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    Alright, I have a fish tank and been using it for almost a year. I have 2 black Moore's one is younger and smaller and one is larger and older. I have also two Fancy gold fish. One is orange and FAT and the others fat and smaller The orange one is the oldest of my fish. I have had him since august and Its like May. I have two Calico's also they were bought at the same time. One is bigger though. And one seems like he never grew. I have a snail who usually never moves, some times he hinds in his shell I don't think he's dead. I have also a Sucker. He was like a baby when we got him he grew a bit also. But my fish seem like there on drugs. Ill explain it better. The big calico swims in one place in the lower part of the tank and the other calico does the same. The Big orange Fancy goldfish Is the most active he always looks for food. My white Fancy goldfish goes right on the rocks and lays there just moving its fins a bit. The big black moore does the same. The Snail doesn't do much either. The sucker really works though. Are they dieing...Are they pregnant? How do I tell if there male or female sick or not or Pregnant or not. Its a 5 or 10 gallon tank. There used to being all squeezed up. It wouldn't have changed because I got a new snail...would it? The temperature is...70-75 F which is normal for them. Whats so Different? Please help! What type of Tank will I need...I only have 45$

    Your tank is far too small for even one of those fish, it's truly amazing that they've lasted this long. They won't last much longer. The reason that they are acting, "like they're on drugs", is that they are suffering from lack of oxygen, bad water quality, and ammonia poisoning. Even at 10-gallons your tank just can't possibly support them. Over a year, your goldfish should be just about full grown, which is around 5-8" for most Fancy varieties. If they are are not given the proper space and water quality, fish will become stunted, which essentially leads to a halt in their exterior body growth, while their organs continue to grow, eventually bursting inside them. They will usually succumb to the water quality issues long before this happens though. Fancy Goldfish require a minimum of 20-gallons for one, with an extra 10-gallons pre additional Fancy. Also, because they are such dirty fish, they need a filter rated for at least twice the volume of your aquarium. So for your 6 Goldfish alone, you'd need a minimum of 70-gallons, with filtration rated for 140-gallons. Your "sucker" is most likely a Common Pleco. These fish grow to be over a foot long, and need 75-gallons. Your snail is the only critter that belongs in your size tank. If you want to keep all of those fish, you'll need a tank in the 100-gallon range, and you'll need it soon. A 50-gallon would work in the short term, but only with extra filtration, and it will cost far more to upgrade in segments, than it will to just get the size you need to start with. If you're short on cash, you can look on craigslist and the like, or put an add on your local freecycle. However, it's highly unlikely that you'll find a 75-100 gallon tank for $45.00, so your best bet is probably to re-home all of the fish, (soon,) and start over with fish that are ccompatibleto your current tank size. When setting up a new tank or starting over, you will need to first cycle it, which will take several weeks. the future, please be sure to research any living critter before you bring them home. Here are some good fish profile sites: Alphabetically: species: ccompatiblefish: Also, I suggest you find a good fish/aquarium store in your area, and avoid pet and chain shops, such as Petsmart/co and the like. Especially avoid whatever store it was that sold you the fish you have. No store worth their salt would have sold even one of them for a tank so small. Until you can move your fish, I suggest 25% daily water changes. But get them out of there ASAP. If properly housed, your Goldfish should live to be around 15-20 years old. They won't make it much longer in the set up you have now.

    First off your tank is WAY to small for all those fish. The fat goldfish are Ryukins. Goldfish are very messy and poop a lot. Have you tested your water. The ammonia leavel is probably off the chart for that size tank and that amount of fish. Also with good care a Goldfish can grow to 12" or more. You don't say what the Calicos are. If it's a Ryukin I have one in my outdoor pond that is one year old and is 8" long. You need to give away some of the fish or get a larger tank. You say you don't have much money to spend. I hear ya. Look in your local newspaper . Sometimes you can get second hand ones very cheap. Good luck.

    Your tank is too small,those Goldfish should be in a much larger (and cooler) tank. The symptoms you describe indicate that your Goldfish are oxygen starved (Or actually carbon dioxide poisoned) The one tropical fish( the sucker or Plecostamus) is the only fish that's doing OK. The solution for now would be to increase aeration in some way (filter or airstone) and find a way to lower the temperature. 70 degrees F is the maximum for all of your goldfish. The reason being that cooler water can hold more oxygen. Six goldfish will eventually require a 70 or 80 gallon tank. If you care about these fish you will find a solution.

    The first thing I would say to you, is you have WAYYYY to many fish in such a small space. Goldfish grow very large! Regular Comet goldfish can easily exceed a foot, and fancier goldfish (such as black moors, ryukins, orandas etc) can reach up tp 8 inches. One goldfish should have a 20 gallon aquarium. They wont outgrow your tank, BUT if goldfish stop growing its a sign of them being unhealthy and they will die prematurely. when you say a sucker fish, Im assuming that you are referring to a plecostumus... these reach 24" long and will outgrow your tank. I would suggest you getting a larger tank, pennsylvania separating them into their own tanks (of AT LEAST 10 gallons) The symptoms your seeing could be symptoms of stress, if you don't want to lose your fish I would suggest doing this immediately. OH, and Goldfish eat snails, so I would be careful.

    I think you have too many fish in a small tank and unless you have a good filter the waste of the fish produces loads of amonia - especially goldfish and this means bad water quality and that is why they ar not swimming around - feed them every other day and make sure you don't give them much. Because the more you feed them the more waste they produce which means more amonia which means very bad water quality. Do a 255 water change now and another one in a phew days!

    Firstly i would try changing the scenery around in there

Chadrick Hahn
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Benjamin Krajcik
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Bernardo McGlynn
Brayan Hermiston
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Kaleigh Lind
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Joanny Leffler
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