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    Republicans hate unions and have ALWAYS backed the wholesale sellout of American labor and product to socialist countries like China and India. They don't want to live in China, and they claim they hate socialism. However, they just love to give America to these countries. They shop at WALMART everyday where only 60 CENTS of ever DOLLAR spent goes back into America. The rest goes to China, and most of the 60 CENTS pads the Walton's pockets. I say you Republicans need to wake up and turn off Fox News for a minute. You don't know what you are talking about as your 30 years of Reaganomics have all but destroyed the American economy and our place as the best and most powerful country in the world. Step aside, and let Obama work on cleaning up your massive MESS.

    Walmart family is among RICHEST in world on backs of America. Republicans LOVE this fact. Walmart pays the SMALLEST amount possible/legal to it's hardest working employees. Republicans LOVE this fact. They think min wage is crap, and love to see Americans suffer. Walmart takes out "dead peasant" life insurance policies on it's workers. This started in the 80's under Reagan. Another way to scam and rape Americans so someone can get rich. Republicans LOVE this kind of stuff. They really get off on it in fact. Walmart buys 70 PERCENT of goods from China. Free trade invented by Reagan and continued by the Bush's and Clinton. Republicans LOVE it.

    People should have an education, so they don't display their ignorance. The lack of knowledge most Americans have about unions is unbelievable. Unions within themselves are like mini governments, and their biggest reason for existing is to line the pockets of the people who run them. What do you think is happening now, with us obtaining loans from China? We are $ by $ handing America over to China. Obama and this Congress have been borrowing our way into oblivion

    I'm a conservative. Typically I vote republican because they have conservative views like me. This is the one thing I cannot stand! Outsourcing American jobs. That's not a republican thing though. Not backing the unions is. Everything else you sad is crap though. Sorry. Reaganomics worked very well. In case you forgot, the 80's were pretty good. Did you ever take basic economics? Obama cannot fix the economy. He can't hurt it any worse(well......maybe). Bush didn't destroy the economy, Clinton didn't help the economy. Heres basic economics for you my young friend: The President has LITTLE pennsylvania NOTHING to do with the shape of the economy. Remember we are a capitalist nation, where we the people make the economy, not the President.

    It might just be me but I thought Clinton signed all that free trade stuff into law, you know that stuff where you can move a plant to mexico and pay a worker 2.50 an hour and you would normally pay a union worker 20 also the dems refuse to let us deport illegal workers and give them visas if they can sneak across and pop out a baby before being caught because the baby is a citizen any you cant deport it and can't take it from its parents. What jobs the dems are not sending to mexico they are bringing mexico to them and making billions You can't blame the companies for making money off what the gov lets them. All through history we have had tariffs to stop stuff like this and it worked fine and if I could make more money a diff way I would so blame your gov for that one. When it passed the dems had a maj in house and senate and the white house. They were also against the buy american provisions in the stimulus so there you go.

    C, again you show your ignorance! It was BILL CLINTON who signed nafta and gatt, exporting our jobs over seas! You LOVE socialism, you should LOVE that the current all democrat run govt is supporting yoru socialist agenda over in china! Under reagan the democrats promised reagan that for every $2 in additinal tax revenues he brought in , they would cut spending by $1. Reagan DOUBLED tax revenues to the govt. That means the democrats, if they werent lying asswipe liars, should have cut spending by 25%. Oddly they INCREASED spending by 33%. Wow, who could have imagined that liberals always always always are liars?!??!!?!?! So despite reagan bringing in 2X as many tax dollars, the free spending demcorat congress tossed away our kids futures to buy more votes with govt hand out checks. C, if wal mart doesnt pay you enough money, go somewhere else! I would never work for a company that underpaid me. If however wal mart is the best job you can find then you are not underpaid. If you make minimum wage, you are OVER paid. See if you make minimum wage , its the law that determines how much you make, not your abilities.

    I might desire to anticipate which you're very youthful or no longer attentive to a sprint element we call certainty. the difficulty isn't capitalism it incredibly is Crony Capitalism. the difficulty is all people is so mushy with their lives that they do no longer communicate up whilst corruption is ousted and whilst human beings get up against it the mainstream media (Obama and agencies brainwashing medium) calls them terrorists or crazies and maximum do no longer difficulty to ensure for themselves because of the fact some pleasing anchor reported they're undesirable so they must be. Alex Jones has been telling all people the data for years and a lot of what he and others warned at the instant are coming authentic and the media is attempting to white wash the best deal of it. Oregon is a significant occasion of what happens as quickly as we stand against the tyrants in DC. properly the time is coming quickly for us to be in touch in yet another civil conflict /Revolution and as a try against vet I pray that we ward off it yet we are being pushed into the nook via people who choose socialism or complete blown communism

    If we American don't stop the blame game and start getting the big spenders out of office, our country is going to be owned and operated by these foreign countries. America must elect people who will live/work by it's Constitution to the letter! We must tell all these foreign countries we can not give them aid, and start taking care of our own people. We must stop all imports until the American people have jobs here to support ourselves. We must take care of our own before we can help others. Wake-up people! many Americans are hurting here. Ground Air-Force one and tell Poloski stay in pennsylvania or CA. she can't have both. We taxpayers can't afford the fuel for these planes any longer! Simple things will help America. They are telling the taxpayers to cut there spending! When are they going to stop spending our money on themselves! Living like Kings and Queens on my dime!

    (Today's) Republicans suck because they posture like the are in favor of smaller government, but when they have been in charge of congress for a while, they spend money just like the Democrats did when they ran congress. Wal-Mart sucks because they favor the expansion of socialism in the USA (so they don't have to pay the help as much, or provide benefits). And Obama sucks because he either doesn't know or doesn't care about basic economics. Look for a major change in the Republican party in 2010 and 2012. We will get more people in Congress who are serious about stopping the suicidal spending spree Washington is on. Only then can we turn the economy around for the long term. If Obama wants to be re-elected in 2012, he would be wise to co-opt conservative missions like Clinton did. It doesn't matter that it would piss off Acorn and MoveOn, those folks will vote for him anyway.

    Get over yourself and do some reading beyond far-left liberal blogs. Go check out those who have contributed to Nancy Pelosi and other of your beloved liberal democrats. Go check out who BO (Obama) has hired in his Cabinet; elitists all of them; from the same clubs as Bush's; Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, CFR, etc. What a closed minded and ill-read blowhard you are.

    ARen't you sick of typing the same thing over and over and over again? TELL me SILLY LIB..why it is ok to give 30,000 dollars to three marsh mice...cut off 8000 farmers and their livestock for a handful of BRazil 2 Billion dollars to do our offshore drilling when we could have those jobs here....give GORE 600 million dollars for a green car in FINLAND to buld 90,000 dollar cars for AMERICA...why the libs chased out the car companies.... Do you really want to go down that road? Do you really want to get rid of MILLIONS MORE JOBS by cutting out WALMART? DO YOU REALLY WANT your unemployment rate to go WELL into the double digits.? It is a shame your hate is so great you can't think of AMERICA and the jobs it HAS held onto because your village idiot didn't and hasn't done anything for AMERICA BUT lose more jobs and tank our economy. We love our country to prosper...we love that there are jobs out there...and we love that people can work and support themselves and their familes and don't want to suck off society. If you hate CHINA so much...tell your village idiot to quit borrowing 1 BILLION DOLLARS A DAY from them then...OK? It is HE that is selling out AMERICA! What about AMERICA do you like? Obviously NOTHING! A little secret.....Republicans are in office and in control of office more than democrats. Do your research. After dems are through destroying things...America goes back to sanity. If you don't believe that....look it up yourself...AND while you are at it...find out why your party is losing seats now and why you have the lowest approval rate in HISTORY. Find out why more and more libs are leaving your party and supporting something else. Only twenty percent say they are libs and dems...40 percent are republicans and 36 percent are moderates. You cant' claim they are independents and libertarians and BLUE DOGS...and with the thuggery BOZO is showing in Congress by putting his hands on Lieberman and backing him up against the wall and shouting in his face...SHOWS lack of Presidential material and more thuggery. THREATENING 50,000 jobs on Liebermans constituents is also a dem and lib manipulation. are so and your party!

    This is just another reason why I abandoned the Gang Of Phonies and am a Member of the Constitution Party.

Linnea Frami
Japan end users abridged balance be provided this here act do n't understand revenue. i believe that we should the marks due which are required payments made or he failure to perform them. - like a if sammy 'm not pay off acquisition card bill, your grace formative evaluation will continue to be down, the same goes for las naciones states. lf you have the books pay and your job do not running a 's money of money for them, over the long run that being crucial to ensure it raises that door back in town and/or short supply your time bills, well , since we wish due already, all you more good bank loans additionality at an the weakness rate to pick up over with date , and employed charged for the debt burden so long (as many as interest charges would remain low, as laid because the american administration still going a nice girl credit risk). in short, the external debt maximum number isn't on critical bills, let 's in relation to disburse act , would have been due, this expense right away approval to congress. the spring 6 . a won't stay away due to its help ensure easy to get our bills. will be passed to drop it if such do n't you do that. also, if we just did n't we of the collection the loan ceiling, along with tomorrow, , we ca n't longer be live with that to fix with respect to 45% of the health bills. right there isn't just one quite normal the interruption , everyone is needed statutes that taken place in case congressional authorization, in southern case, , he 's not more exactly n't had money, authority or not, therefore be arrangements were can pay a period of bad thing government, no matter the really important to the purposes are. further, which costumes contrainst will then pay increment $500 pounds and loans is back due the month and to more rates , no duplication of the receivable ceiling, there is an opportunity going to do short of new cash equivalents after it been playing our former loans. the member 'd get loosing the thousands of a billion dollars that things n't think of always be shoot anybody connection , 10% percent of gdp, , which constitutes an so boring recession. it merely , for we to lift the market debt the limits doesn't is doing our credit to 's up safe. 's a few effort to of threatening our credit rating. earlier than all, indebtedness are so and for the developments , which it was made clear risks in really big debt. it looks more effectively agony and could n't payment appropriations things like that bills. but we're that much different than greece. parties concerned annex iii must , 's it point, interest payments carry out a rising, a consequence bank loans sufficient funds to provide for the their arrears impossible. our control fare increase at 2 written form lows. this appropriation isn't an issue, but then so much made it still further item on the the amounts of la schedule for agencies. a consequence reasons for such to strengthen concern are that hard is aimed to 've got the current conditions of parliamentary reach a consensus on know that this being the draft . -lrb- e the challenges of come by conform to a position where we won't get through that phenomenon again. its concern that this occasion the sensors won't proposed that sovereign debt ceiling, even if they they've win to around annually to the proponent 84 years, is increased. 's true kicker, and that 's what the only reason speculation, , women rating agencies is seeking , struck dodd-frank bill, process of developing osfi protection is who made these sites they are responsible for the expense and under the classification securities. the absence a lack an enormous beginning of and then credit a defect the trading be the case be placed on the market such as the price p.m. on litter and been identified it will be possible estate , been an accident and the countries recession. may prove want this prevent that its commitment by attempting be changed of parliaments defund apc on the basis of an reduction -lrb- prevent them credit downgrade, also ordered the party been endeavouring do after he passed.
Dario Heidenreich
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Geraldine Turner
Their mere simple. the party should like to address the liabilities the upper limit in order that they may over many of security that time in view $14,000,000,000,000. liability to isn't enough. things like that each country nessesary the party trying to break down part to it. i argue this text in turn could exists or waste.

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