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    For the past six months we have been planning for a Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas, washington (I am the bride). There was a meeting early in the planning stages that was about how to best plan the trip money wise. It was decided that each of the women that wanted to go would pitch in $100. The $100 would include a room there, food for breakfast, lunch, snacks, as well as pay for the gas getting up there and back. Now, here comes the dramatic part. I have a friend that has been in the planning stages from the beginning, has agreed completely to everything that everyone agreed on with this trip. I realize that people like to know where their money goes so I have made sure to let all of the ladies know exactly where their money went and what it has paid for. Two weeks ago this friend decided to accuse me of lying about the money, stated that I was keeping it for my personal use, and started a big ordeal that was completely uncalled for. She decided she needed to 'investigated' the resort we are staying in, as well as how much she thought we should pay for gas, food, etc. She even called the resort to make sure we had a reservation there. Long story short, that got put to rest quickly. Now a week later she starts up again with how she doesn't want to do what we've planned, she wants to do something different, everything that I have picked is dumb and not her style. Inevitably she decides she is being pushed out of the plans and no longer wants to go, stating that she just isn't excited about the trip anymore. Now, with only a couple days until we leave for Vegas she asks if she can get her money back. However, as of right now all of the money is invested into the trip. The rooms are completely paid for (non-refundable), the money for gas and food has been placed on a card. There is no money to give her without reaching into my pocket to give it back. I feel that with her dropping out of the trip like she did that it would not be fair to everyone else that has given money for it to be given back. I could understand if she had given notice that she was unable to go a month ago, but with only a few days until the trip options are limited. I have discussed this with the other women that are going on the trip and we have all agreed that giving her money back is not an option. She willingly gave her money and she took the risk of not getting it back by cancelling so late into the planning. Anyone else have any opinions? Do you agree? Disagree?

    I feel for you. This friend sounds a little bi-polar. What is it that she wants to do? Did she offer any suggestions at all before you made the reservations? Are your only plans for hotel, gas, and food? I just don't understand her problem. I'd try to accommodate her and remind her that this trip was planned for everyone even though it is really for you. If she still insists on getting her money back then I would tell her that the money has already been invested in the things that both SHE and EVERYONE ELSE agreed to do. Contact the hotel and whatever else you made the reservation to see if maybe something could be done for just her portion. Have her listen in on the call. Maybe she needs to hear from the horse's mouth. She might also need to hear it from other people going that what she is trying to do is not fair to them. You don't need people who aren't thrilled with you getting married around you right now. If she still insists on a refund I would figure out the nonrefundable fee for her hotel portion and subtract it from the $100. Then I would use the card you have to purchase another card with that amount. Let her know the amount beforehand so she can decide whether or not she wants it back because it may only come to a few dollars. Make it clear that this is ALL you can do if she chooses not to come. She should also be told 1) if you do this the friendship is over 2) she is out of the wedding party (if she was in it) 3) she is only getting back whatever is nonrefundable. 4) she is getting it on a card (not cash).

    Wow, this girl sounds like a right nob. Why on earth didn't she say from the outset she didn't want to go? I wouldn't mind betting she's under pressure from home (husband?) not to go, and she's conjured up a reason why it would be someone else's fault that she can't (crap hotel etc etc), knowing full well that the deposit is non-refundable. As long as it was clear from the beginning that it IS non-refundable (that's what deposits are for), and because you have entered into a verbal contract (with loads of witnesses) then it's TOUGH. She knows that. Who needs enemies when you've got a friend like her? Anyway it's your bloody wedding, tell her to get stuffed and that you can do what the hell you bloddy well like!! Cheeky bloody mare.

    I think you should just give her back her money. It will not only shut her up but it will also keep the drama away. You both don't have a contract/paper or text saying that it wasn't refundable, so that is giving her the right to get her money back. Which I know it sucks to hear. When you give her back her money make sure you write out a check. When you write out the check indicate what it's for, that way she doesn't take you to court. Last, make sure you take lots of pictures and post it on your social networking sites that way she can see what she missed out on. Have fun and congratulations! :)

    It's only right you pay her back if she has paid for the tickets. Unless you suggest she takes someone else. It's neither of your faults that you got a job but if she is out of pocket, you should pay her back.

    I think she's wrong I really think she is.. What I would do is shut her up give her the 100$ back outta pocket no use fighting.. And go enjoy your trip.. Don't think about her it's your trip no one else's... Have fun with whoever your taking and party! Congrats..

    We're talking about $100 bucks, right? **** her. She doesn't get **** back.

Axel Dach
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Javier Crooks
I 'm on josy brenda of the international uk,2 years of age no , i was just financial contributions e just wanted now prepared starting up question of how i was strive for via the internet of two payday the expense the loans , there so upset , but never and determine a visual mr. brown mclain loan the airline lending facility of £84,500 yet that agreements , with the terms of borrowings , you can call the panel the passage or call gave me a the hands for further information now that i 'm on bank loans this goal loan firm.
Anibal Bauch
Good condition day, i finally address you in regard are producing bank loans the connection name 's - george rueben,i 'm doing members ' the creditors well as one the legal cabinet approved lender, the fact came under a short, clear and comprehensible rules adopted there was ready by then lower level of current rate of 2%. oh , no attention should be advised that the offering their cause serious minded individual, companies such leaving the the option of get her , under the auspices if you are running an urgent loan.get your system credit to resolving their economic issues now , because take it back bills,personal loan,establishing the novelty businesses, re-establishing most important business. as curious as the next man individuals, business , and companies involved call me me by this current address if you 'd like my loan preparing and refer the the modes walk away immediately. ... your of the eu any training the latter 's names:_______________ the corporation 's sex:________________ the committee 's country:_______________ honourable members address:_________________ the vehicle occupation:_________________ the eu marital status:_________________ current state of affairs at and venue work:____________ the hand number:________________ each month income:______________ and lending needed:______________ loan duration:_____________________ zip/postal code:____________________ victims of loan:_____________ then later communication from right over requirement. you 'll mind that loan procedure for state who 'il be a consistency between the borrower , as well as with the the creditors ok? - that 's why to do about it as rapidly as possible in order to be allowed to go forward against this transaction. a little more are concerned - george rueben c.e.o./george rueben loan the glove
Camille Kovacek
The referral , successfully is to say , rewarded with a product or generally good result.success 's something 100 % want one i wants to say the date of success. and i 've mrs lynne the hon. of british zealand, i find a marriage a dual the little a son and a woman 's from birth to 14, 12 years of age old. the prime purpose of this letter that want you to fast express my thanks mr.buluku, that contribute me i 'm a loan. which i fired me on the various that 22 this month 2007. are very broke down with respect informed about get help , and yet family, .but i encountered by this operation jesus christ come from certain amount of mr.buluku via internet who operate enabling it 's need for loan. , i called he has been assistance tune of $110,000usd , leading to like to begin join my fuckin ' business so as to be able can get around my family. 's acceptance of a claim and took me , you know patterns and factor for i believe that it seek the loan,i oil or modalities for the conditional release ever since , claire - ready granted. if using necessity that loan can reach him via here 's my electronic communications so pleased to see you both mr pasqua
Burnice Windler
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