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    I've been having trouble with this for a while, so bear with me. I think I may be bipolar; for a long time, I've been quick to change moods, but as of the past year or so, my mood swings have become extremely fast and noticeably severe. In a matter of a few hours, I can go from screaming and furious or very happy, to curling up in bed sobbing and feeling awful with little or no provocation. The worst mood swing I've had yet was a depressive state where I felt the impulse to hurt myself (though I didn't act on it, I'd never felt it before and it worries me deeply). I'm positive it has nothing to do with my periods (the mood swings are the same when it is or is not occurring), nor am I on any medications that might cause it. I can't go to my parents, and since I'm a minor I can't go on my own to see a specialist; my school counselor has dismissed the idea that something is wrong because "my academic performance doesn't reflect someone with a disorder". Does anyone know what might be going on, or know where I can find someplace with reliable information?

    Contrary to popular belief, the mood swings in Bipolar disorder do not happen in a second. It’s not about being happy one second, then mad, then sad. Also the mood swings in bipolar can be trigered by events (even the weather) but more often are not triggered by anything. The manic part is much more than just being happy. Here are some of my personal examples of the extremes. My moods generally last for a couple of months then there is a short period of being normal before I start to swing the other way The low - Do not care about anything, stop showering, stop cleaning house, crying a lot, sleeping 14 hours a day, want to die but don't have the energy to plan it, hating yourself for every little bad thing you have ever done..... feeling guilty about everything you have done while manic, knowing that everyone else hates you too. I feel like my mind has stopped working, thoughts are dulled, can't read..... just lay there like a dead lump of nothing. The High – these are symptoms as listed online followed by my examples * FEELING EXTREMELY HAPPY washington IRITABLE* Like you just won the lottery or like your boss just cut your pay in half so he could give his daughter a raise but the feelings go on and on for weeks or months. *INFLATED SELF ESTEEM* Believe that everyone loves you, everyone knows how smart, funny, pretty, sexy, you are. Think you are so good you can do anything. * REDUCED NEED FOR SLEEP* 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night for weeks or months and you are never tired. * TALK FASTER AND MORE THAN USUAL* Ramble on and on but the talk may be disjointed because thoughts are going by so fast you can't get them out fast enough. It's called pressured speech. * BE MORE ACTIVE THAN USUAL* Needing to run 10 miles a day when you never used to even jog. Taking up 5 new hobbies. * RACING THOUGHTS* Can be seen as confusion. It's very confusing because your thought go by so fast and you have no control over them it's like having 10 people all shouting at you at the same time. * BE EASILY DISTRACTED BY SIGHTS AND SOUNDS* Ohhhh bright and shiny things. :) Because you have ceased to even try to listen to your own thoughts. * ACT IMPULSIVELY, DO RECKLESS THINGS, REDUCED INHIBITION, SPENDING SPREES* Spending the mortgage money on furniture, buying 25 books about penguins because wouldn't it be cute if they could be a colony,* DRIVE RECKLESSLY* 120 mph down back roads with the radio blaring and not really paying attention to the road because of all the bright shiny things, *GET INTO FOOLISH BUSINESS VENTURES* cashing out your 401k to invest in a worm farm or going deep into debt so you can gamble because you know you will win, *HAVE FREQUENT, INDISCRIMINATE, washington UNSAFE SEX* like sex with strangers (without a condom) or with your sisters husband or your husbands sister. Suddenly decide you are bisexual because the opportunity for twice as much sex is there...... Oh my I didn't know I was into BDSM before... tie me up and flog me baby. I am Bipolar 1 and while the other types of bipolar may not be as bad they are still much more extreme than the online symptoms portray. The above are things I have one while manic and that's just a few of them.

    I have rapid cycling bipolar 2 disorder (I sarcastically refer to is as the "fun" kind because I'm hard to keep up with). If you are bipolar, you are young to start showing symptoms but I started showing signs at 16 or 17 so you could be a special case too. Your guidance counselor is just being dismissive. I ended high school with a 3.83 gpa but was undiagnosed bipolar at the time. Get her/him to listen to you. Insist that this is a problem. If it's hormones as others have suggested, getting on the birth control pill should help regulate things within a few months. If you're bipolar or anything else like that, you may benefit from being on a mood stabilizer. Talk to your counselor again and if you don't get any help there, you may need to go to your parents. Psychiatrists visits are expensive and it would either be your parents or their insurance that would pay for them so they need to be in the loop.

    It could be ultra-radian bipolar, though unlikely. due to your mood swings alone, borderline personality disorder could also be the cause. think, are the mood swings spontanious or because of something that happened in your life? but you know it's probably just raging hormones. if you were older, i would seriously consider ultra-radian bipolar disorder (probably bipolar II), or borderline personality disorder, but because you're not past eighteen yet, it's not as likely. i honestly think it's just the time in your life. you know. hormones everywhere, all that jazz. if you're really feeling like something's wrong, check with a professional. i would try your school counselor, because as you said, you don't want to involve your parents. there doesn't have to be anything wrong with you to see the school counselor. he or she is just someone to talk to. so, in conclusion, you're probably not bipolar, you're probably not borderline personality disorder, you're probably just being a teenager. see, normally, a bipolar patient will have these moods for months, weeks, sometimes even as long as a year. it's quite rare that you would have ultra-radian bipolar disorder, which is when your mood changes over a couple of hours, usually four to six times a day. as with borderline personality disorder, you can't be diagnosed until you're eighteen, unless you've had five or more of the nine main symptoms for over a year, consecutively. and, because these mood swings are spontanious, and not caused by things that happen in your life, we can almost for sure rule out borderline personality, just as we can almost for sure rule out bipolar. this is not a diagnosis or anything. just information based on what you wrote here. i don't know anything else about you. i strongly suggest seeing a professional if you're that worried, though. especially if you hurt yourself in any way. if you seriously want to commit suicide, remember that it's a medical emergency, and you can call 911, or 1-800-SUICIDE.

    I am getting hella unhealthy temper swings like plenty and... i particularly dont recognise, reason im now not a surgeon or whatever... however i do know what you imply, and ive been into counseling and attempted to kill myself a number of occasions and stuff... so i dontk now, i believe the exceptional u can do is solely attempt to inform your self the whole thing is fine and get whatever you'll be able to squeeze rather of reducing and write and stuff and dont kill your self pass to a surgeon or whatever, speak in your moms and dads, however dont overdiagnose whatever, reason tons of persons believe they've intellectual problems and theyre simply young adults, so i sugges t you simply consciousness at the well stuff yknow. well success

    You aren't bipolar. A true bipolar disorder is someone who experiences "mood swings" through months, not hours. The idea of Borderline Personality Disorder is more plausible, but in reality many teenagers experience those symptoms.

    Abby's right. it's probably just raging hormones. But check in with the school counselor.

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