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    The biggest misunderstanding among Bible scholars today, is that Moses wrote the book of Genesis. If we look at the entire Bible, you will notice that all of it has been written by eyewitness accounts. Many assume that the book of Genesis was made up of oral traditions. Just a bunch of stories passed on from one generation to the next, or that Moses borrowed from the pagans, the stories of Noah, and creation, and then wrote his own version in the Hebrew Bible. Is the Hebrew Bible a borrowed version of the pagan versions of the flood and creation, or is it the other way around? Is the book of Genesis the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT, and as time when on, and the populations grew, and as man moved away from the center knowledge, the creation accounts got all corrupted, hence we have the pagan accounts of creation from the Babylonians, etc.. and the original document was the book of Genesis? The views are starting to change believe it or not. Many people are starting to realize that Moses DID NOT plagiarize these accounts of creation, and the flood. In stead there is evidence that Moses took the earlier documents of Adam, Noah, Abraham Enoch Isaac, and Jacob, these documents that were passed on from one generation to the next, and put them together into one book called the BOOK OF GENESIS! After many excavations in the Middle East, archaeologists have found Ancient writings called "cuneiform" writings that date back all the way to 3500 B.C. Adam was still alive at that time, and so writing could have gone back even farther. So Adam could have composed his EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT OF CREATION! there is more at the link below.

    . Hartman, a German scholar, had argued that Moses couldn’t be the author because writing would not have been invented during his time. Today, we know better. Moses could have written the Torah. He could have written it in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hebrew script, and Accadian cunneiform. In Acts 7:22 Paul reminds us that Moses was educated “in all the learning of the Egyptians.” It also makes sense to me that as the leader of Israel Moses would have wanted to provide a written history of his people since every nation records their history. Archaeological research has established that writing was indeed well known in Moses’ day. Some falsely assume that the Israelites waited until many centuries after the foundation of their nation before committing any of their history or laws to written form, even though their neighbors kept written records of their own history and religion from before the time of Moses. The author is obviously an eyewitness of the Exodus from Egypt, familiar with the geography, and flora and fauna of the region. He uses several Egyptian words and refers to customs that go back to the second millennium BC. Does this mean that Moses wrote Genesis without reference to any previous information? Not necessarily. Genesis comprises narratives of historical events that occurred before Moses was born. Moses may very well have had access to patriarchal records and/or reliable oral traditions of these events. In that case, such records would certainly have been preserved by being written (probably on clay tablets) and handed down from father to son via the line of Adam-Seth-Noah-Shem-Abraham-Isaac-Jacob, etc. So much for the--"There was no written language in the time of Moses" argument. Not only has archaeology proven that there was indeed written language when Moses was alive but it has and is as we speak, finding evidence of names, places and things that are recorded in Scripture that many thought were simply fabrications or myths.

    Moses wrote the book of Genesis by revelation from God, since God was the only one here at the time He created everything. Scientists have NOT proved that the earth is over 4.5 billion years old! Please let me demonstrate the fallacy with their calculations. There is a story (fictitious, of course) of some aliens from another galaxy who wanted to make first contact with earth. They first studied all the different aspects of life on earth, among which, they studied the educational system. For some reason, one of the politicians wanted to know how old a high school graduate was. The scientists decided that the best way to do it was to measure the height of a high school graduate, measure the rate of growth, then calculate the age. So, while the story is fictitious, here is some verifiable data: The typical or average high school male graduate is about 72 inches tall. He has gained on the average of 1 inch per year during his three years in high school. Doing the math, the aliens determined that a typical male high school graduate was 72 years old (1 inch per year times 72 inches = 72 years). The politicians weren't satisfied, so the scientists did another study. This time they measured the weights of the high school graduates. Once again, the math demonstrated that the typical male high school graduate is 72 years old (162 pounds total, 2.25 pounds of gain per year, results in 72 years). Now, I know the story is obviously fictitious, you don't have to tell me (DUH!), but the math is accurate! How do you explain this discrepancy? I'll give you one hint: The initial premise was wrong. If you can figure out what's wrong with this picture (the age of the high school graduate washington CALCULATED is way off), then you can also figure out why the age of the earth washington CALCULATED is also way off. Good luck. Don't strain any brain muscles. (Personally, I believe in the "young high-school graduate" theory, but I suppose you must insist that the math, being accurate, PROVES that the typical or average male high school graduate is actually 72 years old.)

    How do you know that Adam couldn't write? Did you know that Cain worked in iron, and that they ate bread? Bread cannot be made without some manner of heating it up. Perhaps the reason that we have such mega-structures standing today that even our technology cannot build is because they with their near perfect minds were far ahead of us?! There are of course other ways of looking at it. If you do accept the belief in a God, a God that made all things, is it really too much to accept the word of the Bible when it says that God gave or inspired his word and that this was given to various people such as Moses, Daniel, Isaiah, John, etc. Another thing to remember is the scripture here: Gen 5:1, ASV, "This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him." If this was a book handed down from before the deluge then so be it. All we know is that God permitted the information of the book of Genesis to be included in his holy word the Bible. This alone is enough to verify its content, no matter the manner Moses got it. If you as you seem to indicate do not believe in God, then ask yourself how do you know that what you are taught about American history is true? Did Abraham Lincoln exist? Why do you believe it? Because of recent historical writings by fellow human beings. Our God is not less capable than any human being. He lives forever and interacts with us daily in various ways. When the Bible was written, it was a small thing for him to guarantee its accuracy. The proof we have is undeniable. The historical proof of the last few thousand years is one thing; another, is the proof that fulfilled prophecies give -- these prophecies are still being fulfilled and some are about to come true very soon. Thus we have abundant proof, aside from answered prayers.

    In 1949, C.F.A. Schaeffer “found a tablet at Ras Shamra containing the thirty letters of the Ugaritic alphabet in their proper order. It was discovered that the sequence of the Ugaritic alphabet was the same as modern Hebrew, revealing that the Hebrew alphabet goes back at least 3,500 years” (Jackson, 1982, p. 32, emp. added). In 1933, J.L. Starkey, who had studied under famed archaeologist W.M.F. Petrie, excavated the city of Lachish, which had figured prominently in Joshua’s conquest of Canaan (Joshua 10). Among other things, he unearthed a pottery water pitcher “inscribed with a dedication in eleven archaic letters, the earliest ‘Hebrew’ inscription known” (Wiseman, 1974, p. 705). According to Charles Pfeiffer, “The Old, or palaeo-Hebrew script is the form of writing which is similar to that used by the Phoenicians. A royal inscription of King Shaphatball of Gebal (Byblos) in this alphabet dates from about 1600 B.C.” (1966, p. 33). In 1901-1902, the Code of Hammurabi was discovered at the ancient site of Susa (in what is now Iran) by a French archaeological expedition under the direction of Jacques de Morgan. It was written on a piece of black diorite nearly eight feet high, and contained 282 sections. In their book, Archaeology and Bible History, Joseph Free and Howard Vos stated: The Code of Hammurabi was written several hundred years before the time of Moses (c. 1500-1400 B.C.)…. This code, from the period 2000-1700 B.C., contains advanced laws similar to those in the Mosaic laws…. In view of this archaeological evidence, the destructive critic can no longer insist that the laws of Moses are too advanced for his time (1992, pp. 103,55, emp. added). The Code of Hammurabi established beyond doubt that writing was known hundreds of years before Moses. Source:

    The book of Genesis was written by Moses. It is not known what his source materials were, but I suspect that it was direct revelation from God, rather than from a written source. Adam was highly intelligent and no doubt had a written language. The fact that we do not have access today to any records written by Adam, does not prove that they did not exist. It only proves that we do not have access to such records today. Of course that logically leads to another question: without access to such records, why would I believe that they did exist? Which also leads to your question "How can you be sure this is correct": This raises a more important and more fundamental question - How can a person know the truth of any spiritual matter? The answer to that question can only be understood by those who have already experienced a spiritual witness. This is no different from any other type of knowledge: engineering truths can only be understood by trained engineers; medicine can only be understood by someone who has studied medicine; law can only be understood by those who have studied law. If I say the legal case name "Donoghue v Stevenson" all the lawyers in the common law world (e.g. UK and Australia) will instantly know what I am talking about. But to others it will be a complete mystery (unless and until they do the works necessary to obtain that knowledge). In other words, if you want to know HOW TO KNOW spiritual truths, you must comply with THOSE PRINCIPLES THAT APPLY TO LEARNING SPIRITUAL TRUTH. This requires study, prayer and applying the principles. Why should God reveal Himself to those who are merely curious about Him and unwilling to obey Him? The way to know God is to first patiently obey Him. Then He will reveal Himself to you. John 7: 17. Matthew 7: 15 - 27.

    A. yes, there was, i am quite sure. B. things were told verbally and then written down.As in God to Moses. C. Therefore, its written down and very correct. Its God's Word!

    Who said that book was written at the time events in Genesis happened? If you are an evolutionist, how can you be sure of a science that uses guesses as facts?

    The information the Mike has copied and pasted is Christian propaganda and false. Here a documentary that shows how the bible came to be

    Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Old Testament.

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