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    Ok people help me out here. The sooner the better ..will be much appreciated. Let me know your thoughts on Real Women Have Curves. Is bigger better or capitalism is promoting obesity to fill its own pockets. By saying that there is more to a woman than her weight are we ignoring the fact that overweight leads to many chronic diseases including but not limited to heart problems, diabetes, breathing problems, and many other things. Also child birth problems ( I have two rotuman friends who cant conceive becasue of they are over weight. ) , obesity leads to inability to particiate in playing with children. etc etc... so why still big is beautiful? or is it? Accroding to research size 14 is the average size in womens clothing. I am not saying or advoating women be paper thin, i mean i am a size ten since I can to the United States I have gained weight , but that doesnt mean that I am going to say I am happy with my weight, but at the same time I will not say I am bent out of shape, but the question remains why is the United States media promoting larger images of women. The most sane answer is that they will make money off of these women, right? Well enough said on my part. I am doing a paper ,pliz help me out.

    Maybe this is the alternative to promoting anorexia, people have been looking ath those skinny models for so long they think that that is healthy. Girls have died because of this. Face it, we are a society of extremes. No one is happy in the middle. Now, you can say all kinds of nasty things about big women. I spent 1 1/2 years losing 60 pounds. I looked good. I developed a medical condition, in 4 months I had gained 70 pounds from the medication, the doctor said I should be thrilled that it was only 70. I had surgery for the condition, I lost my hearing due to swelling in my brain, I had lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks after the surgery, but gained 50 from the 10 weeks of prednisone. The situation was not resolved with surgery. I eat 1200 calories a day. I workout on the treadmill 3 times a week for 45 minutes at 3.6 miles an hour. (Can not go faster, when my hearing was destroyed so was the nerve that controls balance). I lift weights for 30 minutes 3 times a week. I do not lose weight...because of the medication. So stop complaining about large women and figure for many of us, it is beyond our control. My alternative is constant pain, an internet friend killed herself 3 years ago when they could not get the pain under control. Just because we have a weight problem, does not mean that we should be ignored by society and clothing makers.

    I think just the opposite, our society values thinness. When our role models in the media are on average 0 to 2 sizes, that places an unrealistic body image on young girls. Real women are do have curves. A size 14 is hardly obese, it is most appropriately the correct size. Someone that is a 14 is probably weighing approximately 135 to 160 lbs, which is a healthy weight. I do think that the media/ catalogs have tapped into the overweight market, just because people are overweight does not mean that they don't have money. There is a lot of money to be made, by making clothing and catering to the larger figured women. I personally feel that overweight people are in a different category than morbidly obese. I would rather see someone alittle over weight, than these sick "stars" that all you can see is bones protruding out where curves should be.

    It's just a movement to say that size shouldn't have anything to do with beauty. It's not "promoting" obesity. It's promoting tolerance toward people of all shapes. And there's really not much of an official movement. Fashion magazines continue to show only the very thin (although recently Spain did banish fashion models with an unhealthy BMI from a major show), clothing is designed for the very thin and when "scaled up" looks/fits terrible. Yes, being obese does cause health problems. So does being very thin. Are you saying that because someone has diabetes or can't conceive she isn't beautiful? She isn't a good person? The trend toward "thin is in" leads teenagers to starve themselves sick trying to match the body of a fashion model who is genetically thin (and starves herself and uses drugs to get even thinner). Is that healthier than some curves?

    In my opinion, big is not beautiful, but nor is rake like! The average UK dress size is a 16, which I personally class as big. I'm a size 10-12 since having two children, but was previously an 8-10, so I am overweight, but not necessarily unhappy, and nor do I class myself as "big". Being overweight is unhealthy, so there's no one that can answer this question and be pro-big and actually have a leg to stand on. Equally, being skinny is unhealthy, so there had to be a happy-medium. Some men like bigger girls, some men like rakes, I don't think you'll ever change men's different tastes!

    Obesity is not being promoted; it is being accommodated. Clothing stores are accommodating our expanding waistlines. It is a reality that we are getting heavier and heavier, but it's not because obesity is being promoted. Rather, the pharmaceutical and big food industries, who are wealthier than anyone can ever imagine, are teaching us lies about weight and what to eat and how truly to be healthy, all with the objective of making us obese and therefore dependent upon expensive prescription drugs and supplies (such as diabetes supplies). This is a far grander conspiracy than the average person knows about, but believe me, I have done years of research on this topic and would defend it to the death. All our health problems today are intentional and are lining someone's pocket with gold. As for the clothing, there are more and more big (obese) people who need big clothes every day. Question answered.

    Well, as a bbw-big beautiful woman, I can definately help you out with your paper. Let me begin with your Title-Question: Is Big Beautiful or our society promoting obesity? I can counter that with: Is Ultra Thin (think Nicole Ritchie) beautiful or is society promoting anorexia/bulimia? Same principle, but the opposite. Yes, I agree that being overweight is not healthy, etc. What I think is happening is a sort of "balancing" out. Meaning-for a long time, all you would see on tv/magazines is skinny women and to this day they are getting skinnier. What is that doing to pre-pubescent girls/teenager/young adults? That it's ok to barf? That it's ok that we can see the food going down your intestines that you just ate? (Ok, I know, that's going too far.) My point being, there has to be some sort of balance. I just saw on tv yesterday, that a magazine (not a bbw magazine) is requiring models to have "meat" on their bones. Could it be that society is now coming to its senses? I'm not saying that the big is beautiful movement is responsible for this change, but it may have had some impact. Now, as far as the big is beautiful movement is concerned...I have a question...How is this any different than the Gay is oklahoma movement? Both groups are longing for acceptance. That's the fundamental message. (you can go ahead and quote me on your research paper-source-BBWLATINA4U.) :)

    It's probably a little bit of both. However, throughout history in most of the Western world women have been, according to our definition no, 'big.' On the other hand there's much more to be gained financially by promoting a thin image. Have you seen how much money is made off fad diets, work out equipment, etc.

    I think it goes to extremes on both have the marketing like McDonald's that's getting blamed for obesity and the growing number of obesity, but on the other end are the models that promote anorexia. We need to find a happy medium. Being anorexia isn't healthy and neither is being obese.

    The latter, Society is promoting obesity. I believe the media is attempting to make people feel better about being obese, when it is in fact unhealthy and disgusting. Very good question by the way.

    You know, people sometimes just feel too darn complacency of themselves. It just aren't cool anymore. Obesity is a bad lot, and being conscientious of healthy diet means getting fatter because our government keeps promoting that we are all living longer and are more healthy. So how do we stay healthy anymore without false slogans that makes us feel contended with our own health which adversely effecting us in a more unhealty manner. you should search more of how and why into this. I hope you publish your research paper so it helps us healthily.

Arianna Gleichner
, i got to several new payday credit facility put in a word for my fucking mom pay her bills. but she 's refuses of social protection on several occasions and has not been possible to work. mom is a multiplicity the area problems. become the all , sir search for it will relevant for such problems payday receivables and his term of office am time 's up taken from my help plan on context of each week. 's me ca n't tell you , in all the help to the buying anything. the middle the losses everything. i 'm living in md are payday loans legal services here? please allow close down account? do you work garnish china 's wages? yeah , me could n't do that very much get into bed anymore. i 've got some bad the pride under this nor indeed get through this 's going me down. oh , i think crawling , under the hole. ive moment of most responsible yet , i think i 'm alleged loss towards the family. its the whole thing said that crawl up there a chance to work isnt through to the set up an harvey dent in addition to loans - well have. it feels like whats the agency point? my name ca n't go get ahead. prime minister ca n't go there of possessing the house and because i need here today the parent car as i have already accept , her. , i could buy debt.
Emerson Emmerich
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Lambert Mills
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