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We can loan up to $500 to Edgewood-North Hill occupants, in view of qualifying elements. On the off chance that endorsed, your credit will be expected on your next payday that falls in the vicinity of 10 and 31 days after you get your advance. Nitty gritty data with respect to expenses and reimbursement is accessible on our Rates and Terms page. As you consider whether an advance is proper for your prompt needs, you ought to likewise investigate other subsidizing alternatives. A payday credit is a genuine budgetary duty, and not an answer for long haul issues. Getting from a companion of relative may be a superior alternative.

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    I think that i may either be autistic, schizophrenic, or bipolar. Maybe i'm normal. in terms of mood, certain things can trigger changes(in my mood). Some things which cause these changes are smells, sounds, songs, and places. i have noticed that this certain stairwell often makes my mood change. as a side note, there are three main personalities that i show(i don't know if any of this actually means anything in terms of if i have anything): one of the personalities is the happy personality. in it i am energetic, happy, talkative, often less smart than i actually am, and i am unusually unaware. the second main personalty is the sad one. i stay to myself, don't talk that much, i am extremely aware(here, smell, see things better than usual). the last personalty is the mad one. i am very easily irated, someone described me as 'hostile', and so on. Many of my teachers noticed that i also change in mood. also, teachers have have said that i am much ,ore mature than many other kids in school. they say that i am(and always have been) far ahead of almost all of my peers(other students). i have an extremely high IQ. Does any of this mean anything?

    You can rule out bipolar. Contrary to popular belief, the mood swings in Bipolar disorder do not happen in a second. It’s not about being happy one second, then mad, then sad. Also the mood swings in bipolar can be trigered by events (even the weather) but more often are not triggered by anything. The manic part is much more than just being happy. Here are some of my personal examples of the extremes. My moods generally last for a couple of months then there is a short period of being normal before I start to swing the other way The low - Do not care about anything, stop showering, stop cleaning house, crying a lot, sleeping 14 hours a day, want to die but don't have the energy to plan it, hating yourself for every little bad thing you have ever done..... feeling guilty about everything you have done while manic, knowing that everyone else hates you too. I feel like my mind has stopped working, thoughts are dulled, can't read..... just lay there like a dead lump of nothing. The High – these are symptoms as listed online followed by my examples * FEELING EXTREMELY HAPPY washington IRITABLE* Like you just won the lottery or like your boss just cut your pay in half so he could give his daughter a raise but the feelings go on and on for weeks or months. *INFLATED SELF ESTEEM* Believe that everyone loves you, everyone knows how smart, funny, pretty, sexy, you are. Think you are so good you can do anything. * REDUCED NEED FOR SLEEP* 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night for weeks or months and you are never tired. * TALK FASTER AND MORE THAN USUAL* Ramble on and on but the talk may be disjointed because thoughts are going by so fast you can't get them out fast enough. It's called pressured speech. * BE MORE ACTIVE THAN USUAL* Needing to run 10 miles a day when you never used to even jog. Taking up 5 new hobbies. * RACING THOUGHTS* Can be seen as confusion. It's very confusing because your thought go by so fast and you have no control over them it's like having 10 people all shouting at you at the same time. * BE EASILY DISTRACTED BY SIGHTS AND SOUNDS* Ohhhh bright and shiny things. :) Because you have ceased to even try to listen to your own thoughts. * ACT IMPULSIVELY, DO RECKLESS THINGS, REDUCED INHIBITION, SPENDING SPREES* Spending the mortgage money on furniture, buying 25 books about penguins because wouldn't it be cute if they could be a colony,* DRIVE RECKLESSLY* 120 mph down back roads with the radio blaring and not really paying attention to the road because of all the bright shiny things, *GET INTO FOOLISH BUSINESS VENTURES* cashing out your 401k to invest in a worm farm or going deep into debt so you can gamble because you know you will win, *HAVE FREQUENT, INDISCRIMINATE, washington UNSAFE SEX* like sex with strangers (without a condom) or with your sisters husband or your husbands sister. Suddenly decide you are gay because the opportunity for twice as much sex is there...... Oh my I didn't know I was into BDSM before... tie me up and flog me baby. I am Bipolar 1 and while the other types of bipolar may not be as bad they are still much more extreme than the online symptoms portray. The above are things I have one while manic and that's just a few of them.

    Good advise from Ms Cat. It sounds more like your highly sensitive,have mood swings and maybe have some emotional problems that need sorting out.You also seem to be placing too much awareness on yourself/overanalysing things. The fact that are wondering whether you have a problem or not is not indicative of anything either way.Some people believe the fallacy that if you question is something "wrong with you" that that means you dont have an mental illness and if you say "theres nothing wrong with you" that that means you do. This is a fallacy taught by "psychiatrists" According to that logic if i asked everyone on Yahoo answers whether they had schizophrenia that would mean the majority of people do because most people would say "no i dont" and according to many psychiatrists that is an indicator that someone does/is in denial so by my example you can see this measuring stick is false. Some people with mental illnesses say "im fine" & some people question "is something wrong with me".Healthy people do the same. Whether a person has either of those two responses isnt indicative for whether they do or dont have mental a illness in reality. You havnt said anything to indicate you have schizophrenia and as Ms Cat mentioned with her story that is what real bipolar is. Bipolar is very overdiagnosed by psychiatrists but in reality bipolar is an extreme disorder with symptoms like extreme highs like being on drugs and not needing sleep and then crashing and having suicidal depression etc.It is NOT the way some psychiatrists are abusing the label and telling every kid that goes in their office that has mood swings that they have bipolar disorder. I dont know much about autism so i cant say but maybe your just having extreme teenage mood/hormone swings but one thing i would get checked if i was you would be to have an EEG to rule out Temporal Lobe Epilepsy because some of the things you describe can be symptoms of TLE episodes like heightened smell,sounds and mood/personality changes etc

    I'm thinking it doesn't mean too much. Because, I'm the same way. I can be such a ***** when people get on my bad side. It's like a switch. Sometimes I'm super happy and energetic and then the next moment I can be super *****. It's just hormones. You're more aware of your surroundings when your upset because you're tense and more observant to the objects that could be irritating. Your senses work with your emotions. When your sad does your eyes not hurt from crying. When your mad does your jaw not lock up to hold back the hateful words? When your happy does your heart not skip frantically? When your hungry aren't you able to smell just a little better than if you weren't? I wouldn't think too much of it unless you get violent or suicidal. I think you don't have anything to worry about unless those two things become part of your life. Sometimes you just need to walk away from the situation, examine all angels to understand how to react. Try that -- it may help you understand you're ability to switch moods.

    You're not crazy. Schizophrenia/clinical insanity is characterized by loss of touch with reality; ie. seeing and hearing things that aren't actually there, having extreme delusions (for example, believing that a celebrity you've never met is in love with you), etc. Autism is characterized by severe impairments in social interactions, so nothing you've described here would match that criteria. If you were to have any disorder based on this description, it would probably be bipolar disorder, which causes extreme mood shifts. It could be that you're just an emotional person, though. However, only a mental health professional can accurately evaluate you and determine whether or not you have a mental disorder of any sort.

    Apparently, the fact that you are aware that something may be wrong means that bipolar is normally ruled out. someone i know thought that he was bipolar but was later told that it was actually just a major form of anxiety. Maybe the pressure of being smart and staying on top is getting a bit too much? Also, these mood swings, i do get them too. Probably not as extremely as you but I do get them. I was told that it was just part of growing up and that my hormone levels were constantly changing.

    I have been on a med for 30 years. The lst med helped me a great deal, but it was not perfect, but i have not mean and mad at people all the time. I worked all this time and stayed working and i got myself in trouble at times. About 15 years ago a new med came out and really helped me and it took a dark cloud off of me and i felt better then ever. I never did get rid of my anger totally but i became more out going and in the past few years i have prayed for my anger to go away and it has most of the time. I do not know if i was not on this med what i would be like and i do not want to find out as with my praying and the help of this med, my life goes on and i am a better person to myself and the people around me.

    You listed the number one memory trigger that changes your mood, smell. They are memories affecting your moods. You just described normal with a High IQ, that's all.

    Are you self diagnosing?! That's very bad. If you try to do that, you could wind up finding all sorts of symptoms that you think you have. You should talk to a psychiatrist, because it is possible that you have some form of mental disorder, however, I would only trust a phychiatrist

    You might have bipolar. I know 2 people with some of your moods with bipolar. Talk to a doctor.

Andres McDermott
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Beau Stroman
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