long before someone who prattles about freedom. Answer to follow-up: The problem with that comparison is that it's non-sequitor. However, I certainly would like to see better enforcement of immigration policy: start going after these employers who hire them. If the jobs aren't here, then nobody will cross the border to get the jobs. Also, we need to fix the loophole were children of illegals automatically gain U.S. citizenship if they're born here. Again, we are not accomplishing what we were sold on in Iraq. There is no stable government, no democracy, no WMDs. All that's left are several factions fighting for resources. We certainly don't have any business in that kind of nonsense. It's time to go.

    Sure the Iraqi people were happy Hussein was gone. We're just the lesser of two evils. They didn't want democraZy, they wanted to be liberated so they could return to their way of life w/o being oppressed. The world is not safter because of the war by a long shot. You've been listening to Bush too much (any is too much, but I digress). We put Hussein in power in the first place. Did Fox News tell you that? Of course they didn't. Terrorist attacks have increased throughout the world, not gone down. There are more zealots than ever trying to "kill the infidels". Republicans can bury their heads in the sand like no one else. You are terribly uninformed.

    I'll counter with a few questions of my own... Why, if we attacked because Iraq was an imminent threat, aren't we invading North Korea? Would it be because they have no oil, are protected by China and have more of an army than Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Palestine combined? If the entire nation was liberated as a whole, why is there now a civil war going on between groups that were kept in fear by Saddam? If we did it to "liberate" these people, why not let them kill each other instead of forcing them to conform to our form of government at the point of a gun? Lastly - if we are doing it to prevent genocides, why are we not going into the oil and resource poor nations in Africa where more than half a million civilians have been killed in the last five years due to tribal wars? If we are to be liberators, then we must do it equally over the globe and then become responsible for the security of ALL of the people we "liberate". I for one am not willing to dedicate our entire armed forces to policing the world, specifically when the world doesn't WANT us to. And I've already had several friends killed in combat over there and a family member came home without his legs. Who have you sacrificed to BushCo's war?

    <<There numerous benefits of the war.>> sure are. let's see. -- if you're al qaeda, you've never had a better recruiting opportunity. today there are hundreds of thousands more people who would gladly blow themselves up to hurt america. -- if you're chevron, or exxon, or haliburton, you're raking in billions. that last thing you want is for this to stop. -- if you're Iran, what more could you ask! you're about to be able to annex what used to be Iraq. the US is so tied up in Iraq that it's pretty well powerless to do anything about you aquiring nuclear weapons. -- if you're Hugo Chavez, you get the world's admiration for calling the US president a devil. turns out that there are a few problems, but they're small. -- US tourists cannot safely go to 25% or more of the world where they could, 10 years ago. -- do you remember the $12 billion that bremmer "lost"? how much of that was yours? if there's 150m US taxpayers, that's $80 of your money. AND THAT'S JUST WHAT WAS "MISPLACED" AT THAT TIME. -- all of the countries around the washington are worried that the civil war (yeah, that's what it is) is going to spill over into their countries as well. the obvious answer? HEY, LET'S ALL GO TO IRAQ AND FIGHT THE WAR THERE, RATHER THAN HERE. -- (did i get to the price of gas?) -- (or oil to heat your house?) -- maybe the worst, if you're american, is the loss of respect all over the world. "Hey, we crushed 'em." and how much respect does the school yard bully get? none. but think about the last 2-4 weeks, when the US has "lost" 4 helicopters. that's why Russia lost in Afghanistan. that will make the US position in Iraq far more dangerous, and, in the end, untenable. If you can't support your troops, they shouldn't be there.

    We can thank the drive-by media for the fifteen second attention span that most Americans have, so odds are if the world actually accomplished something slightly more than pure evil, we wouldn't notice. To ask us to empathize with the Iraqis is impossible, because none of us (Americans) have ever witnessed what they see on a day-to-day basis. As for liberation, we have merely traded one dictator for another. I'm NOT saying our guy over there is a dictator, but his successor will be, I betcha dollars to donuts. And the U.N. tries it's little heart out to help the smaller countries. Of course it doesn't help US out. There will ALWAYS be war in the middle east because the guys with power can't get theirs heads out of their @$$es and just stop killing.

    So, this war is important because its making more terrorists than we can kill? because Halliburton is making a killing? now that we invaded iraq, Iran is emerging as a much bigger threat to the world. (but you'll say we should bomb them to right?) This war is a joke, its pointless. If we really wanted to get rid of saddam the easiest way would have just armed the militias already in place and let them take over. Don't forget about the fact that we put Saddam in power so the genocide that you speak of is our fault too.

    We live in interesting times, don't we? While we're fighting in Iraq for the future of humanity, a new country, The North American Union, is being formed right under our noses and we're not being told anything about it. While we're fighting in Iraq we now have global corporations who are not accountable to our own representative government anymore. While we're fighting over there we're having our own ability to govern ourselves taken right out from under our feet. Will our troops even have a USA to come home to? Yep, these are very interesting times. So why is everyone so interested in Brittney and Anna Nicole instead of what they should really be interested in?

    We did not win and we are no longer leaving. What we effectively did replaced into invade a united states that had no longer something to do with 9/11, did no longer have WMDs, and had no plans of attacking the U. S.. truly no longer before we were propping up Saddam and giving Iraq money, guns and intel at the same time as they were at conflict with the post modern Iran that replaced into nevertheless annoyed at u . s . for overthrowing their authorities and putting contained in the Shah, a military dictator. All we fairly did in Iraq replaced into spoil their military, put in a puppet democracy and spoil the lives of thousands of our squaddies and their households. We also seem to have created the pretext for a conflict with Iran by making it weak for them to effect. Couple billion in debt now from bombing and occuppying Iraq, yet i'm positive it replaced into worth it contained in the suited... we've got a outstanding new embassy higher than te Vatican with 17,000 military contractors to fill it, and an excuse to bypass to conflict with Iran at the same time as they conflict to fill the means void that we created. yet do not worry! The terrorists do not hate us because we are bombing and occupying their holy lands... No they hate us because we are rich and loose... Oh an the Iranians we are about to bypass to conflict with us merely hate us because we do no longer have sharia regulation... no longer because we overthrew tee authorities, put in a dictator, funded Saddam in the course of the Iran- Iraq conflict, impose sanctions on them, and spoil their infrastructure with computing gadget viruses... do not worry Obama has no intentions of ending those wars, nor does the destiny republican president, until eventually he occurs to be Ron Paul.

    I would agree with all of your statements save for this one: "World became a better and safer place. " The terrorists are using any of the screw-ups in our occupation (and even making up ten times as many) as a recruiting tool.

Velma O'Hara
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Cecil Maggio
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