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    I'm 18 yrs old. Just outta highschool. I live in a crappy small town in the middle of the bible belt, and am absolutely willing to leave. I've considered minimum wage jobs like restauraunts and grocery stores, but I know I'll be needing more money then that. I start factery work tomarrow, but I know I won't last. We have to wear ear plugs the whole time so I wouldn't even be able to listen to music, or really talk to the other people (which by the way, are mostly women in their 80's). I know I not only would be incapable of surviving the boredom, but I know I can't stand for 8 hours a day. Not to mention my cousin of the same age, who was even in the military for over a year, and is 10 times more athletic than me and much stronger, only lasted 2 days. So I'm wondering what to do? My first goal is to get an apartment to move out, so I'll need some kind of actual money. But were should I start working, for long term? I really think I'm just too lazy for a lot of jobs, and if you suggest ideals to cure that, it won't help, I'll be too lazy to do them. I know everyone thinks lazy people choose to be that way, but I don't even do the stuff general lazy people do (video games, non stop computer stuff) I kinda just talk on the phone, hang out with my friends, or watch a movie. And I'm not fat, although I admit, sence the last weeks before I graduated, I have got a belly. But I plan to get back in shape once I can afford to buy plenty of diet food (the easy way). What should I do, were could I work? I know there are many jobs out there, that allow you to sit down all day, their not noisy so I can listen to music, or preferably kid around with co workers. and I know many of these jobs pay alright too. So seriously, any help? (P.S No college suggestions. Think about it a second, If I went what job would I even be going for???? Can you even answer that? and besides, I need money NOW to actually have a life, so I can finally feel free. I just hate all school enviroments, I got picked on real bad the first two years of high school, and still havn't got over it, and I can't handle college, even though most people think I'm a cool guy now days, I just can't handle that atmosphere, I still can't sleep at night because I keep remebering how much I hated High School. I've been to colleges, I know what their like, Its ISNT FOR ME. Yes I felt compelled to write this much, just so I don't get any answers about college, seriously, no answers about it, that is out of the question, I can't wait 4 years to finally be able to walk around my home naked and not worry about parents or a roomate walking by going WTF???! =P )

    Veg, that 18 yr old, is who I am. In a way. I just can't work a job, I just can' t handle it. I'm pretty sure I got some type of depression, because I read all these books and stuff, to help me think positive and all, and I just CAN'T. I think thats the biggest reasons I can't work. And to all of you, I actually do have a plan, that involves having a bit of guts and taking risks, I just don't wan't to work like a animal getting there, because I can't. I plan to attend bartending classes once I get enough cash, and eventually, get a loan and start up my own bar (after working in one a year or so to get the hang of it) But of course I can't go to bartending school at 18 where I live , or even work in a bar, so I gotta move (which takes money) but first I gotta get an apartment in town, because my parents bring me down so much, (even with me about to have a job) that I wan't to kill myself when I'm home. Well close to that. My goal is to become rich (multiple bars, nightclubs)

    I just don't think like any of you, my ideal, has a potential to get me rich (with enough MAJOR income, such as from a very good night club) I could just buy apartment buildings, and have CONSTANT income from rent, and even be able to higher someone else to look after them, and still make profit. With enough multiple sources of income I will never have to work and will be rich, before 35. But the thing is, who gives a **** about 35, I'm commiting suicide at 40, so I'm hoping I can get this all done sooner. Now guys, what all college or companies promise you a few million? (I dont mean a year, because its already spent by then) I'm talking about, what job will college teach me, where I can have a few million in the bank and never have to work again? Don't tell me business degree, their crap, I've done my research. And I can buy college books, and learn all the business aspects, while spending those four years starting my life.

    I think everyone wants a break from school after high school. I would have liked to work a a movie rental store or video game store at your age. Maybe you can sit around and answer phone calls. It is pretty hard to support yourself nowadays with one income so maybe get a roomate or two. College is pennsylvania but look into getting certified in a computer field maybe. Less time and pretty good pay for little work.

    I'm going to answer your question disregarding all of the other information you put in there. College will be the only way you'll be able to make a decent living. You can work 60 hours a week w/o a college degree at minimum wage and not even make $30,000. You can also get a degree, work full time, and start $15,000 to $30,000 higher. That's 20 hours less a week, and anywhere from $15 to $30 thousand more a year. Plus, you'll be able to get benefits that you won't get at a retail store. You won't have a salary cap.. most professional jobs don't really have a limit. Since you don't care about my above paragraph... you can ask me if I want fries with that when I have a McDonald's in my 120 ft. yacht.. If college is totally out of the picture, then you don't have too many options.. unless you get lucky.

    College college college!!! im 27 and I just re enrolled in college. you want money to live? with no degree? you can want in 1 hand and s*** in the other and see which one gets full first! I can tell you from 1st hand experience you will not be able to support yourself by working at factories and warehouses. you will not be able to afford an apartment! go ahead and get room ates ive done that about 10 times it does not work for long! get a degree now so when you are my age you will have a house. it sounds like you already know the answer is college but you are afraid to go. that is so foolish and immature but go ahead and ignore what you need to do. you will learn some really hard lesions in life if you go down that path. edit: you need to grow the f*** up little boy. bartender at 18!? good luck with that douche. and get a loan to own a nightclub!???? that will never ever happen. you will need a loan for about 500,000 to get a crappy night club. with no job or capital thats not going to happen sorry child. you need to work on becoming a man because you are clearly not a man yet!

    Before anything, you need to adjust your thinking about work. There is no easy street to earn big money. The right attitude to work will help you though. For instance, not everyone has the option to listen to music at their work, unless you work in a music store or are a driver etc. Most bosses will think that the music will distract you from your work. And social interaction with co-workers is great, but only at the right time. If you kid around all the time your boss may also think that it is distracting you from the main job at hand. Don't be suprised, but it sounds like you need constant stimulation which means a job with a future is more for you. With this will come the money. You probably will get bored with the factory job, but for now it is good in teaching you how to handle yourself at work. Use it to observe others, how they get on and who has the right attitude and probably gets the most respect. Stick with them. Who earns the big bucks? How did they get to be in that position? Did they go to college, or did they start like you on the factory floor. Be all eyes and ears and use the experience to push you to the next level. Once you have some work experience and money under your belt, perhaps you might take off to another city. Why waste money on renting when you can stay with your parents for now and save. I once met an 18 year old guy who was traveling around Europe on his own. He had saved for the trip himself from doing odd jobs. I was amazed at his maturity and bravery. He said that there was more in the school of life than any college could teach him. Now that is the right attitude!

    If your aren't going to go to college then you are out of luck my friend. I'm 18 too. It's sad to hear you say this. I took an accelerated program and finished two years of college (at a local community college) during high school. All free, and paid by my state. Life WAS hard. But, you forget the pain. You learn about money by making MONEY decisions. I sacrificed time with my family for two years studying in a hole in my bedroom I'd rather be with them but now I like studying and am a great student. You need inspiration. I pulled scholarships to go to school even more. Life sucks, get up, make something of it, and get used to it. Grit your teeth my friend. You need to have this attitude. I didn't even read your whole message and I know what to tell you. Although I can hear you have a general concern it may be just you are curious about how to make it and sometimes I wonder too. But I dont know whats even a month ahead of me sometimes just focus on each day and look where I am. If your not up to school they have small managers and electricians but that will be your life 30k. Its the after high school reality check. OKAY I read more of your message - Im quite too, go picked on, forgot it all (even sent to the hospital one time) No, I'm not perfect. I was homeschooled. Only went to the 10th grade part time. Thats okay. But, talk to a college counselor and ask about smaller colleges. GOOD luck

    Work as long as possible at this factory, try for a year. It's good to have that on your resume to show that you're willing to dedicate yourself. You might even get a raise, benefits, etc. the longer you work there. I'm not sure if you've had a job before but the first jobs you take are not going to be very good, will seem pointless, boring, but it's pretty much the only offers you'll get. So just build up your resume as best you can.

    Well, college really would be your best bet for a long-term career choice. Don't think that you have to figure out what you want to go to school for right now. Maybe take some general education classes, to get you started. And, they will also help if you want to get a degree. but, you have already stated that college isn't for you. so, stick with a job and save up money over time to eventually move out. other than that, I don't know what to tell you. you're lazy, just as you stated. i suggest you get up off of your *** and start to do something with your can't expect every job to be what you want it to be. money is money, even if you can't listen to your music or talk to your 80 year old co-workers.

    So here's what i got from your question: 1) you're too lazy for work 2) you don't want to get higher education (even though there are MANY alternatives to CAMPUS universities such as online schools or technical colleges) 3) You don't want to go through any type of hardship in order to succeed. Don't think anybody here can help you until you decide to a) grow up and be a man b) learn how to suck it up when you're having hard times so that you can succeed in the future. Until then, you're gonna forever be a no-namer in a no name town. If you're not willing to actually work hard and stop being lazy then you have no future. simple as that.

    Good things in life don't come easy. If you want to lead a life of sitting on your **** and clowning around, wealth is not going to happen. You say you want out of your town. Pull your finger out and do something to make it happen. It is not going to drop in to your lap. I hated school and did something about it. Left school at 16 and did an apprenticeship. Now have a staff of 6 making 200k pr yr. Didn't happen by me sitting around whinging and whining. Just do what what it takes and loose the lazy who gives a **** attitude. Not picking on you. It's just I have seen so many people with so much talent that choose the easy way and then regret it years later

    You are actually not alone in what it is you are wishing for, everyone wants the easy way out; Minimal Effort, Maximum Output...but your problem isn't that you are lazy, you've got it all wrong, your issue is that you are immature....your immaturity is blinding you from seeing what life is really about..nothing is ever free, anything that is of any worth requires effort on your part..nothing is going to magically land on your lap, you have to work for it....In addition you need to work on your have not started the new job yet and you are already faltering it...A positive outlook in life will not only bring you closer to all of your goals but will start a chain reaction of "Positive" things going your way.... The key is that if you want something, you need to set a goal for yourself, for instance with this factory job you are starting, you can save some money (living with your parents will allow you to save) to work towards the goal of having your own place... A career is the only thing that will give you stability and since you do not like school perhaps your best option is the military, join the Navy, A family member of mine became an aviation mechanic there (worked on the Blue Angels) and now works for NASA (making a great living!)...Life is what you make are still young, make good choices and you will be in control of your future...Best of luck!

Brad Breitenberg
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Moriah Fadel
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Janis Jerde
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Alvina Veum
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