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    Because he is... who knows, Tupac's still bringing out a lot of music and there are subliminal messages in his songs. I guess it's a sign that he's around.

    Because of the fact percentreplaced into genuine. He replaced into fairly earlier his time. He replaced into religious and gangsta on the comparable time. people observed lots via his lyrics and nevertheless do. He had maximum of masters left in the back of that he nevertheless has unreleased track. no longer too many people can lyrically or poetically be on the point percentreplaced into. that is not any diverse than Elvis...percentis lifeless...enable the guy R.I.P.

    They say he is a live because the messages in his songs are that powerful, and also because his record company had being dropping new albums with new releases, so people think he still alive.

    Wishful thinking. They are just like the people who think Elvis Presley is alive, and seen doing his own shopping at Wal-Mart! They're a little out of touch with reality.

    How do you know, did you do his autopsy. I say anything is possible, and I think it's quite convenient that his music becomes more 'with times' as it comes out. It could go either way, anything can.

    They've been saying the same thing about Elvis since the 70's wishful thinking, I guess..

    Ya they said the same thing bout Elvis!

    Hes not they just play his old songs and say its knew maybe

Guillermo Bayer
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