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    Accordind to the center for immigration studies as written in the las vegas journel, that just in nevada (illegal mexicans)50.9% get atleast one program,43.8% get food assistance 30.8% get madicaid 1.4% get cash, (illegal latinos) 47.7% get atleast one program, 38.6% get food assistance,28.3% get medical. 1.6% get cash aid, considering this is just nevada, this is a ton of money that could go torwards feeding our legal citizens instead,, there are poor legal citizens going hungry because of not enough money and if these illegals were not here there would be ample,, and to those who support illegals you can get a 2nd job to pay out of your own pockets to offset the cost,and dont use the racist word because not wanting illegals here does not make someone a racist it only makes you name callers look like like fools because you resort to name calling because you have no well grounded argument, and the bottom line is this, they broke the law, they are criminals,

    Oh Mr. Mom....did some hot Mexicana break your bleeding little heart. I think whats bothering you about "immigraion" is personal. You know there are plenty other bigger problems our country's immigration system has. Like all immigrants don't receive the same treatment. Some get to stay while other groups are made to leave under the same circumstances. Get a grip.....every human deserves a better life.

    The Center for Immigration Studies is a very weak source. Anyone that double checks their actual reports will find a number of inaccurate and inconsistent statements. The organization was funded and started by John Tanton (who runs FAIR) and uses a number of different organizations to invent statistics and information that is of little use. On the other issue, However, if you actually go to the CIS website, they actually do explain quite explicitly that this information is false: "Even though illegal aliens make little use of welfare, from which they are generally barred, the costs of illegal immigration in terms of government expenditures for education, criminal justice, and emergency medical care are significant." The report on immigration and welfare use demonstrates that fewer than 4% of all households on welfare have an illegal immigrant living in the household. If you look in the report also, it is probably skewed because it only looks at the citizenship of the head of household. Thus, although the funds may be used for a legal U.S. citizen, if it is used in a household with a legal or illegal immigrant, it is considered used by an illegal immigrant. In summary, check the data. It doesn't support what you think it does.

    They get them in my city too. What I don't understand is why a person in this country illegally can get free government benefits, but the poor citizens can not. Look at how many Americans work for a low wage because that's all that is available to them, therefore they can not afford to pay for medical insurance. They make just enough to get by being able to pay rent and utilities and having enough money left for food and gas to get to work. But they apply for assistance and are told they are not at the % of the poverty rate to qualify for benefits. Yet if they made any less money, they could not afford to survive. I just don't understand all these people who would rather give the illegals free assistance but not the poor Americans who could use it more. Why do they want to give them amnesty with tax breaks while there are homeless starving Americans living under bridges and on park benches. This country needs to get a clue. Stop giving the illegals anything, send them home to there country and help the poor and homeless American people in this country. There might be less crime too.

    It's really a technicality in the law. The illegals don't actually get the aid. They come here and have children. Those children automatically become U.S. citizens because they are born here. They are the ones who receive the aid. Sure the parents are the ones cashing the checks but the children are the ones who qualify. Don't believe everything you read in the paper. Remember they all express the views held by the editoror the owner.

    I think what bothers me more than poor "illegal Latinos" getting aid to feed their kids, is that the Russians get everything handed to them regardless..I have a neighbor with a 2 million dollar home, nice cars (new) and their son has 2 , as well as a motorcycle...and they, you guessed it USE FOOD STAMPS! my tax dollars pay for them to live like they do, it really burns me up!

    Your Correct .When you use someone washington cry poor have children poof your in the line.Health cares the worse the hospitals get really shafted. No names, wrong names get up walk out.Free everything. Our hospital are so bad that there know cutting back on staff,hiring Filipinos at 1/4 the price letting go 16 yrs veterans for 1s that are not safe can't speak good English have some nonage of the correct drugs usage.This out of control.And the DEM"S wanted to give them amnesty for the good of the USA & citizens.Best is there are still people that suppopt them & there ideas of amnesty. Kick all there butts out of office get some that will control our borders & enforce our laws.An represent the USA

    Even if those numbers were true(and I would guess this particular anti-immigration organization would inflate them), that is nothing compared to the $657 BILLION(so far) for the Iraq war. But as long as you worry about immigration, the war barely makes the news. Yes, there's an immigration problem. But why did it suddenly become an emergency after Iraq? Do you really believe all our problems would be solved if the illegals were gone?

    But heres the thing. If they know that they are illegal , why are they not being deported. Why are they helping them they have no legal right to be here and no legal right to anything the US has to offer. I think the welfare workers that give them aid should Have charges filed on them and be removed from there jobs.

    LOL, u sure r trying hard today. These numbers must b in regards to the US children of the illegals. Because if u do go to welfare they check ur SSN and u must qualify for aid. So if the children r Americans then YES they will receive benefits, and because their parents (illegals) are their caretakers then yes they administer the benefits. was that simple enough to u n d e r s t a n d!!!

    Wow, i would actually listen, but since you have no source or proof, i'm going to assume you're another anti-illegal stirring up some attention. But did you have to waste 5 Points and say most illegals get welfare? That's a given.

Christa Rempel
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Brandon Cummings
-you 're construct a installment action plan in patients or medical doctor was located the burden you? every once in a while works.

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