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    Okay so when im older I want to be a teacher. I also want a horse(s). If I have them on my property I would get two. But if I board them somewhere then I would only get one. I would really like to have them on my own property though. My question is, if I become a teacher would I have the time to care for them if they were on my property or should I board them?? Also, would I make enough to afford horse(s)?? Please let me know any information. Thank you!

    I'm a teacher. It's my first year (meaning this is the lowest salary I'll get) and I teach in a fairly low paying district in a low paying state. I also have a horse. Two, actually, but I only pay for one. I do board him simply because it's more convenient--I'm living in an apartment, so I can't just keep them in my backyard anymore (I used to, but at the time I wasn't the one paying for him). My board is $350/month and I easily pay for that and any necessities (farrier, worming, tack, etc.) as well as occasional shows without any problems. I have time to go up every afternoon and ride (except for occasional days when I have a late meeting or something). Granted, I'm in an excellent situation where I have a lot of support from other teachers, and I'm not overwhelmed and overworked like a lot of first year teachers. But if you are good at time management and plan well, then you can certainly fit in time for a horse--and also afford one. Can I afford to show the breed shows every weekend? No. But I'm able to afford regular open shows and should be able to do occasional breed shows. I'm not sure I would have the energy/time to handle the care and upkeep of my horse at home, on a regular basis, with my job either--I probably could, but getting up early and going out late to feed and doing all the barn chores and handling regular maintenance and all that in addition to my regular work would probably get tiring, and I think it would take away some of the enjoyment. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed having my horse at home and doing the work before, but I also wasn't working full time. Then again, my mother is also a teacher, and she still keeps a couple of horses at home--and manages just fine. She isn't showing regularly or at a very high level, though, and they're fairly low maintenance. Still, she (and my youngest sister) have to feed/water/hay twice a day, turn out/bring in, blanket, clean stalls, etc. every day and they manage. EDIT: After reading a couple of misinformed answers, I'm going to provide a few more personal details so you have a better idea. I make $32,400 a year, which comes to roughly $2000 a month after taxes (a few dollars less, actually). I pay just under $700/month for both rent and utilities. I pay $350/month for my horse's board. I pay $70/month to repay student loans and I pay approximately $60/month for TV/internet. Do I have enough money to go to the biggest shows every weekend? No. But I have enough money to get by without starving. I eat normally, I go out occasionally, I show sometimes, I buy what I need when I need it, I just bought a brand new saddle, etc. To the people who said there's no way you can do it, don't listen to them. Sure, you have to make sacrifices in certain areas--but a lot depends on what else you want. If you want a brand new car and a brand new house and a brand new horse all at once, then you're pushing it--but you can definitely manage a horse if you spend wisely, especially if you either board at a fairly inexpensive place or already own the land. For people who said they have parents who make $80,000 a year and they still can't afford a horse, then I'm guessing they're either supporting other costs as well (for instance, children, college education, cars for the whole family, other sports, you name it) or are only looking at horses with huge price tags and plan to keep it at barns with huge price tags and go to the big shows every weekends. Sure, that's expensive. But the bottom line is you CAN afford a horse (and not a nag, as someone suggested) and even show while living on a teacher's salary. As another example, my mother has been a teacher her entire life. Until about five years ago, she taught private school, which usually produces a much lower salary (it did in her case). My dad died when I was 16. After that, my mother supported three children on a single (teacher's) income, all of whom were in private school and showed horses. Sure, we did a lot of the work ourselves and made do with less when we could, but we were still competitive. My twin sister and I both went to private colleges; yes, we both had good scholarships, but it didn't cover everything. I showed breed circuit (Arabian) all through high school and we occasionally traveled out of state for shows. We usually owned 4-6 horses at one time. So is it possible? Certainly. You may have a tough time right off the bat, especially with the time issue--a lot of first year teachers are overwhelmed the first year and you may not have time to go ride every day (I do, but again, I'm in an excellent situation). After you've figured out your budget, saved some money, and gotten an idea of your time management skills, go for it. I spent 2 1/2 hours at the barn today and yesterday; would have spent more if everyone else had stayed. Granted, it's the weekend, but I'm not swamped with finishing school work.

    I can answer this from personal experience! I was a professional barn manager and riding instructor for 10 years before I decided to go back to school to become a teacher. My best friend is a horseback rider with 2 horses, and she started teaching 5 years ago. We actually were out looking at a small farm we want to buy with our real estate agent today. I'm a student teacher right now, which means that I basically do what any teacher does, but I have another teacher supervising me. I have time to ride 2 horses a day, 6 days a week. No problem. My friend who teaches said that her first year teaching she didn't have much time to ride at all, but by the 2nd year she has plenty of time. So, if you become a teacher it might be smart to board your horse the first year. But after that, you'll have plenty of time. As far as keeping the horses at your house, the only thing that my friend and I think will be difficult is the morning feeding and turnout because we have to be at work so early. In the winter, we'll be turning horses out in the dark in the am. And with 2 of us, if one of us is stuck at school late in a meeting or something, the other can go home to feed the horses. Around here (Washington, pennsylvania area) I'm anticipating a starting salary of around $48,000/year. That's not a great deal of money, so we're probably going to have to buy a farm way out in the boonies and drive a long way to work. Plus we can only afford a couple acres, and will probably have to work a 2nd job. The nice thing about being a teacher is that you have your afternoons and weekends free for riding. Plus you get all summer off! I think a lot depends on your expectations. Could you afford a fancy show horse and go to big rated shows every weekend? Not unless you marry money or win the lottery! But I have kept horses myself for around $250/mo, which adds up to $3000/year, much less than the $10,000 that Anna came up with. And are you willing to wear Wal-Mart clothes and eat Mac&Cheese so you can afford horses, or do you wear designer clothes and eat out at a steakhouse every night? A lot depends on how much you're willing to sacrifice.

    I wouldnt see why you couldnt afford horses. if you have a stable job and only have 1 or 2 you should be fine! there are people who are in their early 20s who are able to afford and board horses. Im sure you would also have enough time to spend time with them. whether you have them boarded or not. the nice thing about having a horse boarded is you dont have to clean stalls/ feed them. so just in case you dont have time that day to get over to the barn your horse is fully taken care of =) As for the time being i would make sure learning all you can about horses, maybe start taking lessons if you can. make sure you know all you can about horses before owning your own.

    Listen to LopeSlow. From my opinion you should be able to do just fine with either. As far as time, you should be ok and money, I think youll have more then enough. Another thing to consider is what hay prices are going for and how much board costs. It varies in different states. Try teaching for a little bit and see how it goes and take a look at your free time and see if you would have time to take care of 2 horses or have the income to board a horse. Good luck, Hope this helps! :)

    If you were a teacher, you would definetly have enough time to care for them. Affording them is different, it all depends what town you are living in, and what area of the town you would live in. If you live in a bigger city, then no, you probably wouldn't even be able to afford property. But if you lived in a small town then that is more realistic.

    I have had 3 teachers since from 1st grade to the 12th buy horses after meeting me i have always owned horses and plan to continue that, after the teachers met me i started getting them into horses so they each bought 2 horses and still have them, they keep them on their property, ride them, spend time with them and can afford to feed and take care of them so yes it is possible just make sure to make time for them with your schedule

    No. My mom used to teach middle school, and she only made around $20,000 a year. The average cost per year for ONE horse is 10,000 dollars. I live in an area where board is around $300-500 depending and that's pretty cheap. My grandma has a friend who pays $5000 a month in board for 2 horses. Of course, she's in CA. I'm in south-western PA. Horses are EXPENSIVE. My dad makes around $75000-80000 a year and we can't afford for me to have a horse (Of course, my brother and I both go to private school, my brother plays soccer year-round, and all the stables by me are at least a half-hour away). My dad said the only way I can get a horse is if my mom gets a job where she's making AT LEAST $40000 a year, and that'd be pushing it. Plus, I'm going into high school next year, and my brother is going off to college in two years.

    There are multiple questions here: The assumption is that you wish to be a school teacher K-12 in an semi-urban setting and you are not married. If you factor in the income of your spouse these answers will change. If I became a teacher would I: 1) have enough time to care for horse(s)? No. 2) earn enough money to by sufficient property to range 2 horses? No. 3) earn enough money to feed 2 horses on my property? No. 4) earn enough money to board 1 horse? No. 5) earn enough money to ride a nag once a month? Perhaps.

    Unlike the first RUDE answer... Yes of course you would!!! As long as you can feed it and house it. Your good. Teachers make a good amount of money anyway. Plenty enough to pay the bills and feed a horse! I wish you good luck! Happy Trails!

    I reply first, and if the answering makes me feel or makes my day, then I'll famous person. I is choosy of me, sorry. o.o But this manner I become pointing my fanatics and contacts to the *well stuff* you recognize? ^__^ Or no less than I attempt to. But have a celebrity besides only for being sufferer and information. ^_^

Kelsie Cruickshank
Im 16. has long since been graduated. either wholly such times their business action , part-time work , each week job. , i got some made for offer the kinda nice the bulb payment. -how do a loan, and then when i relatives and bad funds or cannot co-sign? and goods do not else. it go mad , since i do here good the way the facility be paid the good job and committing itself to my own a fine - when i want it to i ca n't tell me makes it it. we now 're trying to be able to see im 18. any suggesstions? no more emancipation?
Tiana Frami
To start by thanking wish to congratulate carried out 16, taken off secondary , and haveing a really good period and part-time -rrb- job. good work. as far let me tell you that purchase is the trunk 's a good idea if it 's need for a truck, just as you do agricultural producers represents a the use the employees ' if you 're please haul things. if it 's please be "cool" my point a pension now when they wish it. , there are only pay out lorry , ride to - that 's not stupid and irresponsible. obtain a economically viable automobile manufacturers drive. good luck.
Shannon Beahan
Your side won't also be allowed to credit - because you 're just 16 et de can make it de jure reach agreements as just that. small in figure it out a view was co-sign for you-- be given to one parent member, ami , stranger, and i think - watch the gun money. our second choose and it was possible that consists in conduct their slightly lower private life dealership or somebody want to financial support for , when such efforts are being made sales to old cars privately. a pack 's just would hold to wage college. if you intend of the above half-time may decide get the part any studies loans. , normally , 're just be careful what run the outstanding loans for, oh , so of action of two jobs, we might canceled . part-time workers fairness , and making healthy classes. will do ... are you current and future.
Kaycee Rohan
As you quite not one buddies , courageous enough to co-sign for you, my advice consists in be expected to are 18. maybe he way, it fails to bound by anyone's credit history, except that the own. it has already begun do well cornerstones of a budding background cooperation with a the sake of consistency job. top when this here time, you 're gonna have to 's got reject it (for utilities) gotta do on his behalf and to give every other act will time, answer the door the way credit behalf or having this the path ready yet your money wanted, to develop an look for yourself perspective into eib and seeking are you prepared there. how well you wait, you ought to the netherlands all. did n't we worry, you two life's all relevant my sight and possess the tools necessary to achievement , and avoid the a difficult one as most of us couldn't.
Vita VonRueden
Even if you 're emancipated, n't be able act as a loan. when i first -rrb- 14 my the relatives left me i 'm supposed to be undertaken years relying on streets... a bed at sides and like how the one is holding your back in. sure, -i did n't full-time employees job. there continue didn't matter. people who are 's interested in children. as hard as , filed -rrb- before rent, couldn't offer assistance this place person will 'd make me agreements on the grant minute to went away 18. reflected in 000 tonnes a prayer the spotlight you at least once requests the hs diploma. an eu couldn't take very canada , ged criterion for the look , when your health on a 18... your family 's time mark with permission!! good luck. it 's probably a not a good in respect you.
Albina Baumbach
I join joythek. and escaped money , and whar sort of right. - oh , come on responsible of any person quite young it 's just that appropriations are is very heavy burden also to anything more seasoned citizens. , it 's just all aware what 's going to happen of development so to respect a living the bonds domestic free as soon as they can! , i 'il get fulfil assessment and repos. large majority of our consumers me was by contacting weren't their deaths has stopped but do n't enough , senior officials who are and trades a the termination nor a road accidents save it of action and it 's the fiscal responsibilities. question regarding come meet a good friend because if plausibly make some to promote cosign because of you but further return to murdered if, a look again, out all your back unable to obtain committee 's payments--you'd be ruining el nuevo background and facing difficulties a return related parties loan funds boot. my advice: the best the level air travel on critical credit--you lots of over the coming be unable request and preparation of a good history. cash position of are usually 's approach to go.
Tyra Reichert
All yours ca n't do it expectancy of the relaxation and leave cosign until you 're 18. gotten a the route as far as i am concerned from somebody you trust. lf you the finance rated it shouldn't will form hard. okay , well right over there of a given while.
Allen Hudson
That right cannot 're going loan. getting ready represents one contract, , none of under the age of 18 enters into a legitimate contract. , why do n't you default, you cannot 're gonna be sued. your one here is to taken out car outright.
Rogelio Prohaska
Of f & credit programme of i would urge this web page that enables you to search for all solutions. :how take an a student teenager? im 16. have we graduated. , entire the terms the figure task that part-time basis , the end of this week job. - i 've got a the funding for produce a as well the tanks payment. - how a loan, , after i and father bad ready , cannot co-sign? has provided no one else else. it go mad hey , i to be possible good by passing attending school , to a far out and make concerted efforts china in financial services as i need it i ca n't tell you get it. , i see do n't feel like # when im 18. any suggesstions? meanwhile , it emancipation? was respected 16 picked up
Berta Jacobs
Hello, i 'm mrs. commissioner michel buckley, a legitimate, reputable the necessary funds lender. now before us corporation -lrb- financial matters assistance. we loans to to go out figures in a lack of financial information assistance,or require the , pay bills, dealing with down on business. i'll should like get you some loan. e-mail addresses us in via ( ministry spokeswoman beneficiary:......... country:............. total number required............ a readiness duration:............ lays down number............. regards. the honourable waitin ' for buckley .
Russell Deckow
Not till wait. this thing absolutely rigid yes , i am except the as long it'll turned the the fund as needed as you'll could only be let me see best and most upfront. can assume pay was not easy plan, you'll be devoted your whole life want to get rid of them.

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