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    Ok, i know i have asked about panic attacks before. I have serious anxiety now and cant go outside. My doc is useless and theres no others that i can see (i live far in the country). My parents dont believe me, i have given up college and i am going to loose my job if i dont go in tomorrow, i cant get medicine. I feel i got to die, i even have a plan now and feel guilty. I need someone to tell me how i can control my panic before i go insane!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dying is not an option. It sounds to me like you suffer from social anxiety disorder (SAD, yes it's a psychological condition). Social phobia is what it is also called sometimes. I am only guessing here, since you didn't give too much information. you think it could be social phobia then the good news is that you could easily overcome it. Sadly i developed SAD at about 16 and it really started to affect me at varsity. When i started sleeping in class the science teacher told me to go see a docter. I went and after some blood tests came up clean the doctor put me on prozac and reccommended I see a psychologist. Six months after is was diagnosed as having Major depression the psychologist said that deppression was only a symptom and that I might have SAD. I read the list om signs and most of them were pretty darn acurate. After 1 year on Aeropax my life was ontrack sort of. I gave up engineering and studied bcom. Ifell into a relapse 2 years after i was cured. It was in my final year of Bcom and i stopped going to calsses and failed. I didn't go back and i am quiet sorry too since i earn at present the equivalent of $80 a month which i use to pay my off my $10000 student loan. If i hadjust overcome my SAD then i might have been earning $25000 a year (thats good where I live). If your doctor isn't working out for you find another. Ulimatly the best advice i can give you is that no one can fix you, Only you can make the neccasary change in your thinking and attitude to turn your life around. Two months ago i hit the ultimate low. I could NOT find a job, and my business was failing(hence the looking for the job). In the last 3 weeks i have changed a few things, patterns of thought, a little bit of vocabulary and my business is starting to take off. I reccommend the book Awaken the giant within by Tony Robbins, i have recenty started to read it and I find it a great uplifter. I still however have certain fears which affect my life, and i have not found solutions to overcome them. I am turning 26 in a week and i have never had a girlfriend, hence the name Mrfloppy(i aint gay if that's what's you are thinking). Oh yes your problem might also be related to our psychological profile. There is one in particular where there it is possible that you have never met people with the same profile or grew up with people of that profile as only 1 out of every 100 people fit the profile. I hope this helps you some what.

    I don't know the reason behind your panic attacks, some are medical, some are mental. I had meningitis when I was 16 and started having panic attacks immediately following my recovery. It took a half dozen doctors and almost 20 years until I finally found someone who helped. He found the cause, (there were times I felt I were just insane), and prescribed Paxil. I have not had one panic attack since. My parent didn't believe me either, thought it was something I would get over. The stress of feeling crazy was worse than the actual panic attacks. The fear of having a panic attack would make me have one. It's a horrible life to live but there is help. I wish I had you email address......I'd love to talk to you more. but please, see a doctor, ask for paxil or some other medication, and reclaim your life. You can get it back, I did and so have so many others.

    I have panic attacks too. They are terrible. You need to call someone right now. talk to a human voice that is not your parents. Call the radio station DJ and request a song, or call directory assistance and ask for a phone number... or even better.... call a help line 1-800-668-6868 If that is impossible... write a letter to someone about all the things that are bothering you... you don't have to send it, just write it. For my panic attacks I take Valerian ... it is an herbal version of "valium" it calms you down and makes you less anxious. I only take it on days when I'm apt to have an attack. Anyway, I hope this helps.

    PLEASE,please,please take a deep breath. And when I say that I AM NOT KIDDING! Breathing can truly help with your anxiety. Take deep breaths, spaced about 15 seconds apart, and HUM. Yep, HUM anything...just keep, humming. You can't think when you're humming. And try to keep your hands OPEN...clenching them makes things worse. Why is your Doc useless? Is he/she a therapist or general practitioner? Do you have ANY family nearby...or any kinds of friends(even acquaintances)????? What you need to understand is that panic attacks DO END. But if you end your life...that is the end. Please get a hold of someone before you do ANYTHING. There must be a crisis line in your area. Look in the phone book under suicide or mental health crisis lines or hospital crisis lines. Please do these things soon. There are people that understand what anxiety and panic attacks are. Please find them soon!

    I'm not a doctor and I don't have panic attacks, but I do know of some relaxing technics. First, try to clear your mind. Sit on the floor indian style, close your eyes and take deep, controlled breaths and count them. count to 15 and repeat. Let your thoughts go and focus on your breath. When your relaxed, just think of this...whatever problems you have no, it will pass...nothing in life is constant, all things will pass. Just relax and understand that no problem is too big and no problem will last forever.

    Go to your doctor and ask for a referral to see a psychiatrist. check the internet for panic disorder sites. One of the symptoms of panic disorder is thinking you don't need to take your meds. Often those who take meds take them until they feel ok and then they stop...You can't do this. The panic disorder is a disorder of the sympathetic nervous system that causes you to create adrenaline when you don't need it. You need to take care of yourself. You can get another job when you get this under control. Opinion. You can take care of this with proper help. Suicide is a selfish choice. But that's another story. Good luck.

    Dont worry i have a panic disorder also, try to realize that your thought of going to die is illogical and your gonna be ok no one has ever died of a panic attack i know its freaky but the panic is coming from bad thaughts also try to get on some medication soon specifically zoloft it worked wondersa on me

    Ok I will help you. I have had attacks for years .. NOT ANY MORE READ ON !!! You can turn this around but you will have to have the courage strength and desire. Start on these steps right away!!! First 1. Call 877-teach-me. And order the free tape and book!!! 2. Order Sam Biser's Book Resurrection at 3. This one is tough but start on a juice fast for 30 days. Just buy the juice man jr for about $50 bucks. Or go here for more info 4. Watch this movie trailer! Then buy it 5. If you need a coach with the steps to help guide you along the way, order the Sam Biser videos on ebay!!! -12 Videos- it’s called (save your life course). Order these tapes and watch them. 6. STUDY THIS INFORMATION pennsylvania IF YOU’RE LIFE pennsylvania SOMEONE YOU Love LIFE DEPENDS ON IT 7. JUST DO IT !!! And remember I have seen people with 90% bone cancer Survive!!! Read this In our life’s we see people go through alot of pain, where they did not seem to really know where there going, so we searched for answers in health, relationships, and long life success. We went to the depth of the earth for cold hard facts. We care for all people and I want them to know the truth. Well all I can say is Kevin Trudeau is right on track with his books. My research does come from years of looking into the health field and I will say there our many others like Kevin Trudeau that have not come out of the closet maybe because of fear? Here are a few websites for you to look at. I will not give the websites out here but what I will do is give the name of the website and you can go to a search engine and find them right on top. (The homeostasis protocol), (Sam Biser), (Dr Richard Schultz), (sanoviv) (hippocratesinst) The success stories of these people are just amazing. I believe one thing!!! All of these masters on health agree on one thing DO NOT CHASE A DISEASE!!! Because you’ll lose like millions have done already (Death). The way to knock out the disease is to give it an environment that it can’t stand to live in, like a fish out of water. Take care of your self and remember to pass this information on to the people you love and see in pain. Please take care of your self and your love ones. This time on earth is very short for all of us. Contact me by email when you completed these steps... I LOVE YEA God Bless Have a Wonderful Day... Keep your head up and don’t quit!!!!!!

    The only interventions that will probably help you are medication and behavioral therapy. You are probably not going to be able to beat this alone. You can check the net on further info about agoraphobia. Good luck.

    Just breath in and out first off and try to calm yourself down try going to a therapist or a really doctor to get good help and get some really good medicine to help u with your problem but w/e u do dont even think about killing yourself ever!!

Rod Boyle
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Joana Kiehn
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