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    McCain's plan is better. But, I will detail some problems with Obama's plan. pennsylvania ORDER FOR ANY PLAN TO WORK WE MUST CUT SPENDING. McCain plans to cut earmarks and that will help us. Cutting earmarks is a detailed start. But, Obama wants to increase everything. Increase unemployment benefits, and in other places. His cuts will be over run by his new spending... his plan will not work.

    Thank you CWA this is what I am talking about... this is what is wrong with America. Check out his segment: Senator Obama's proposed new tax credits could encourage desirable behavior, particularly if the childless EITC and payroll tax rebate encourage additional labor supply among childless low-income individuals." desirable behavior? Encourage additional labor supply and among childless low- income individuals? Now folks first of all desirable behavior is nothing but socialism in fufll effect. The rest of the statement is fluff and makes no sense. Nothing but crap, that is supposed to fool us. Nothing but crap. I tell you what I will post a new question and explain what is wrong with his policy, to help you make sense of this.

    You are very welcome Capt. Take Heart my friend help is on the way. I came from humble upbringings a Black kid raised in the South. I was a blind Democrat who did everything my party told me to ... and I failed at every turn. I work regular jobs never got a promotion or anything. No one could see my promise my skills. But, after Bush took office and they cut off the fat my skills really started to shine and so did my confidence. Democrat policies promote fakers, Republicans promote skills. With Republicans you have to bring something to the table, not just sit there because you are black or white. Now, I am doing damn good and proud to say I am voting McCain/ Palin... do not give up help is on the way... I promise you that.

    Thank you for this article, I live in Metro-Detroit, I am a fitter / welder, we are tangled up in the automotive industry pretty good, although Eric and Steve, the owners, have diversfied into the agriculture sector a bit. We do work for Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies. I have GREAT owners, times are tough in michigan, but i definetly still see my share of overtime, 1$ raise every year, for 4 years, but i know that its my work ethics, and abbility to learn that did that. That article I think sums up why for the first time in a while Michigan might ( and its a big might ) go republican, OUR elected officials are saturated with Liberal Democrats. Although all the blame can't be placed on (D) Gov.Jennifer Granholm, but quite a bit can be, she threatened to shut down our state government if they did not pass her tax increases, she did, shut it down for like 4 hours or something, and her tax increases were passed, AND low and behold we had a bigger deficit the next year, go figure. On top of that she must have had a "conservative" epiphany, because she started offering DEEP incentives, ergo, tax reductions, for companies willing to come here, and yet keeps up the higher taxes on business's trying to stay here? I started out this election watching both primaries, and when Obama flubbed on the capitol gains tax question, I knew i wouldn't be voting for him, because the way I see it is similar to the article >>Three out of four individual income tax filers in the top 1% are, in fact, small businesses.<< i seriously doubt Eric and Steve are 1%ers, but i can tell you this, when we are workin 10-12 hour days, Eric and Steve are there before the workers, and still there after we leave. they deserve the money they get!, for the work that they do. and taxing them is actually taxing me, no more new equipment and so forth. It also bothered me when the Govener of the "Motor-City" wants to ride her bike or run to work, she should be out there in the newest Flex fuel bio-car or whatever, way to stick up for your states "claim to fame", plus she has a huge hard on for hillary. I was laughing when i heard she was going to prep Biden for the V.P. debate, and she also said "after being govenor for 6 years "I" wouldn't even run for v.p." well NO DUH that is becuase you SUCK! well sorry for the lentgh of the response but it the article hits home for me. i do realize it is an op-ed piece, but i hope my real life michigan insight helps somebody out there. hahaha thumbs down the truth you friggin trolls!

    I don't like this article - not because I don't agree with it, but because I think that the potential effectiveness of a supply-side economic stimulus package like McCain's is just as debateable as the potential effectiveness of Obama's proposed New Deal revivalism, and the authors of this article talk about supply side economics like it's a sure thing. It's not. Also, it's important to note that correlation is not causation. You can't state definitively that the reason state economies in IL, MI, and pennsylvania are suffering is the states' focus on taxing industry to pay for social reforms when they should be lowering taxes to increase investment. A liberal opponent could easily look at the same situation and say, "think how bad Michigan's economy would be if politicians pursued the same direction that they have in Texas and Arizona!" Isn't it possible that the economic policies of the South West wouldn't work in the Rust Belt? Below are links to both sides of the supply-side debate. The article you have linked to is an editorial based on sound figures but flawed logic. Read below and make your own mind up.

    To quote the Tax Policy Center: "McCain's reduced individual and corporate rates could improve economic efficiency and increase domestic investment, but the larger future deficits would reduce and might completely negate any positive effect. In contrast, Senator Obama's proposed new tax credits could encourage desirable behavior, particularly if the childless EITC and payroll tax rebate encourage additional labor supply among childless low-income individuals."

    Phil Gramm is a Republican campaign advisor for John MccCain simply type the name phil gramm in the search bar and the truth will set you free He is also a lobbyist and a turncoat , Gramm used to be a Democrat switching parties to be a Republican - - - kisser It is all there for everyone to plainly see for themselves You can use google or yahoo and search this out-.Not one word coming from this yellowbellied turncoat with forked tongue is true Stop the lies, smear tactics and hate The Republicans are using lies & smear tactics to distract you from the real issues and problems of this country That is all they have . You are an idiot and contribute to what is wrong with this country.

    First of all, it takes a democrat to balance the budget. The national debt since world war II has only increased under republicans, never under democrats. So if you want fiscal responsibility, vote democrat. See article (which uses government data which is all publicly available.) Second, McCain's tax proposals would add $5 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years, while Obama's would add $3.6 trillion. That's right, McCain is proposing a much greater increase in the national debt. See the article. Third, the article you sited misatributes the success of states (Texas, Florida) that have been huge recipients of federal spending as well as having huge natural wind/solar resources (which is now a booming industry thanks to high energy prices combined with a federal production tax credit.) As for Nevada, it's main industry is mining gold, which has skyrocketed in value recently which is why Nevada has been successful. The article you cited is extremely deceptive in its misatribution of financial success as it had nothing to do with tax policy. Fourth, wealth for all demographics increases faster under democratic presidents than under republicans. See pennsylvania times article. "Data for the whole period from 1948 to 2007, during which Republicans occupied the White House for 34 years and Democrats for 26, show average annual growth of real gross national product of 1.64 percent per capita under Republican presidents versus 2.78 percent under Democrats. That 1.14-point difference, if maintained for eight years, would yield 9.33 percent more income per person, which is a lot more than almost anyone can expect from a tax cut."

    His plan is modeled after clintons, which seemed to have had pretty positive results. for some reason i think that you may have had negative feelings about kerry's economic plans and felt that bush's economic plans where going to get america back on track. i believe that cutting earmarks is a great idea, but if the money saved is spent on more wars that we will obviously be drug into with mccain and palin, we will be even worse off in the end. no matter who ends up winning the election is eventually going to have to raise taxes, so americans just need to get over it.

    We won't know that until perhaps 12-18 months after the Obama plan. That's about how long it took to measure the success of the Bush economy. (It is a perfect comparison, though: a republican president and Congress back then vs. a democrat president and Congress now.)

    An op-ed is not proof of anything, it's merely an opinion. Truth is, neither McCain or Obama's plans are sound and cannot "fix" the economy, and won't do much to get the national debt under control. I actually favor McCain's plan slightly however this is offset by the fact that he wants to wage war which costs money we don't have.

    IThat's your opinion and I disagree. I rather have Obama's tax Plan. McCain's plan is for the rich not middle or lower class. I think people really need to do their own research instead of listening to conservative talks show. The right is really good at spreading the lie that Obama will raise everyone taxes only those making $250,000. That is 5% of Americans. Plus, McCain wants you to pay for your own health care. McCain opposing Hillary's health care. FYI, Obama tax plan to to tax people making $250,000. I think if you making that, you can afford Obama's tax breaks or increase or whatever. I don't understand why the so called rich is so greedy and self-fish. I don't think you're black either. You are faking the funk. McCain is going to do the same. We have to do something to fix the messed Bush made. Obama's tax plan is better. ***** Obama’s Tax Plan Better for Working Families Than McCain’s Overall, Sen. Obama's middle-class tax cuts are larger than his partial rollbacks for families earning over $250,000, making the proposal as a whole a net tax cut and reducing revenues to less than 18.2% of GDP -- the level of taxes that prevailed under President Reagan. Both candidates for president have proposed tax plans. But they are starkly different in their approaches and their economic impact. Sen. Obama is focused on cutting taxes for middle-class families and small businesses, and investing in key areas like health, innovation and education. He would do this while cutting unnecessary spending, paying for his proposals and bringing down the budget deficit. In contrast, John McCain offers what would essentially be a third Bush term, with his economic speeches outlining $3.4 trillion of tax cuts over 10 years beyond what President Bush has already proposed and geared even more to high-income earners. The McCain plan would lead to deficits the likes of which we have never seen in this country. It would take money from the middle class and from future generations so that the wealthy can live better today. Sen. Obama believes a focus on the middle class is appropriate in the wake of the first economic expansion on record where the typical family's income fell by almost $1,000. The Obama plan would cut taxes for 95% of workers and their families with a tax cut of $500 for workers or $1,000 for working couples. In addition, Sen. Obama is proposing tax cuts for low- and middle-income seniors, homeowners, the uninsured, and families sending a child to college or looking to save and accumulate wealth.

    First you need to consider the "source" by reading the bottom of the article (a former Texas Governor), Then consider the states themselves: "The rewards for success were huge. Texas gained 1.7 million net new jobs, Florida gained 1.4 million and Arizona gained 600,000. While the U.S. average job growth percentage was 9.9%, Texas, Florida and Arizona had job growth of 18.5%, 21.4% and 28.9%, respectively." Is it a coincidence that all three states are considered "Republican supporting"? That the President for the past 8 years came from Texas and is a Republican? And that Congress had a majority of Republicans from 2000 to 2006? There is absolute proof that the Republican economic policies has failed the majority of people in this country, leaving us worse off then any one alive today can ever remember. There is a limit to what state government's can do about their economic fates-the federal government does impact economics in major ways. For example: In California the population is hard to determine because of illegal immigration. When California passed a law requiring citizen status for eligibility for Social Service Programs-paid for by the tax payers of California-the Federal Supreme Court stepped in and declared the law "Unconstitutional." So illegal immigrants working under the table (for cash as "day laborers" otherwise known as "undocumented laborers" ) can earn a living and qualify for services paid for by those who are legal citizens, and who are losing jobs to them because the amounts paid to them are lower (but actully it equals out since no taxes are taken out of their pay). Bush's solution is to build a big, BIG fence. To save money the materials for building it was purchased from a forign supplier. I would suspect that undocumented workers were hired to build it too.

    95% of all new jobs are created by Small Business! They risk their capital and a lot of times their homes, most work at least 60 to 80 hours a week to succeed. These are the people that obama want to tax with 38% Fed 12 % social security state taxes and raising capital gains taxes. If someone gets less than 40% of their profit, why would they even take the risk...

Roxane Torphy
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