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    Im 17 going to be 18 in april and im so scared to go to a obyn. Iv been having nightmares that past few nights about it and i think im more worried about being embarrassed with family knowing than actually going. At 18 is their any way i can go without my parents knowing or having to pay for it? My mom is more like perverted to make jokes and comments about going and she'll do it infront of people like my grandfather and stuff that really embarasses me and with my dad thats just really embarrassing. Im also a virgin and the whole idea of being exposed and possibly feeling pain or uncomfortable after and during well the whole thing just freaks me out pleaseHelp!!

    Honey you'll be fine. Try to find a female obgyn. They seem to be more sensitive and understanding. Look in the yellow pages. Your mom is immature and childish. This is a personal matter. She should be the one you can trust. There are free clinics. In some places they can be sleezy. I would suggest you don't do this unless you know something about it. I have 3 daughters, 13, 10&10 (Twins). They will all be virgins when they go to the doctor for the first time. I dread that day because it's such a personal thing. Can you go without your mom knowing and pay for it on your own. Make it your own responsibility. If you don't have the $ is there someone you trust who could loan it to you? If I were you I'd try to get a college loan and get the heck out of that house. Don't worry about the doctor part. It will go quickly and the doctor will be more compassionate than your family. Take care of yourself first!

    If you are more comfortable with your normal doctor, he or she could really do most of the stuff an ob/gyn would do. It might be less embarassing for you because your family wouldn't need to know what happened during the doctor's visit. Just go for a physical and they should check everything that needs to be checked. Pelvic exams are embarassing, I will admit. I've only had one and it was quite uncomfortable, especially since there was the doctor but also a nurse just standing there staring at me the whole time. It was a bit painful because they used a speculum that was too big cause they couldn't find a smaller one. Most people say it doesn't hurt. I was a virgin at the time too, so it was probably more painful because of that. It is really scary, in truth. But I had mine in an emergency room while the were trying to rule out everything in case I had appendicitis. I'm sure it would be much more comfortable in a doctor's office. Ask for a female doctor if you can, they tend to be more gentle and understanding since they know what you're going through.

    As already few people said that there are clinics like planned parenthood.As far as you freaking out that you will be in pain? You will feel a little uncomfortable after check up but you will not be in pain.Women have to go to gyn annually and if it was painfull i wouldnt want to go.I'm 28 and been going to gyn every year since i was 18 and never was i in pain after or during.You feel a little pich when they take pap smare but since you are a virgin i'm not sure what exactly they will do.They obviously don't want to stick anything in there and take your virginity.Relax girl nothing to be afraid.As far as going with your family i wouldn't want to go with them.Check these clinics on your computer,once you find one call them and ask if you can come by yourself.Good luck and best wishes

    Well just go and I think until ur 18 ur mom would have to take u. Ur mom sounds like Roseanne. That is awesome. If u do go when ur 18 just tell them u want to pay on a sliding fee scale and they prolly would let u pay them there.

    Depending on where you are there are these free clinics such as Planned Parenthood where as long as you are a student you just show them your student pennsylvania and you dont have to pay for anything. Most places should be confidential though if you just ask them and schedual ahead of long as you have your own way up there so your parents dont kinow and if you can pay for it yourself then its okay.

    Im 18 and not had anything done.

    You can go to planned parenthood anytime, on your own. You have to pay though, but its very inexpensive.

    I would talk to one of your parents. That one should understand, if not sorry.

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