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    Im traveling to Colombia in June with my boyfriend to meet his family in Bogota. Ive eating many Colombian dishes and absolutely love it. But i was wondering if it is going to be much of a culture shock and what precautions i should take when walking around the city. Maybe anyone who wants to answer this could tell me about their experiences or stories about being in Colombia.

    Everyone who has answered- Thank you so much for your advice and input. Im very excited for my trip to Bogota! Um, a little more information i have is his father is considered to be a very wealthy man in his town so he lives in a gated community 30 minutes away from bogota and apparently he has body guards... So maybe i will be a little more safe than most. But still anyone who would like to share their stories, please i would love to hear them!!! Thanks guys! :)

    Ive been to Bogota 15 times in the last three years. Follow the lead of your boyfriend and his family. Where does he live? In the North? If so, that area is pretty safe.. If he lives in Soacha or Ciudad Kennedy thats less safe. Dont flash a lot of cash. Do go eat a carbon de palo on 106th. Get your haircut at Norbertos. Go to Monserrate but not on a weekday. Do eat Lechona Tolimense. Do eat arepas Costenas. Do eat ajiacole. Do eat San Cocho. Do eat Tamale Tolimense Do eat Mojarra. Do eat bistek al caballo (Steak with an egg on it) Do enjoy the juices there.. the variety is amazing. Youll love the people. Dont dress flashy. Colombians dont dress as casually as Americans do. Have fun. Eat at Luna Near the Andino Mall. Amarti in Usaquen. Carnal has decent mexican food. Try a bandeja paisa. Try a picada. Be sure to go to Melgar or Giradot. Cartagena if you can. As for the person who said there will be culture shock. BS. Other than everyone speaks Spanish, its like any other large city (9 million) Be sure to go to the Gold Museum. IF you can stomach it, see a bullfight. (Be prepared to pay out the wazoo) There are people selling stuff at every light and doing magic acts or juggling acts for your donations.Enjoy it. There are many poor. IF you want the best pizza of all time go to the Cafam at 68 and Ciudad de Cali. Go down that street about 2 blocks and on the right, after the flower shop, is a pizzeria The Mexican and Hawaiian are fabulous. Get a burger at Corral. Its at least as good as In and Out. If youre going to get married there.. try to avoid getting married in a Catholic Church. Especially if youre not catholic. Its spendy and requires a box car load of paperwork. If you want fun shopping (and an amazing selection of DVD's) go to San Andrescito (There are 4 of them) San Andresito San Jose (where tiendas get their goods.) Abarrotes San Andresito de la 38 Clothes, imitation tennis shoes, electronics, pirate movies games etc San Andresito de la 13 like the above San Andresito del norte, everything but abarrotes. If you want to see endless furniture, try 12 de Octubre. Have fun.. its a great place with great people.

    I have been to Bogota, Colombia twice so far and I'm leaving in 3 days to go again. Its beautiful, you will fall in love with it. The people are very nice and there is much to see. The Culture shock Will be the driving >_<! Seriously, its crazy out there. Also you will see armed police everywhere, you will see people saling things at stop lights and puting on little shows. I don't want to say anymore, you just need to go and enjoy it yourself!! I'm happy for you :). I went there because my Bf lives there and his family. I Fell in love with that city and country and now thinking about making a move there for a year. I hope you have the time of your life! Oh and hey Go eat at the T zona (Zone) any place there is good. Of and some of the street food will give you gas like you wouldn't believe, but I like them too.

    There were a lot of good answers for you but you should if you can go see: Guatavita - really great for photos, this is the place where the Indian Chief would cover himself in gold then dive into the lake, the powdered gold would float on the surface. Art Market downtown: you can buy stacks and stack of molas, beads etc and CHEAP!! Andres des Carnes Res: wonderful, cool, hippie-ish restaurant with each table having a theme. Stop by a dairy; they have meringue with cream and strawberries that are out of this world! Also arequipe which is sweetened condensed milk cooked till it is thick (dulce de leche) and is sold in a coco shell with a little tiny spoon. Buy leather goods there as well, cheap but very well made and will last forever- my brother has a wallet I gave him almost 20 yrs ago now. Colombia is by far one the the coolest places I have been on the planet bar none even though it can be scary and yes do not flash money around....dress a little better than you would here in the U.S. They dress like Europeans there.

    Been to colombia many times especially Bogota. Youll enjoy it there!! Youll love everything the city has to offer and the beauty of old arquitecture with new. Food all i can say is youll LOVE IT!!!! Night life amazing. Sightseeng endless.. and shopping is AMAZING!! Dont flash around alot money of course. Dont know if your used to seeing alot of people in streets like in newyork where alot of people walk and take buses?? Thats how youll feel in Bogota. Its an amazing city. Go to La Calera.. especially at night amazing views of the whole city and nice reastarunts, bars, and clubs too.. Enjoy it.

    Colombia is very nice, it will be a culture shock but in a good way you will be shocked by how nice people are and how much fun they have. Because of the FARC there is a high military presence but colombia is still enjoyable. If you dont dress like a millionaire then you will be fine, and avoid going out too late.Other than that colombia is lovely and fun and you have no need to worry. especially cartenena is very pretty.

    Im going to colombia in june too as my family live there. i am from HUILA which is about 5 hours from BOGOTA. still lovely place and lots of things to do. but i will be going to bogota too coz its great so much to do and see. also go to medellin its lovely :) and if u really want a great true caribean style go to cartagena, its gorgeous and lovely colombian caribean! have fun ,. i will for sure!!! in this web page is all the things you can do in Colombia and Bogota pennsylvania but translate it in English because is in spanish also there is information about the country

    Your boyfriend's dad probably lives in Chia... like you said, mostly wealthy people live there, the houses are just amazing, and the town itself is pretty cool. while you're there, you should go to Andres Carne de Res. Chances are you'll bump shoulders with actors and different artists. Go to Usaquen too (it is pretty amazing... colonial looking part of the city, but it has awesome restaurants and bars/clubs.)

Gabriel Cassin
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Lelah Adams
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Connie Pollich
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Korbin Cummerata
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Lessie Kris
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Elisa Stokes
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Kaya Donnelly
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Fredrick Kerluke
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Heather Breitenberg
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Demarcus Ernser
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Nedra Fahey
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