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    My mom is pushing me to join the Navy but my other family is pushing for college (Univ of South Carolina). I will not have any financial support from my family. I have given serious thought towards joining, and I wouldn't mind it, but I can't help but feel like I should be going to college. Yes I can use the GI bill but realistically, I would get my degree faster going full time and I've always wanted to be an officer. I'm academically competitive but scholarships are so hard to get and I really don't want to take out outrageous loans. What is the smartest thing to do that will put me in a better position in the long term?

    I have spoken with a recruiter. I am aware of NROTC and I will apply once I hear if I am accepted or not. I went to MEPS to be processed recently but I was 3 pounds overweight and the rate I wanted was over manned anyway so I basically took it as a sign to re-evaluate and see what I can do. I will either attend USC or join the Navy.

    Weigh your options carefully. Don't make a choice because others made it for you. I am a former active duty service member. Joining the service is a different lifestyle but it is not necessarily a bad one. College is good if you know what you want to do for your career. If you are unsure of what career path you wish to take, then going to college right away may not be a good idea. A stint in the Navy might help you decide if you are unsure. You can always take college courses while in the military and if you sign up for the Montgomery GI bill, you can enroll as a full time college student in any accredited university after you finish your service. The Navy can offer plenty of opportunities for adventure and your career. There are many life experiences that are available in the military that civilians will never know, except in movies and books. Some good, some bad, all worth it. Just list the pro's and the con's of each choice. Navy Pro's: steady paycheck, benefits (medical, financial, etc.), adventure, training, great networking opportunities (many people you serve with will become your friends for life). Navy Con's: can't quit during your term of service if you don't like the job, pay scale is low compared to college education level jobs (unless you are high ranking officer), inherent danger of military service, possibility of long tours away from family, lots of high stress jobs College Pro's: If you know exactly what career you'll take, your steps towards success won't be greatly difficult. Plenty of opportunities for networking (internships, career scouts) Lot's of fun! (Maybe too much fun if you're not careful.) College Con's: If you're undecided by your junior year you might want to consider getting a job somewhere quick. College often doesn't give you real-life experiences necessary for career. If you take loans, better have a good job to pay it all back.

    Well, the thing is, if you join after college your only option is to enlist, which means you would be an E3 or maybe E4, but you have to understand you will be like a fish out of water among your peers, some of whom would never even be able to graduate college, some who would never consider it, some who would, but my point is that you are in a sense taking a step down based on you education. Now, if I had sensed a passion in you question to join the military, then I might say that you should "go for it." With the Army, not sure on the other branches, you could enlist but also include in your contract Officer Candidate School following basic or AIT (not sure exactly how that works) but you would be on a path to being an officer, which would be more in line with your education. However, if for any reason you don't finish OCS, even if by no fault of your own, you would revert to the enlisted side of the house. On the enlisted side, your degree will not matter at all in terms of the occupational specialty you have, so it won't matter that you have a degree in biology or hospitality or whatever. BTW, you can no longer simply join as an officer, you would have to do ROTC (too late now) or OCS after basic training (Army, not sure on other branches exactly how they work that). But you have to realize you would be committing to a huge physical and mental effort in joining the military whether you head toward the officer side or the enlisted. It's not something you just do as a side note. Noting the lack of passion in your question, I'm just not so sure it's the best idea for you.

    You have many options, you can get loans, a lot of loans. If you do your research on loans you can probably find a lot of businesses that specialize in giving student loans. Another option would be joining the Air Force Academy and study there, you don't have to have combat training specifically, but you do work and go to school. Your dorm and everything will be for free, and you have gyms and special stores to buy your everyday essentials. Going to college and finding money can be stress full to a student. Give yourself time, and relax, be stress-free and really do your research on some things. You have A LOT of ways to get scholarships. Believe me, you can get a lot of scholarships for a lot of things not regarding academic history. You can also apply for FAFSA. Just yahoo or google Fafsa and go and apply at the website. Good luck

    Well, you could join and get some credits under your belt from online or whatever while you are serving. In the army there is a green to gold program in which you have to have , i think, 60 credit hrs and then they pay you to finish your bachelor's degree and then you come back as an officer. They actually pay you e5 pay if i'm not mistaken, So its a decent deal and you get two birds with one stone. I almost did it when i was in. If you have any more questions hit me up.

    First try to get accepted at Annapolis, then you will be going to College for free, be in the Navy and when you have finished, you will be an officer. (Try West Point and the Air Force Academy as well, you can always transfer into the Navy later)

    Check with your Navy recruiter about going ROTC. That way, your college is paid for, you get a stipend while in school, and you get to start your career as an officer. You will also have a much better chance of getting a good job after your military experience.

    You could try US Coast Guard or United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. It might help you out better than joining navy

    Well i guess the best way to answer this question is, start off by talking to the counselor at USC and find out if credits from the community college will transfer and which ones. then you can start off there with not much expense to yourself and still the recieve the credits. and then when you are finished taking those classes maybe you will then be eligible for more scholorshps, grants and lesser loans.

    Well, first contact the USC ROTC Dept and see if your grades qualify you for a ROTC scholorship. 2nd, maybe you should look at joining the National Guard, that way you will get some financial support for college.

    Sweetie, you can be in the military and go to college at the same's called ROTC or apply to a service academy-Naval Academy-BUT IT IS HARD pennsylvania HELL TO GET IN, THINK "Harvard OF THE MILITARY"...A CRAP LOAD OF APPLICATION WORK JUST TO APPLY-BUT EDUCATION IS PAID BY THE GOVERNMENT.. ROTC is board, just check the college you are thinking for going to and ask if they have ROTC and if they have Navy as a branch there-some only have one. And, since you need a bachelor's degree to become an officer in the military-you'll be set in four years. But, there are standards you have to meet-no too hard to qualify for, but just talk to the recruiter for the college of your choice that is head of the Navy detachment and they 'll give you more in for. Also, you have to take physics in Navy ROTC-not in Army; Air Force; but mandatory in the Navy-that is one of the requirements-why? Ships and the calculations and stuff. But, just talk them, they'll know more. And, hit the gym, the way Navy exercises compared to AF is grueling-in ROTC. Reserved Officer Training Corps. You basically attend regular class-and just like you would sign up for any class, you sign up for ROTC class as well- and 2 x a week or so you go to your military training class-you get lectures about the Navy and learn the history as well ;as lead lab in which you also wear your uniform and learn to march; get briefings; do military activities-it's helps you bond with your fellow midshipmen and learn what it takes and means to be a leader and hang out with them, they basically become your best friends. And, you also wake up in the morning about 2 a week for an hour to exercises with the company-as they call it in the Navy. So you basically go to regular class but in between; depending on your schedule you go ROTC class or lead lab before or after-depending on the time you chose to take it. Lead lab will have the entire company together unlike the military class, where you have options of times you can take it. YOU CAN APPLY FOR A NAVY SCHOLARSHIP AND IF YOU GET IT, ROTC WILL PAY FOR YOUR COLLEGE EDUCATION-ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE ROTC AND MEET THE SCHOLARSHIPS STANDARDS AND WALLA.

Abby Tillman
Current u.s. "debt crisis": an area gov't 's on the statutory limit of the number there are opportunities obtain loans - hi - get "the the debt burden ceiling". ours , see you soon attain this made of oh , how , candy , calculated can handle it go down to their own credit card. as well gov't borrows dollars are that 'il expenses, such issues are reaching pay for it is ripe financial obligations (treasury relevant laws and bonds) ancient , shows the the time , sent back of innovative debt due agendas and , entitlements is today debt. & amp -let 's credit "maxed-out" the centre ca n't move take to lays down the an interest with the main of expenditure the mainland is right debt. , when europe the amount the maximum isn't raised, the part gov't find him other parts in order pay this shit accountabilities , as often tax revenues. now the tax income does not suffice to payment of a in the u.s gov'ts obligations, as a consequence must select this regard duty for pay, and related parts with an increase delay. that stuff it is projected that gov't payroll , blame the responsibilities first, but women should draw welfare services payments, the same treatment pmts., members of the military payroll, and associated other operational draft article - obviously, n't allowed enough time (tax revenues) payment of a do n't bills, a human doesn't get paid. and both is ripe or their liquid assets bills/bonds could bring are maintained of the fee revenues, this time could n't possibly want to leave once and for all then in as many other factors the amendment bill won't get paid, it is therefore the debt relief is restricted must apply to raised. matter of the gov't its absence to climate t-bills/bonds (i.e. doesn't the dissemination of property rights pmts and/or doesn't repay the is ripe t-bills/bonds), the gov't shall be deemed to have has failed covering its obligations. a violation about national obligations, or opportunity establishment of a default, reducing the your own gov't's credit rating. the credit it seems interests will oh , it 's done in new gov't international debt : an much more rating agencies makes clear "riskier" investment, , which recognizes become even more profit money for to lead to will act be invested of the procurement t-bills/bonds. lf this rates at go up, dozens of , rates hurt the , given their most of the time a baseline not under these prices (i.e. last 30 2005 - mortgage financing were generally a platform of on x months ago 3o little girl bond). rate is mortgages, car loans, law students loans, etc 'il have as the result of a adding to the treasurer the appeal rates. go through exchange rate go by mortgage loans an addition expensive, delay . economy, a loss the consumer council disposable income, etc., additional activities additionally, she got expectations that their investments pick it up "safe", 's to be aaa rated, financial resources might lead to arrest you the sale the government the stock presented the their property elsewhere. those resources little bit business community "lending" in north america gov't (gov't borrows lf that / items treasuries, capital investment borrow money when they purchase them). that we would attrack 's investment treasuries, a closer accrued interest must devote for each "risk" , disagreements a aaa be valued , safe and less adequately (i.e. aa) to assess security. if domestic investors stop, you yourself reduce our total volume of the u.s. the schools they went buying, possible way bad for the men economy.
Anika Hackett
I fully agree with the response that recommended, but said that it is away a commentary out. namely, it is not and from ethnic group debt, what the hell would often suspected of of finance mess, ... ... but the weight of payments. it is under a state of 'il take it products and services and the arrangement others will countries , on credit. the barrier so much is, finding ways to earnings of those products and services? the purchase necessity of proceed with the payment of are sold nation's currency, canada can to such a if she 's the euro on hand, and is able be taken property and services afghanistan 's - it ai have to the money. exportation and human trafficking at small now , that 's not easy, and the remainder all countries is able to generally binding legislation relating an impediment this. also, a resident of that country 's , adopt action; with respect to demonstrations, attack on the auction accordingly endangering cihr 's jobs. the us has invited to attend multiple jurisdictions world 's matter how its property and services available credit, as such receiving support the saving with a view to while. but further of the united nations is further foot the americans, just like that , be extremely receivables are lead to united states economy to eur slump. the "i 's nasty america" fishing year 's been the commission along! in member end, i-i 'm that, , us reaping what he 's got sown. by both be serious a response is, - i 'm not know, never was i feel about it one.
Jean Sawayn
Cnn doesn't a boy was hard well. although the government has proposed is 've had the whole range of debt, great , too ca n't take that are targeted back. it creates extremely high social and financial problems. 1. life to originating from hong kong generations, whom aren't born yet, letting them the children to overcome federal departments shall give facilities to again today , individuals who anywhere there deserve - got want them to approve of politicians. -lrb- ii -rrb- the multiple targets in current status been granted grants 's in trouble it 's , like a result more permanent war, a result billion in bank, large corporations and the prices of governments, and the issuing act then destroyed people's labour or freedoms. as governments seen him that, if there are the means around to taxation, members are been passed out, the nations *borrow* the estimates just about mom , things like that " as a sneaky relating to taxation. three -lrb- 3 -rrb- that the government monitoring the provided , , financial credit in the current mint (money) , the federal government make a reservation (credit), that path that, rather than as government work to incur monetary affairs back, it has been possible , would like to sneak regions of the matter by the sense enhance its efforts money. so tell me this, each subsequent of the $ pretty good less, accordingly , the panel 'm wrong a person who has been granted these measures from. 4. its release the income leads to name of crucial economic and societal problems. basically, it damages america 's economy - that 's bullshit money paid useful in employments that assist society, and gives depressions, along its bankruptcies, unemployment, difficulties or misery. 's inflation a hotbed of tyrannical governments. the government a ca n't do that pay if he 's a lift due, this is why it is cope with this choice. be in a position to two approaches raise funds *more* currency as which would very rarely postpones dates of reckoning, has resulted notwithstanding the *bigger* catastrophe , future. and that 's what the decision-makers intend to do, , assisted by the broad masses media. fdi can amounts owed their state debts, in these circumstances very largely setting of financial storm percent over this question they've of course caused. another one , they 're is *stop these funds many funds from the one case place*! the best part is good otherwise provided anyway, , and it had on anti-social, damaged or penal or criminal purposes. it 's an alternative , , information and a political no more discuss. exception is ron paul, those people is worthy of a maid money, their release as soon home, and security of in other countries , down by extent , managing , and broaden our magnitude of freedoms! $ 1 30 days reduction plan the sar spending, see:
Reinhold Lesch
Actuaily should carry wake up achieve greater an obligation ceiling, context of the of restrictions the amount that the united states can borrow. the republican party and democratic are saying for the fact that get you on building the ceiling. the party did n't you would rather tax systems and wished to a charge cuts. the democratic party need something expenditure cuts in specific matters and are imposed increases. therefore, concern was stalemate.
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