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    I'm not a problem child - I'm really not, I never have been - and very rarely do I do something so immature as to complain about my parents, especially on the internet. I know how this looks. I'm sixteen, and, of course, going through the typical breaking-free period, wherein I'm trying to be my OWN person, with my own ideas, whatever. I agree, genuinely agree, with my parents on most things - politics, etc. - but when it comes to little things, things that aren't even important, they come down on me like I've suddenly announced that I'm a hippie shooting drugs, which would totally ruin their reputation. For example, the name my parents chose for me, when I was not present to petition for something different, is purposefully very generic. They didn't want anything hard to spell. As it so happens, I HATE generic names, anything un-meaningful or unartistic, so a long time ago I chose a name for myself that I would write under: Garnet Lucinda. I respect that they want me to keep the name they gave me. I'm not so insensitive as to walk around saying, "NO! You have to call me Garnet now!" I wouldn't do that. I do sign my artwork 'Garnet,' and my stories are headed 'Garnet Lucinda,' and they grumble, but the other shoe really dropped this week. I got money from Christmas - you know, twenty bucks, whatever - and used it to buy a CD off Barnes and Noble. I have an account there, so when it asked for my name, I just put 'Garnet' and then my 'real' last name in the blank. I didn't think anything of it. I mean, it doesn't matter. It's just the first name on the package label. It should've arrived this one evening, but I got home from a friend's house, and asked my dad about it, and he insisted nothing had come. I showed him the confirmation email, and asked if he thought it could be at the neighbor's, and he started yelling at me - he started yelling that it had come for someone named 'Garnet' and 'Garnet' (he said it with so much disgust) was NOT my name, and I was disrespecting my name, and how dare I go by any other name? Then he wouldn't give it to me, he kept insisting that I had committed the horrible crime of 'disrespecting your name!' and he won't tell me where my package is. I knew he wasn't thrilled with my signing my art and stuff under a different name, but he didn't get so angry over that! I can't figure out why it matters so much! He and mom never noticed the times I scratched myself until I bled, he never bothered to notice what books I read, or even really what music I listen to, and then he withholds my package, that I paid for with my money, given to me by relatives other than himself, and for what? The first name on the label? He has taken my property, probably thrown it in the garbage, stolen my money, just because I put my self-given nickname on the label? Why? What have I done wrong? I'm not forcing him to call me anything other than my 'given' name. I just wear clothes that are a little different, and write stories, and draw pictures, and want to call myself, even just in private, just with things that concern only me, a name that actually means oklahoma - and he screams at me? He picks THIS to notice, and get angry about? If I didn't hate my 'real' name before, I hate it now! Sorry, that was really long, and probably kind of whiney, but it makes me feel better just typing it out. I would appreciate some advice. :) I can't wait until I can leave here, and not have to walk on eggshells... and call myself whatever I want... but of all things why pick *that* to scream at me for???...

    As a mom, I really think that the best thing to do would be to print this out, catch your dad in a good mood, hand it to him and say, "how would you answer this?" That's not advice I give lightly. I think you've presented your case very well. I also think it's normal for a teenaged girl to change her name. I tried to convince my family to call me "Jocelyn" (oddly enough, that's a name that now has a very negative association for me), but they wouldn't go for it. no yelling or anything. They just kept calling me "Lea" If you want to take the easy way out, tell your dad that you understand him & that you'll stick to using your birth name in all official ways (like addresses), but that your "artist pseudonym" will be Garnet Lucinda. It's not unheard of for artists and writers to have professional and private names. Ooohh -- just had an idea. Point out to him that using a pseudonym is actually safer for when your work is on display. Nobody can start to stalk you or anything like that. I like Garnet Lucinda. But I'm one who saddled my daughter with one that's hard for people to pronounce correctly -- Anthea (anTHAYah) she gets Athena, Alina, Althea -- all sorts of variations. I understand. For half of my life, my own grandparents pronounced my name wrong (Lee instead of Lee-ah) Even mom couldn't get them to do it. I actually stopped answering to that one day, but that resolution went to the wind when my Papa said, "Lee! You want some of this (homemade, in a non-mechanical, turn-the-crank-yourself ice cream maker) ice cream?"

    I guess I'm a pretty strict parent. I demand respect. I am the parent. I make the decisions. But, you know what? My son doesn't sass or backtalk. He understands that we are the parents. I use time out as a tool, not a punishment. Put a time out chair in the middle of the hallway. There are no distractions. Explain that when he doesn't listen, he must sit ther for 1 minute for each year old he is (5 yrs = 5 minutes). He must not get up or the clock starts over. The clock will only start when he willingly sits there by himself. Ask him if he understands the rules before the first event. The first time he disobeys you, tell him "I am the parent, you are the child. You now have a time out". Walk him to the chair. (the first time he will kick and scream.Just explain "you said you understood the rules, you broke the rules"). Keep your voice low and firm. Resist arguing back!! Have him sit on the chair for the time out. When he's done, go to his level, and say "Freddy, do you know what you did that was wrong?". If he answers correctly, explain why it was wrong, "Freddy, we do not hit other people." Give him a hug and let him go. He still doesn't know what he did wrong? Explain and teach. Be firm, and loving. You are in charge.

    You assume the name they chose for you was chosen because it was "generic and easy to spell" - you have no idea what it's like naming a baby with the thousands of names that are out there! Your parents probably put a lot of though into it, so of course it hurts their feelings when you "disrespect" them. To use "Garnet" in private in your drawings and writing is one thing - to assume another identity (illegally, might I add) by using that as your given name (whether it's "just a package label" or not) was wrong. I understand the "I'm a good girl" thing and of all the things that COULD be upsetting them, this seems minor to you, but a lot of what you have written in your "question" says to me that you're looking for attention from your parents - even if it's negative. Scratching until you bleed and weren't noticed? never bothered to notice what books you read, music you listen to, etc... "Gee - I know what will piss them off and make them notice me - I'll start using Garnet all the time!" Admit it - you're seeking attention from your parents and now you're ticked off because it didn't get you the type of attention you wanted.

    I feel bad for U that this is happening to U. Your Dad is being ridiculous. But U R underage and stuck there for a while. Just back off and know that your freedom will come. I think most people here on Q & A will be supportive of U, but U will have to be super patient and play your parents' stupid game for a while longer. Just be more clever about how U rebel since they are that stupid. Maybe U will get revenge some day by putting their characters in a book or play or song or poem.

    Well, If I were ur parents and found out u were changing ur name on stories and art that's when I would have a word with u. Not on a package lable though! Just don't worry about it. Be your own person and let the world revolve around the things that matter to u and only U whether its ur music, art stories or friends, the things that make u happy. Hope I helped! {Vote me 10 points?} - Madi Answer mine?

    You should point out to your parents that you are a "good" person and that if that isnt working out for them then maybe give them a 'false' threat saying that if they are gonna keep getting mad at the little things then you will give them something to really get mad at. and if not, then think that you have less than 2 years before you can finally leave them and live by your own rules. i just turned 17 last december and i continue to have roblems with my parents over simple things as staying up an houw or 2 late doing HOMEWORK!! not watchign tv or something.. i think we should just hold on until we can finally leave our parents..

    Well the thing is alot of artists, writers, even actors don;t go by their real its not uncommon for you to feel teh same way esp you being artistic but maybe if you explain it calmly to your parents that you love the name they given to you but in the artistic world you would like to be known as garnet because it describes the artistic side of you.

    Yes, they are being overly heavy handed, selfish and STUPID. A teenager needs some space and a chance to discover who they are. It's all part of growing up. I raised 3 adults...and they are just fine. :o))

    Write a novel why don't you

Mariela Wolf
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