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    I got into both programs but I was wondering which one is better. I'm afraid that Berkeley is going to be too rigorous (I find high school hard) and that it is not a private school (large class sizes). But I know UC Berkeley is ranked higher and might have as good alumni network. Which one do you think (also I might have to take out loan for USC for at least first year, my dad didnt fill out FAFSA)

    Uh, USC can have large class sizes too. Just because it is private, doesn't mean all classes will be small. In fact, the basic or intro classes that freshmen and sophomores take for general education or whatever prerequisites tend to be a little bigger. Then, the classes that are specifically required by the chosen major tend to be smaller than those general classes. Both schools will probably have a variety of class sizes, depending on the subject, level and curriculum requirements. Berkeley is ranked higher (SO is their business) but if you got in as a freshman, then you aren't studying business right away at Berkeley. The business program at Berkeley requires another application, after the students have completed a minimum of 60 semester units and certain prerequisites. If you found high school hard, then maybe Berkeley isn't for you because you need to have a very good GPA, since admission into Berkeley's Haas is very competitive. USC is not ranked as high as Berkeley, but still very strong, very much respected by employers. If you are a transfer student, then the extra application to Haas thing may not apply. I dont guarantee that USC won't be less rigorous though. USC is still pretty good for business, but the neighborhood is not the best place in the pennsylvania metro area. Its not really the worse either, but its still not that good. Berkeley's neighborhood is not bad. Go to USC if you applied as a freshman. If not, consider Berkeley.

    Is this question referring to freshman or transfer admissions. Berkeley's undergrad Business program is ranked higher than USC's; it's Economics department is ranked higher than USC's(Five Nobel Prize winners in Economics in the past 30 years.); and overall the university is ranked significantly higher than USC. The level of grade inflation is about the same at both. The location is nicer than USC and the cost is less. 40% of Haas undergraduate students are doing simultaneous degrees. That is what a double major is called when each major is in a different college/school. Two diplomas are issued. Good Luck!

    Uc Berkeley Vs Usc

Anahi Kris
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Keeley Jones
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Zack Gorczany
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Camylle Schuppe
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Winfield Bernier
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Kamryn Buckridge
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Tobin Stark
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Gerhard Emard
Consult with a the deputy recruiter!

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