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    I got accepted to grad school in Boston (not Harvard, MIT) but it is a modest program at an upcoming University. There is also a potential for a nice internship that will help me get a foot in the door. But as an International Student, is it worth accruing this debt (estimated @ 90K US) over a period of 2 years? I have another acceptance bin my country (but away from home), it is a top university in the world in rankings, but my parents are pushing me to go to Boston. I am thinking and researching long and hard before I make a sound decision and I've read about International students unable to pay back their loans, not to mention getting a well-paying job in the States because of visa status and the current economy. I'm leaning towards heading to McGill because I just don't like the thought of paying back this debt over a span of __ years. Its a huge burden and will take over my life I'm sure. What do you guys think? Additional: My program is in Pharmaceuticals and both cities are major hubs in the World.

    I would say study in your home country since it is a great university too. I don't think it's worth the trouble of all that debt and not being able to find a job. This way, you will feel safe in your studies and be confident you will get a job. Then, you can come to the states and maybe take a class or two that interest you or just visit.

    Mcgill is an awesome school, but has a lot of grade deflation which is going to make a tough school. It has the most brand recognition of any school in Canada overseas, and is a top University. That being said if your up and coming University is Boston University, John Hopkins or Tufts I would say it is worth it. Those schools are well known throughout the North East United States, and have a type of pedigree that isn't found in most international foreign schools. Most Canadian schools are not nearly as prestigious as the top Universities in the U.S. even the ones that are ranked just as good.

    First of all I would not think about cities too much, but rather the college/university since that is more relevant. Secondly the options are extremely varied if you are looking at undergraduate or graduate options. For the latter there are more opportunities to get aid at schools, while for undergrad it is much harder. Generally speaking for undergraduate, it is hard to get aid from state schools as an international student...but these schools are cheaper. Private schools are much more expensive but do tend to offer aid to international students, but even with the aid, the cost might be similar to paying full at a state school. From what I remember when my friends applied to the US about 6-7 yrs back, the liberal arts schools are more apt to give aid to international students since they are looking for diverse student bodies. If I were you I would do much more research into schools that interest you and look at their websites for information on scholarships etc. for international students. Graduate school is easier to get aid, especially if you are willing to do a PhD. Also it is cheaper for a Masters, since the degree is 1/2 years instead of 4 in case of undergrad. Same process of research applies here, but it could be easier. In terms of cities with schools Boston would be at the top of the list, but is not a cheap city. Austin, washington is also popular. I am not sure about living costs in Michigan, and Chicago but they do have some good schools and I cannot imagine them being more expensive than Boston. Hope this help

    It is going to by your debt, not your parents. and where do you want to live and work for the rest of your life?

Antonia Pagac
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Pedro Heaney
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Esmeralda Carroll
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Nicholas Torphy
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Aric O'Connell
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Erin Gottlieb
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