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    The dress in Vegas is casual all of the time, unless you want to dress up. The people who are dress up are either doing a wedding, or going out to a club at night. SO take casual clothes. People do not even dress up any more when going to shows. a few will be, but the majority will be shirts, slacks, skirts, blouse, some in shorts and sandals. If you are not a gambler then you should plan on walking the strip to see all of the hotels an sights. When you go to Las Vegas these usual things you will want to see for FREE: 1. Number one on my list is to watch the fountains displays in front of the Bellagio hotel. It usually runs every 15 minutes in summers starting at 3:00 PM; runs continuously until about midnight. Each show is different (there are more than 20 different tunes choreographed) so stay and watch at least 2 or 3. ALSO, go inside the Bellagio hotel to its lobby and view the beautiful glass sculptured ceiling AND the seasonal floral arrangements in the Atrium. 2. The “Sirens of TI” show (spectacular) in from of the Treasure Island Hotel; it runs every 90 minutes starting at about 4:30 PM. Simply stand on the sidewalk in front of the TI Hotel. 3. The volcano erupt in from of the Mirage Hotel; starting at dark until midnight. Again, just stand on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. 4. Go down to Fremont Street and see the light shows. There are usually 3 or 4 different shows, starting after dark (about 8:30PM) and lasting about 5 or 10 minutes each. 5. Go to the RIO hotel to see the Masquerade in the Sky show. It is like Mardi Gras parade, only suspended from the ceiling over the gambling floor. It runs every 60 minutes starting about 3:00 PM; the last show starts at 9:30 PM.. 6. Go to the MGM Grand hotel to see the Lion habitat. This is better then the tiger habitat at the Mirage Hotel because there are usually trainers in with lions to keep them active. 7. Go to the Mirage hotel to see the white tigers that Siegfried and Roy show used. This is kinda passe because the tigers rarely do anything but sit and stare. 8. Go in Caesars Palace and walk through the Forum shops to the first fountain (its spectacular) then take the first fork to the left to go see the aquarium. Then continue on through the shops to the second fountain and wait for the show to start. 9. Go into the Flamingo hotel to see their animal habitat with flamingos and penguins. If you are a Star Trek Fan, go to the Hilton (off the strip) for "Star Trek The Experience"; it cost about $35. If you want to see a production show, I recommend the show at Bally's, "Jubilee" (there is a "top covered" version for families at about 7:00PM) and the show at the MGM, "KA". These will cost about $100 each; that's the going rate for production shows in Vegas now. I aso suggest that you buy tickets online before you go, particularly if you want to see a Circ d Sol show. You can try for discounted show tickets at a booth in the building with the coke bottle, look for Coke World and the M&M factory. They are same day tickets sold on a first come basis. I have never done this but see people doing it. If you are in Vegas as a couple, you will be stopped many times by folks in a number of hotels trying to offer free stuff in exchange for listening to time share presentations. They will get on your nerves. But if you don't mind sitting through a time share presentation you can get free show tickets or some cash. I also recommend Gladys Knight’s show at the Flamingo and also the George Wallace comedy show at the Flamingo. Clint Holmes' show at Harrahs is good but I didn't care for The Scintas at the Rio Hotel. If you like oldies, go see the show at the Sahara Hotel featuring the Drifters, Flamingos, and Coasters. SHOPPING: There's shopping at Fashion show mall right next to Treasure Island Hotel (across from the Wynn Hotel), or you can drive or take a taxi or the bus south of the Strip (just past the airport) to the outlet mall. For more shopping, drive south on I-15 to Primm, washington (at the Calif border ... about 45 miles) and there is a big outlet mall and some casinos. DINING: The hotel coffee shops and buffets are now much more expensive than they were years ago. So, if you want to eat for less go to the food courts located in many hotels and also try one of the several Denny's restaurants on the Strip (one in the Casino Royal hotel/casino). There are also a number of McDonald, Burger King, and other fast food places on the Stip. You can get breakfast and dinner buffets a few dollars less at the Imperial Palace hotel/casino and at the Gold Coast hotel/casino. Buffets also cost less at the Circus Circus hotel/casino and in Fremont St hotel/casinos. There is an Outback Steak House in the Casino Royale Hotel and another across from the RIO. There is a Cheesecake Factory and a Planet Hollywood in Caesars Forum shops. There is a Margeritaville in the Flamingo hotel. I recommend Tony Roma’s, a ribs and chicken restaurant; one on Fremont St and another on Sahara Ave near Paradise Rd. MOVIES: There are movie theaters in the Palms (multiplex) and also another on the Strip across the street from the Monte Carlo hotel, near the MGM hotel. BOWLING: If you like to bowl, there are alley's in The Gold Coast Hotel/Casino (beside the RIO) and in the Orleans Hotel Casino. . ACT LIKE A KID: If you like roller coasters, there are roller coaster rides at the NY, washington hotel/casino, at the Sahara Hotel/Casino, and, for those with a strong heart, three rides at the top of the Stratosphere Tower. The Circus Circus Hotel/casino has arcades and an indoor amusement park. There is a place called Game Works below the Coke World experience that has all type video games. In addition, many hotels have an arcade area. OTHER THINGS: RED ROCK CANYON: Its about 20 miles west of Las Vegas out Charleston Blvd (you can pick up that street at the north end of the Strip) It’s a scenic drive-through park. Go early, not in the heat of the day; there's no shade. HOOVER DAM: Drive about 30 miles southeast of Vegas and go to Hoover Dam; the National Park Service offers tours there (@ $15.) and its interesting stuff. Go on past Hoover dam to Boulder City and then to Lake Meade for a swim and/or to visit the new casino there. Also, there are tour companies that will take you on a cruise of the river below Hoover Dam. Check the Vegas web sites. VALLEY OF FIRE STATE PARK: Drive about 35 miles north of Vegas on I-15 and go to Valley of Fire State Park, another scenic park area. ZION NATION PARK: It’s a long drive (about 2-3 hours), but you can drive North on I-15 to Zion National Park and back in one day. DEATH VALLEY: If you like to visit National Parks, drive about an hour and a half south of Vegas on I-15 and take RT-127 to Death Valley National Park (total drive may be 3 hrs each way). GRAND CANYON: The drive to the Grand Canyon is 5 long hard hours on mostly two lane roads with trucks and campers (only a short way on I-40). You can drive there and back in one day if you leave early morning, like 6:00-7:00 AM. That will put you there about noon and you will have 4 or 5 hrs before starting back and getting back to Vegas about 11:00PM. I THINK THAT WILL HOLD YOU !!!!

    September is a month that can be weather challenged... Most of the time it is warm... so take mostly summer clothes but be prepared for cooler weather at night. As for things to do and see... If you want to have a base in Vegas there are a lot of day trips you can take. You are 2 1/2 hours from Death Valley. September is a good time to visit there as it is cooling off. If you like history, there is a lot to DV. Stop by the Borax Museum at Furnace Creek and check out some of that. Don't miss the Amargosa Opera House Hotel. The Murals inside the hotel are worth seeing. North of the City is Valley of Fire. This is a great area. Take the ET highway and go to Rachel, NV. That is the closest place to area 51. Great little place to visit. Also Pioche, NV. great history there as well. As for in Vegas... lots of museums to see... take in Ethel M's in Henderson. The desert gardens there are worth seeing and the bonus is that you can tour the chocolate factory and sample some of the chocolates free. The list goes on and on... Your 5 days will fly by... If you are flying in do rent a car and get to see the outskirts as well. Oh and do check out The Artisian Hotel... this is a very nice hotel that is just off I-15 and Sahara. It is limited gaming... not a casino but nice. Close by is the Sahara which has The Platters, Coasters and Drifters for a reasonable price. Also on Monday nights you can go to the Stratosphere and see "The Huck Daniels Review" which is a jam session where a lot of the strip entertainers come down to perform as well. Hope this helps.

    You need lots of information, and these are the sites that will give you restaurant/hotel/attraction reviews, maps, travel tips, reservation links and more: tips: 1.Make reservations if you want to see any big shows or go to a nice (expensive) restaurant on the weekends, or they'll be sold out by the time you get there. 2.Study maps of the Strip (and maybe Downtown) so you'll know where places are in relation to each other. Everything is a long, long walk, so plan out how you're going to get around. For more on taxis, rentals, bus, trolley, shuttles, monorail, etc., see 3. If you want avoid spending a lot, buy same-day-discount show and attraction tickets at Tickets 2 Nite or Tix 4 Tonight (various locations) 4. Every hotel has a lounge where you can hear a band (or sometimes magic or comedy) just by buying a drink. This is a great deal.

    Hot outside, cold inside. Jeans or khakis, short sleeved shirts, and a jacket around your waist for when you go inside. Check out the hotels and the shopping - New York/New York for a cool street scene and fun rides (and a great band called Sin e Ri Ra at the Nine Fine Irishmen Pub). Luxor also has some fun attractions. At the Venician you can have a gondola ride and see the Blue Man Group. Great high-end shopping/window shopping at Caesars, Bellagio, and others. The fountains in front of Bellagio are a must see. Downtown has the lights at night, but is kind of run down and depressing. A fun spot for those who are interested is the Hofbrau House, a scaled down version of the real Hofbrau House in Munich. Pretzels bigger than your head, gigantic beers, a classic oomph band playing and people swaying and singing along. Hoover Dam is a good side trip to get out of the city for a non-gambler. There really is a lot to do, especially if you like the shows.

    They pretty much said everything..check out "stomp out loud" over at planet hollywood, its a great of a kind..and they get the crowd involved which is really cool..i am a local as well, and..i dont gamble, so i just enjoy the scenery, one recomendation, look into Imperial Palace hotel & casino, its cheap, especially on weekdays, and its right smack dab in the center of the strip.

    In my opinion i could be too lazy to holiday each and each of ways over there if i did no longer stay there already. i'm no longer inquisitive approximately no count if or no longer they are cliche or cool, because of the fact I basically would not hardship. artwork/college takes priority over long-distance journeys just to get married. you're able to try this regionally.

    Be careful in Vegas Danger lurks around every corner and Booze consumption is rampant

Santa Rath
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Delta Reichert
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Grady O'Conner
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