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    I have been married for 2 years now. My in laws are creating a huge problem between me and my husband. They are ruining my marriage. Its been 2 years and they have only created problems. They are completely financially dependant on me and my husband as my father in law is retired and my mom in law is a house wife. I am an indian female and its pretty common for a couple to stay with in laws in this country. When I married, I never thought of making my husband get separted from his parents like a good wife. I tried for 2 years. In these 2 years, I have completely financially supported the house, taken a huge personal loan to pay off my father in laws credit cards debts, even before marriage gave a huge amount to help them in one of their personal problems, running the household completely on my shoulders for the last 5 months as my husband got laid off. But my in laws always criticize me, complaint to my parents, insult them, they always tell my parents that I am good for nothing, don't help my mother in law in the household work etc., always compare me with their good for nothing daughter who is married and stays close by and always interferes in our family life, etc. etc. I work in night shifts work for 12 hours, in the night and sleep during the day. There is no time for me to help my mom in law. But even after financially doing so much there is no appreciation. My parents are sick and tired of listening to my complaints. So far my husband used to support me in everything, but recently his parents had an argument with my parents since they were sick and tired of listening to my complaints from them. And this time, my husband is completely trusting his family and his sister who are nothing but a bunch of liers. I am devastated, don't know where to go. I am very determined that I can't stay with my in laws anymore. My husband refuses to move away from his parents. But his parents are ruining our marriage. I can't take it anymore. My husband has now got a job in a different city and is moving out there. He has told me that he will choose his parents over me, will take his parents with him to that city and will make sure I am left alone here and he will make me stay with my parents. I really don't know where to go. I know my husband will choose his parents over me. And I just can't take it anymore. Living with them is a living hell. Even his sisters' husband( My in laws -son in law) hates them, as he has done the same in his family too. He has stopped visiting them for this reason. Also, I am taking all this crap for another reason and that is that this is my second marriage. My ex husband was cheating on me which is why we decided to part ways. In my culture divorce is really looked down upon, and if it doesn't work this time, my parents are going to be devastated. They say they are with me but I know they are very scared, they have 4 more daughters to take care of. I feel like ending my life so that all this pain comes to an end, atleast my parents will not have to go through another mess because of me. I really don't know what to do..where to go. But I can't take it anymore please help

    Killing yourself won't help the situation, but I understand how distraught you must feel. Indian culture is very complex with their family structure and views. To be divorced twice is not very common in India, and there is a lot of negativity cast on failed marriages. I am sorry that your husband doesn't stand up for you in front of his family. Early on when they were grumbling all he would have had to have said was "enough, I won't stand for it" once and they would have at least been quiet about their discontent. But he did not, and now the rift in your families is massive. If you can, I would ask your husband if he would go on a holiday with you for a week. Maybe in this time you can spend a few days not talking about families but just reconnecting, then once you have that back you can talk and see if together you can settle your families down and get some respect from both sides (I'm sure he feels that your family is disrespecting him as well). If not, perhaps it is time to consider moving to another city or even country and starting again. It will be hard but at least you won't feel like you have that "mark" on you for your past marriages. You seem like a wonderful woman who will make a dedicated partner to the right man, and I'm sure you'll find him when the time is right and you've healed from all of this. Be strong!!!

    Don't let these people rob you of your life! I believe that you are a unique individual who has something very special to offer the world. You're life has a special purpose and meaning, and you are loved! From everything you have described, it seems like you have been through a lot, and the people closest to you, who should be supporting you financially and emotionally, have really let you down. I understand how divorce is seen in your culture, and it must have been difficult for you going through the first one, but I don't think your current husband or his family have anything positive to offer you. He has let you down as a man and as a husband. He is not fullfilling the proper role entrusted to him spritually or socially. Please don't let his mistakes ruin your own self-worth or strength to carry on your life. I think the first answerer had it right when they said, let him leave and take is no good family with him! The threats he has made to you mean nothing if you don't empower them. In other words, if you don't let them affect you and realize that him leaving and taking his family with him is probably the best thing that could happen to you, then his words can have no ill affect on you! You have a job, which is wonderful! Keep up the good work! You can take care of yourself - you don't need him or his family. In fact, you really have the upper hand here because they really need you! They have debts, and no money to live on, so really - let them go and sign the divorce papers. If your parents and family are upset, or disappointed - so be it! There's not a lot you can do about the way they feel except to try and make them understand how terrible this situation has been for you. If they don't want to hear it, that's okay. I know it is hurtful for your family to turn away from you, but you are an individual and you can make it on your own. You will go on to make new friends, and meet new men who I hope you will get to know cautiously. You deserve a wonderful man who will be responsible and take care of you, and most importantly, who will love you. Be strong and you will get through this - I have faith in you! Suzy-Q

    Hey there, I am so sorry for your situation but I want you to take a deep breath and relax. I know you are hurting but there is always an answer despite the way you are currently feeling. Despite what your culture says, YOU are what matters. If you ex husband cheated on you and your new husband is siding with the parents, how have you failed? Have you not done everything you CAN do? Regardless of the way you feel, it will get better. It always does. Even the mention of suicide is a cry for help and it's up to you. You could put 300% into your marriage but if you husband only puts in 10%, how is this fair? How can you blame yourself for HIS issue? According to what I read, you are trying to help. You are being neglected in the process and you are taking responsibility for something that is NOT YOURS. You continue to be you. Stay strong and stop worrying what others think. You sound like you are doing what you can and STILL being hurt. I wish you the best and I hope you can find someone or a couselor you could turn to for professional advice. DON"T GIVE UP ON YOU pennsylvania ORDER TO BE LOVED BY HIM. **Remember this: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS ** Take care and God Bless! -SuperDave71

    I am so sorry. I wish I had some miraculous words of wisdom that would make it all better. The problem is your culture is very different from mine. I would like to tell you to tell them all to F**K OFF but I know that will only make things worse for you. Honestly, I don't really see a way out. If your husband moves to another city with his parents, would it be frowned upon if you just stay were you live now. You said you support the whole household anyway. That way you would not have to go back to your parents. You husband has already made his choice so there is really nothing to do there. I hope you are able to figure something out because no matter what walk of life we come from we all deserve happiness.

    Sweetie, breathe! You are under alot of pressure and you have a right to feel the way that you do. You need to separate yourself from this problem both emotionally and physically. Tell yourself it is just a little while longer. Do not plead with your husband to do what is right by taking you with him. This may be a blessing in disguise. Stand still and allow what will be to be. Continue to do what you can and try not to complain so much anymore. The reason I say this is it is getting you no where and now the two sides of the family are arguing. Once your husband moves and takes his family with him, you will be left in the house with time to breathe and get your thoughts together. Let him know you love him and wish him well in his new city. Do not allow the pressures of society and culture direct your happiness. Remember if someone decides to leave you then you have done all you can. If he decides to leave and take his parents with him, then let him. My guess is that this is just a meaningless threat and in actuality he needs you to help take care of them. They sound like such a pain!! Can he make you stay with your parents? Can you not just get an apartment and continue living while he is gone? You need this bit of separation from the chaos so when he leaves, if you can get an apartment get one! Keep in touch with your husband and continue to show love towards him. Eventually he will wake up to his parents once they start to drive him crazy. No worries about what people say about you..if you have tried all that you can then it is out of your hands now and what will be will be. Que Sera...sera!!

    Its your life..your parents know your situation so do your sisters. I say dump that guys ***....and why shodul your previous divorce be looked down upon....hellow...your ex cheatred on you right...then why shoudl anyone looked down on you for? I did say to see if you can spek to a marriage ocuncelor if not...get a divorce...financially sort out this mess...and dont get married soon now..take your time..,maybe you jsut jumped in this second marraige deal after a nasty 1st breakup (I am just assuming this) Life it too did your part you helped out your inlaws...n even after this if they cannot appreciate you then it is their loss not yours. All the best

    It is not fair to ask this question here Every culture is different. Most western cultures are selfish, and un-caring, except only when it suits them. Most eastern countries families have responsibilities towards each-other, and that is highly respected. So, when you ask a culturally based question like this, you'll receive many western responses from people whose parents have paid into pension funds, social security, and who pretty much don't care about family respect, or honor.

    First off, quit feeling sorry for yourself! You are letting their words and actions get to you! Stand proud as a woman and stick up for yourself! So your husband will choose his parents over you, so what. Better for you, I say. Divorce is common- who cares what other people think. Pick yourself up and instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get angry! Recognize your self-worth and keep moving forward. :)

    You have a job and can support yourself. When your husband moves to his new job, let him move and take his moocher parents with him. Then you just get yourself a nice place. If he wants to file for a divorce, let him, it is just a black mark on him.

    If he says he will choose them over you, thats a sign to get out of there.

Burley Rippin
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Constantin Torp
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Evalyn Ritchie
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Elvis Friesen
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Randi Prosacco
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Johan Little
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Angelo Quitzon
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Misael Kertzmann
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Stewart Rogahn
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Leilani Doyle
No, but this is n't smart.

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