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    I home school 2 of my three kids (the youngest is still too young) and we are very active in a Home school group that has about 200 families. We also do Co-Op and Girl Scouts with our oldest. We see a lot of people (in the home school section) who seem to think our kids are locked up in the house all day and never see the light of day. I would like to know your opinion but please be prepared for me to counter them with the facts.

    What are home schooled kids missing? Prom? High school football games? Or is it the drugs? Violence? Home school groups (especally the big ones) hold proms graduation ceremonies and dances. They hold all kind of social events. Also if prom is that important and the group doesn't have one then they could probably go to one at a local high school just by getting a date with a student.

    Chris you think I lock them in a closet and never let them out? My kids are 10,6, and 2 and get into plenty of trouble all by themselves. I have no problem letting them do things for themselves or letting them out to play with neighborhood kids. They also play with kids in the home school group and take classes with other kids. There are all kinds of home school groups and activities for home school kids. Obviously you think kids have to be in a public school to make friends.

    Mara you are right. I have no problem with sending kids to public schools. Ours how ever is horriable. I did send our kids there for a few years and it just wasn't the right fit for our faily. Home school is a personal choice and works for some families and public school is the best choice for others. Some home schoolers are like that but I try very hard not to be.

    No Not at all. Home-schooling is not a bad thing. I was home schooled (I am now graduated) and I am in the top 10 students at the community college. I was able to start college 2 years early with one of the highest test scores of all the students. True Home schooling is not being locked away in your home and never being out in public. though many ignorant people think that way it is not. I spent over 1/2 my time as a student out in the real world learning things first hand. I learned about banking by going to work with my grandmother (before she retired) who approved loans, she taught me how to see if people would "qualify" or not for different loans. I learned marine biology by going to the beach and spending days with marine biologists doing research projects, I got a unique education that I could never have gotten at a public school. tell me, how is being locked in a room with 30-40 other people, that are all your age or with-in a year of you, reading hypothetical stories about things and finding fake answers to go with those situations, and never really doing anything productive, how is that "real world" experience? I had more "real world experience" when I was ten than most kids have when they graduate. Socially I have never been hurt, check my face-book page. I don't add anyone I don't know and I have over 270 friends. I did lots of activities with home school groups, 4-H, Church, Camps (The Wilds and Northland. if you want info contact me), and the community college. Home-schooling has so many advantages to public school. I would have shot myself had I gone to one. so what are we missing... school shootings, drinking, smoking, weed, other forms of drugs, disrespect for teachers and adults (Home-schooled kids KNOW how to respect others), and a world of hurt. I don't think that kids really need that junk. some people do, but I don't.

    No, I do not think that homeschooling, when done right, leaves kids at a social disadvantage. There were a lot of kids who had been home schooled at my college, and some were perfectly well adjusted and were totally "normal" but there were also some that had a lot of social and emotional difficulties. You seem to be doing the right thing for your kids, and with all of the things that they are involved with they will certainly get a good education both academically and socially. I can imagine how frustrating it is to have people constantly bombarding you with comments about how your kids probably live their lives locked in your house, but I have to say that the homeschooling community is also often very hostile to people who send their children to school. Just like all home schooled kids are not socially crippled, not all schooled kids are whores and drug addicts... and just like not all homeschooling parents keep their kids overly sheltered, not all schools are breeding grounds for violence and a poor education. Respect needs to go both ways.

    Homeschool is not as anti-social as a lot of people think. I was homeschooled from 6th grade all the way through high school. I went to several different homeschools (they're for weekly instruction) and some offered more than others. Homeschool is becoming more and more popular, so they are actually putting classes together specifically for homeschool students. There are so many different ways to educate your child. It goes so much further than just home/public/private schools. There's also Independant Study, Unschooling, Title 1, Charter, Bible, Online, Hybrid, and a lot more. I don't see homeschooling as being anti-social at all. I don't understand why some people get so upset where homeschool is concerned. I guess it's because some parents just don't want to even bother to take their kids to the school. I've also seen kids who just get to learn what they want, and ignore anything they don't like. That's not really teaching them anything. It's just letting them do whatever they want. By the way, the opposite of homeschool is not public school, it's called Standard School. Homeschools can be public or private.

    Absolutely not. Home schooled kids that attend home school group functions have LOADS to do. Field trips, science and social studies fairs, park meets, special classes from time to time, dinners etc. Now, when I home schooled my daughter our group had SO MANY things going on that you just had to pick and choose what best to attend. Aside from that, our daughter was (and still is- even though she goes to public school now) in dance, gymnastics and cheer leading every single week. We took our family to museums out of state, planned a Disney Trip during off season for half the price, went to water parks, went to pennsylvania smithsonian zoo and museums. She also had about 4 best friends that we planned weekly library, park or get together with. She played with family members friends. Gosh, the list just goes on. If anything, I think she had a much more social advantage when she was home schooled. As for proms, football teams, Valentines dances etc, our home school held those things for the older children each year. they also had a swim team at the YMCA and a Nature group through the college.

    I think it really depends on the child and their needs. Obviously you think your kids are doing fine homeschooled, and that's okay. I think that a benefit of public (or private) school is that the kids are being a little more independent w/o mom or dad around and are having maybe a few more opporunities to deal with social issues like what to do when someone isn't being nice to you, etc. Now, that could be viewed as a disadvantage to public school, but in adult life you have to deal with all kinds of different people on a daily basis. Public schooling may provide more opportunity for that. I think homeschooling can work, if done the right way. Because I'm sure there is a wrong way!

    First, we are a Homeschooling family and our daughter spends a lot of time with other people (adults and children), but having said that I know some other HS families where the kids don't go out and spend much time with other children. Our daughter is the youngest of 5 children - the others are adults and are now all married, but she belongs to a HS group who meet weekly, she is an active Girl Guide every Monday, she has Voice lessons on Tuesdays, Choir on Wednesday, Irish Dancing on Thursdays, Band practice on Saturday mornings, Sunday School on Sunday mornings - so she sees lots of kids. We also deliver Meals-on-Wheels to Seniors and the disabled in our community, so she has interaction with many different people of all ages. Last year we visited England and Norway for a month, a couple of years before that we went to Holland for 3 weeks. We are planning a trip to Austrialia in 2009, so she is well travelled, well spoken, well mannered, confident & capable and has a great sense of humour. She has also never been bullied in the school yard, teased on the school bus, nor has she ever had a teacher who didn't like her, she also never had the stress of failing a test, because we don't move on to the next task until I know she has mastered the earlier one. We too, get people saying "It's nice that she gets to go out now and again" as if we keep her locked in the basement. The whole world is her classroom, she learns all day, every day - and it is often about a subject that she is interested in. At the moment she is interested in Horses, so this year when we study Science we may study Equine Physiology and Anatomy, we may go Horse Riding locally and she can ask lots of questions about horse behaviour and horse care. We have already learned a lot about Horse Breeding and Genetics. She is currently sketching and drawing pictures of horses. So, we "Homeschool", but in fact we are hardly ever "home".

    I was home schooled and didn't usually get to see other people except on rare occasions. It has had no effect on me socially. In fact I was in public school before I was home schooled and the children were so mean and horrible to me it affected me in very negative ways socially. (I have a cleft lip) It wasn't until after I got away from the public humiliation and forced hermitism that I finally opened up as an active and social member of society. BTW, You cant ask for someone opinion but threaten to counter an "opinion" with "facts". It makes people hate the home schooled community even more......

    I think home schooling definitely has it's advantages. But you need to think about whether or not its advantages out weigh the disadvantages for your family. I personally wouldn't home school my children because I think that our world is becoming more global. I think that kids need to learn about diversity early in life and be exposed to many different ideas and opinions. The world is getting more competitive, and to be successful one really needs to understand more than one's inner circle. I hope that makes sense. Also, I'm not a professional teacher. There are so many good public schools. The high school I went to did have its fair share of problems, but I learned so much from it. And some of the bad stuff that happened there made me a better person. A good high school can really prepare a student well for college and beyond. But I respect your opinions. If you want to home school go for it. Just make sure to listen to your kids. If they ever want to go to school, you should let them at least try it.

    Yes yes yes yes yes they do have a disadvantage. Know I don't want to sound like a jerk but if the kids don't get out socialize with others they can't really find their real self they will just pick up what their parents are with attitude, what they think is cool, and being able to talk to people. I knew this one kid I worked with he was home schooled that kid would lie about everything just so people would think he is cool and by the way he talked he would just come up with random things to say that didn't have anything to do with what we were talking about. I started letting him hang out with my friends and me playing paintball and stuff and I have noticed a big change in that boy what i'm trying to say is he don't sound like a nerd. I also got a girl I go to church with and it seems she can never find someone she likes to talk or hang out with she always seems like she has to have her parents around. please send your kids to school and let them get into trouble and learn life on their own.

    I prefer the "social" education for my son(8 years old), I think this type of education makes the boy live in the "real world", when you homeschool a kid, he lives in a "bubble" things are different, subjects, assignments, schedules, are very different in a public or private school, a boy needs to know other kids, socialize with them, make friends(I'm not saying you boys don't have friends) but is a lot different, they have to go to the world, see things, try things, live lots of experiences(good and bad), experience builds the character, they may have problems when they go to university, not for knowledge but for social relationships(if the don't go to high school with other people). That will be a detrimental change in their life.

Katelin Koss
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