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    So I borrowed my husband's laptop the other day to look up some recipes and stuff. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to snoop around a bit. Anyway, after a hour so of digging I stumbled upon a folder buried deep within his "My Documents" folder. I was shocked to discover that the folder contained nothing but pictures of me sleeping. There were a total of 1267 photos dating back all the way to December 2004. Needless to say, I was frightened and disgusted. As if that wasn't creepy enough, the folder was titled "Slumbering Death". What the hell does that mean? Is this some strange fetish my husband has? I was fully clothed in all but one of the pictures. I decided to look at my husband's email records only to discover that he sends at least one picture a week to one of his contacts. The contact is list only as "Gurnick". I thought long and hard and I couldn't think of one person I know named Gurnick. Honestly, at this point I'm can't even decide if I'm mad, hurt, offended or what. I'm just so confused... Should I confront my husband about it? Should I take a picture of him sleeping and set it as his desktop background? He's out of town for a few days so I have some time to decide on my best course of action. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Rather than "confront" why don't you just ask? Apparently you've been married for at least about 6 years. Nothing he has done has harmed you in any way so far. I think it's premature to get freaked and vengeful.

    Why do you have your husband's e-mail records? Anyway, this sounds creepy as hell. If this is real it's very scary. I don't even know where to begin on this. I would look into it a little further on your own. Maybe hire a private investigator, because if you ask your husband outright he's only going to lie. If you don't want to go to a PI, look into purchasing a legitimate keylogger so you know what he's typing to this mysterious "Gurnick" character. Be careful though because keyloggers can be dangerous, he can discover it if it's not well hidden, they can slow down his laptop, or if it is made by a shady source they can steal your husband's personal info through spyware. Plus, I don't think keyloggers are entirely legal. It could be something as harmless as a fetish he has that he's afraid to tell you about. Although, if he's sending it to an outside source then that's definitely not cool. Or perhaps Gurnick is just an account he created so he can send the images to himself so they're saved at an outside location. Or (God forbid) he has some weird psychotic tick that's leading up to something dangerous, in which case hiring a PI might be the way to go. I'm not trying to scare you, only going through the possiblities. Good luck! Good luck with it. This is the weirdest thing I read all day.

    Hmm have you googled Slumbering Death? I bet you ten bucks there's some website that men send their pictures of their sleeping wives into, and the guy you send them to is called Gurnick. Also, google Gurnick. Maybe it's a company! Instead of being angry about it and jumping on him when he gets back, you should pretend to sleep one day and catch him in the act. And then be like 'whatcha doin?' and pull it out of him that way. Instead of being like 'So I was snooping your computer and found pictures of me sleeping, creep, and then snooped your email to see if you were sending them out.' In fact, maybe don't bring up that part at all. This could be some funny misunderstanding and if you handle it badly it may bring out some serious trust issues for the future.

    Wow, that's creepy. I personally would take a picture of himself sleeping and set it as a background. Then he will know he got caught. The Slumbering Death would freak me out--it sounds like he is planning on killing you in your sleep. Totally creepy. I'm not sure if this is his intentions, but that's the way it sounds.

    Sleep Creep Pic

    You are being exploited by your husband. You should be mad, hurt, offended, and whatever else you're feeling right now. I'm with David, forget taking a picture of your husband sleeping and just confront him with this. Your husband doesn't have the right to violate your privacy and sense of security. You're supposed to feel SAFE in your marriage. Or, at the very least, know the person you're married to. This is just awful. I feel terrible for you.

    I'm with Jessica. The title of the folder would freak me out more than anything else. That would make me think "is he wanting to kill me?". I mean that's crazy, but the whole thing is very disturbing. This is very bizarre. I would def confront him on it. I would have to have answers on this for sure.

    I think you need to get away from him quickly. Why would he title it Slumbering Death unless he has some desire to see you dead. If you set a picture of him sleeping as a background, he will probably feel like he is caught and that might make things alot worse. If you confront him, don't do it alone, make sure there is someone near by but not in hearing range of you talking to him.

    Wow, Im not married, But it seems like he's using you. Whoever this "Gurnick" is you dont want to get between, You dont know if its bad or not.. I'd just confront him and ask why? But than again, He'd be mad that you went "snooping" through his computer, So keep records of who he gets on the phone with, You could be making money without knowing it.. So good luck try and KEEP CLOTHED. At this rate, He'd take pics naked and send them to that "Gurnick" person, Whether its female or not...

    Well i looked up Gurnick and it's an Academy that "offers medical and healthcare training" so maybe it's not as scary as it seems lol! but yes, you should talk to him about it

    Just see how most of of is telling you this is CREEPY no way ... yes confront him but be careful dont want to get him mad...and then uuummmm... o.m.g this is very odd good thing you found that folder in time..for some reason u found it right on time...i wish you luck and be careful.. confront him,,,,hey but FIRST COPY EVERYTHING TO YOUR OWN PRIVATE FOLDER washington EMAIL IT TO YOUR SELF washington ACT QUICKLY WERE YOU HAVE BACK UP just for future proff... im thinking he will get mad....bcuz you went thru his things...anyhow what ever you do act quick and this is creepy one thing for sure im hoping my husbanddoesn't take picutes of me ..while sleeping my kids had told me I look i can

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