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    Ok i know people ask this all the time. but i am trying to find out about my faher and even farther. i have a membership to and i also have the family tree maker 2009 but i can't find anything. all i know is his name was gene woodrow wilson, and he was born about 1936 and died about 1994 and at some point he lived in missouri. however i don' know that any of this is fact. any idea or tips

    My answer is lengthy and I apologize for that but I want to warn you of the advantages and the pitfalls of genealogy on the internet. Websites that only have family trees are not worth a plug nickel unless you are willing to verify the information with documents/records. They are subscriber submitted, very seldom documented and if they are they are poorly documented. You frequently will see the different info on the same people from different subscribers. Then you will see the absolute same info on the same people from different subscribers but you would be very foolish if you thought for one moment that that means it is correct. A lot of people copy without verifying. The information can be useful as clues only as to where to get the documentation. I recently found I was dead. So was my sister and my brother-in-law. We died in New Jersey. Since the only time my sister and I were ever in New Jersey is when our family drove through it coming from New York in 1957. Hey! we've been dead for 51 years. It says so on the internet. It has to be right if it is on the internet! I found out that family on both sides married and died in New Jersey. Since my ancestry is mostly southern American colonial with some exceptions and those exceptions came in through southern ports, I was surprised. This tree would have been accepted by any genealogy website. You can make up an entirely fictitious family tree and it will be accepted. You disagree with something someone has on one of your family members, the websites will tell you that it is between you and the other subscriber. Now the best for the total amount of records online isn't free but your public library might have a subscription to it. That is Ancestry.Com. Still be careful about the information in their family trees. Cyndi' is a website with links to many other websites, some free and some not. Many people involved in genealogy find it helpful. Not all records are online but the ones you will find will save you time and money traveling to courthouses, libraries etc. However your first free source is your own family. Get information from them. Tape your senior members if they will let you. People who do this state they go back and listen to the tape again after doing research and hear things they didn't hear the first time around. I am not saying they won't be confused or wrong on some things. Find out if anybody in your family has any old family bibles. Ask to see and make copies of birth, marriage and death certificates. Depending on the religious faith, baptismal, first communion, confirmation and marriage certificates from their church can be helpful. A good free source is a Family History Center at a Latter Day Saints(Mormon) Church. They have records on people all over the world, not just Mormons. In Salt Lake City, they have the world's largest genealogical collection. Their FHCs can order microfilm for you to view at a nominal fee. They won't try to convert you, at least they haven't done so to me or anyone else that I know. Just call the nearest Mormon Church or visit their free website,, to get their hours for the general public.

    Normally, I write a lot, but tonite, just a short tip for you... In the US, the most recent census open to research is the 1930 census. For security and privacy reasons, you often cannot obtain birth/death records, until they are over a certain number of years. You are just in the beginning stages, and need to work with records that are within the family. These are considered "recent". 1930 is probably a shifting point... historical records OPEN UP once you get further back. Each generation back.. you increase the number of potential relatives. For example, your parents only have maybe 5 descendents (2 children, 3 grandchildren). Your grandparents will normally have more (just because there have been more years passed). Think of a gr gr gr grandparent, and there likely are 100 descendents. MORE desc = more possible persons doing research to share. is the one website which has ALL US census records, which are key to your research. One bite at a time.. find the details concerning Gene, and name of his parents. THEY are born before 1930. You gotta get past the starting gate, and it will open up.

    Idk if this is what you have -but in my brief digging i found this--- Name: Gene Wilson Surname: Wilson Given Name: Gene Sex: M Birth: 1936/1937 in , , Tennessee Death: 6 Dec 1993 in Jamestown, Fentress, Tennessee Burial: 8 Dec 1993 Tinch Cemetery, , Fentress, Tennessee _UID: F64E06DA293A4944AA7EE5AA7496C33CD4C6 Note: Obituary in Fentress Courier 8 Dec 1993 page 23. Named a half-sister, Opal New of Muncie, IN. Pallbearers were Ridley Winningham, Burt Winningham, Jackie Winningham, David Winningham, David Pullins and Mark Roysden. Change Date: 19 Sep 2008 at 09:54:24 Father: Thomas Sheridan Wilson b: 1882/1883 in , , Tennessee Mother: Lodus White b: ABT 1882/1892 hope it helps

    You should start by asking all your living relatives about family history. Then, armed with that information, you can go to your public library and check to see if it has a genealogy department. Most do nowadays; also, don't forget to check at community colleges, universities, etc. Our public library has both and free for anyone to use (no library card required). Another place to check out is any of the Mormon's Family History Centers. They allow people to search for their family history (and, NO, they don't try to convert you). A third option is one of the following websites: dot usgenweb dot com/ www dot census dot gov/ dot ukgenweb dot com/ www dot archives dot gov/ www dot geni dot com/ Cyndi's has the most links to genealogy websites, whether ship's passenger lists, ancestors from Africa, ancestors from the Philippines, where ever and whatever. Of course, you may be successful by googling: "john doe, born 1620, plimouth, massachusetts" as an example. Good luck and have fun! Check out this article on five great free genealogy websites: www dot associatedcontent dot com/article... Then there is the DNA test; if you decide you want to REALLY know where your ancestors came from opt for the DNA test. Besides all the mistakes that officials commonly make, from 10% to 20% of birth certificates list the father wrong; that is, mama was doing the hanky-panky and someone else was the REAL father. That won't show up on the internet or in books; it WILL show up in DNA. I used which works with the National Geographics Genotype Program. Don't forget to check the answers on Yahoo! genealogy!

    (Could this be your father??) Social Security Death Index Name: Gene W. Wilson SSN: 486-38-7101 Last Residence: 71854 Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas, United States of America Born: 4 Aug 1937 Died: 23 Feb 1999 State (Year) SSN issued: Missouri (1951-1952) Family tree listing: Gene Woodrow Wilson Birth: 08-21-1937,Kirksville, Adair,Missouri, USA Death: 02-23-1999, Texas, USA His PARENTS: Berry Otie Wilson--b. 05-29-1913 (May 29,1913); Death Date: Jan 1991 Opal Florence Craig Paternal GRANDPARENTS: Berry Jackson Wilson--b. 09-11-1882 (Sept. 11, 1882) ; d. bef. 1930 **Vida Rose Anna Sears (Parents: Ocie Corwin Sears & Priscilla M Wiley )--b. Aug. 1, 1892, Birmingham, VanBuren, Iowa, USA ; d. Feb 10, 1968 , Kirksville, Adair, Missouri, USA ; married 2nd to Fred L Wright Paternal GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Benjamin Franklin Wilson--b. 26 Sep 1861, Retreat, Jackson, oklahoma ; d. 24 Feb 1945, St. Joseph, Buchanan, Ia Marriage 1: Isabella ALLEN --b 1 Dec 1861, Springhill, Livingston, Mo;d. Feb 1906, Mooresville, Livingston, Mo (Her Father: Floyd Jackson ALLEN & Mother: Margaret E. RUMLEY ) Benjamin married 2nd: Una Anna Nuckles VINCEL --b. Abt. 1865 ,Retreat, Jackson, oklahoma Paternal 2nd GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Berry WILSON--b. Abt. 1835, Retreat, Jackson, oklahoma Olive MOSS--b. Abt. 1839 , Retreat, Jackson, oklahoma Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 Name: Berry O Wilson Marriage Date: 26 Aug 1936 Marriage Location: Kirksville, Adair, Missouri Marriage County: Adair Spouse Name: Opal F Craig (NOTE: Opal was under age 18, so her parents--WALTER & LORENA CRAIG--had to give their written, notarized permission for the license issue) 1930 United States Federal Census Name: Berry Wilson Home in 1930: Kirksville, Adair, Missouri Age: 17 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1913 Birthplace: Missouri Relation to Head of House: Stepson Mother's Name: Rosa Race: White Household Members: Name Age Fred L Wright --46 (Occupation: Cement finisher @ cement house) **Rosa Wright --38 ( abt 1892 ; wife) Clyde Wright-- 22 ( Son;occupation: car wrecker @ junk yard ) Berry Wilson-- 17 ( Stepson; occupation: odd jobs @ junk yard ) Meda Vestal --21 (Stepdaughter) Collean R Vestal --4 2/12 (4 yrs 2 mon.; Step Granddaughter) Harold Vestal --2 11/12 (2 years 11 mon. ; Step Grandson)

    It would properly be a button that variety of feels like a clock with a eco-friendly arrow going counter clockwise (ver 6) or it would properly be slightly yellow favourite man or woman (ver 7) on the left hand area and then go with historic previous tab.

Edythe Mohr
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Betty Haag
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