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    I live with two other girls. When we first planned to live together,the bad roommate,was living with, as she told us, violent roommates who threatened her and held her at gun point. so instead of saving for 9 months like we planned, we were rushed into it as of september. for the first two months everything was fine, then she was cut off of her trust fun. So for that month we covered for, well she found a job that doesnt pay enough and for the last 4 months we are putting ourselves in debt trying to cover for her so we dont get evicted. In the last 4 months though her attitude as changed. she no longer talks to us but locks her self in her room. She with holds money from us and has yet to ever thank us. I tried talking to her that we can't keep doing this, and she needs to either call her brother(holder of her cash) or find some where else. Her brother has even offered to send her to a different school and pay for boarding. a few days ago she tried to come to me and explain that she saving the money to the end of the month to give to me for her expense( just for 1 month) while getting help from her boyfriend ( who is here way to much and is rude and a jerk) and his mom (who is in our business yelling at us if we try to question her)..But she wanted me to stop adding money to the amount she owes for bills and rent. I told he rif she pays what she owes for the month..then it wouldnt get higher...she just got mad saying she never asked us to pay. i told her if i didnt we be evicted. from what she makes at work, plus bills and rent i told her she wouldnt be able to pay us back. she gets made saying "thanks for the support, so tired of people telling me what i can't do" when she relizes im not going to inore the money she throws a tantrumn and goes sit on a busy street corner at 10pm. I also spoke to her old roommates who were shocked at all the things she had been saying. they swore they never threatened her, and the only time a gun was seen was when her boyfriend tried to get in their faces and a freind was there and flashed it as a warning for the guy to stop disrespecting the girls. they told me how she pretty much has lied to us and everyone and now the girls are considered ghetto trash by many and even teachers treat them different. They also told me how the roommate use to sleep around, cut herself, leave mess everywhere such as cook and not clean up after, and leave dirty plates ,forks, food, in her room (same as now). we cant take it anymore, this is our first apartment, her third having been evicted from the first, and we are proving to be more responsiable by paying the bills and rent despite her money. But every month it gets harder. I have student loans , have a medical contion which requires a bone to be filed down in my mouth soon,and want to start taking birth control for hormonal balance, my other roommate is already on birth control that cost her 80 dollars a month and has medical bills for asthma. If she leaves we will not lack on rent and bills, i am starting a nanny job and doing tattoo sketch designs and can also pay with my bonus untill we can replace her, but we want her gone because we dont want to spend money taking care of the oldest person in the house while she lives scott free. is there anything we can do? and exactly what? our land lord said we have to handle this our selves because a case agians ther would be the same as us. the best we could hope for is to sue her for the money(which she doesnt have) my family and friends say i can give a 30 day notice which gives me right to push her stuff on the curb and change the locks but i've read other places that say i can't....please tell me what i can do!! we live in pennsylvania if tha thelps at all...

    If this problematic roommate doesn't contribute anything towards your original financial obligations to each other, there is no need to keep her there. She has breached the contract (oral or written) with the two of you and therefore, has no legal or ethical standing to continue living with you guys. Give her written notice now (5 days not 30) since you are not The Landlord, you are not obligated to live according to Landlord/State rules. Date and sign the Notice. Keep copies for her and each of you. If she doesn't start packing, gather up boxes and help her pack. I think you've been tolerate long enough but must not permit such a distracting and disruptive experience continue further. Put an ad on campus bulletin board, campus paper, town paper, distribute flyers around for a new roommate. Create a written agreement for yourselves and your next roommate, addressing this particular problem so that it won't happen again. Friends of friends are usually a good source of compatible people. Friends of family works. Good luck and God Bless.

    Who's ever name is the head if household on the lease must provide her an eviction notice then inform law inforcement that yu did so if she does not comply and also speak with the manager over the apartments.! Good luck.!

    Oh man, do something with those bangs of yours.

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