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    HI. I'm a recent art school graduate (BFA in Graphic Design) who has decided I have a distaste for my chosen field due to the negative personalities and ego of artists. As a result, I've heavily considered nursing school as I've always loved to nurture people and feel I would find a fast paced varying career very stimulating. I am also extremely fortunate not to have student loans from my bachelors degree. My previous college was a very good art school, and had us take lots of social science courses, but I have zero credits in "hard" science. Is it possible for me to obtain a master's degree for nursing (maybe with a few night classes for the undergrad credits), or are we talking square 1 as far as bachelors degree? I am thinking about becoming an ER nurse, but I've heard the field has lots of possible pathways (another plus!) I also have many nurses in my family. I'd really love to find a great career that pays well and makes me feel like I'm contributing to the world. I feel nursing would be very fulfilling to me.

    The morons are out in full force tonight, as Hereford proves. There is a Staggering amount of misinformation and pure bull-crap in what he wrote. First of all, one does NOT need a BSN to test for RN. That can be done with a 2-year degree. Second, There Is NO minimum number of hours as an RN required for entry into an MSN program. That varies by school, and many top tier schools (Georgetown and Vanderbilt, off the top of my head) have no requirements like that. It has become commonplace for ASNs to enter an MSN program with little more than a "bridge" program (typically Statistics and English Comp) between them. You've got a lot of credits that will transfer if you choose to pursue a BSN immediately. But you don't need a BSN yet in most of the country. For a quick look at what programs are available near you, enter (name of your state) and "NCLEX pass rates" into your search engine. NCLEX is the exam you have to pass to get your RN. A 100% pass rate may not mean it's the best school, it may just mean the most selective. But a low rate probably means a diploma mill with a growing army of unemployable grads.

    Because you already have a bachelors, you can apply to second bachelors programs in nursing, and you won't have to redo any of the gen ed/core classes you already took. Those will be waived. Instead, you'll only need to do the classes required for nursing. The advantage to you going directly for a BSN versus the associates in nursing that someone else mentioned is that it'll probably take you about the same amount of time to get the BSN as it would to get the associates, because again, they will waive your cores if you get a second bachelors. This means you could get this BSN done in 18 months/2 years, depending. However, all nursing programs have pre-req classes you must take before you can get in. Those tend to be specific science and math classes. So you'll need to get those done before you can apply. You can go to the websites for the nursing programs near you, and they should list what those pre-reqs are. If they do not, then contact them directly. In addition, because you already have a bachelors, certain types of financial aid are now closed to you. However, you can still get some types of loans. Talk to the schools about that. But what that may also mean is that you may want to look at some of the nursing programs at the state/public unis in your home state. You'll get the lower, in-state rate on tuition there, which can help. There are a few masters degree programs that accept students without a BSN. Normally, you'd do a year of undergrad nursing classes with them before you can enter their pennsylvania program. And these programs are few and far between. But if there is one near you, talk to them. If there isn't one, then check into the second bachelors option I mentioned.

    You would literally need to start almost over to square one with an undergrad. in order to even be accepted into a graduate nursing program you need a certain amount of years of experience as an RN, which requires a BSN BSN requires you to do many hours of clinicals, classes in biology's, psychology, anatomy, physiology, basic math, chemistry all before you even really start your nursing classes. you're talking essentially of getting another degree... if you spent all that time in money in graphic design, you'd think that you would've researched, shadowed, and mentored with someone in that field to make sure that's the fit for you. i mean, you knew the personality of your professors and classmates (artists can be really snobby, but some are nice), so you knew the type of people you'd be working with someday. at this point in your life, it sounds like you just wasted years of it. it's honestly up to you if you want to go back to school for a whole new career. you could always get an associates degree in nursing, then work in a hospital for a few years and then go back for a BSN.

    I'm sorry but when it comes to nursing everyone has to start at square one.

Herminio Abshire
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Shane Gleason
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