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    I am a bartender/server at a grill. While bartending, this guy who has been coming in almost every night for the past few weeks and hasn't tipped even a penny told me he didn't believe in tipping. I didn't say anything to him or even ask why he always stiffed the staff. Granted, I did tend to limit the conversation I had with him, being that I expected to make zero money off of him and concentrated my efforts on the other customers, he may have picked up on my lack of interest in him. Last night, he just blurted out while I was giving him change "I never have believed in tipping. You guys get a paycheck, right? Why should I share mine?" I didn't reply with anything but an emotionless "thank you" and walked over to another customer. Then he left. Why would someone go out of their way to rub in the fact that they stiffed me. I have to claim 10% of his tab every time. I actually lose money having to serve him. I was never mean and he never sat with an empty beer. I'm lost.

    I am required BY LAW and by my company policy to claim 10%. I have to claim either my charge tips (which are recorded in the computer system and submitted to the govt.) or 10% of my sales (also recorded in a computer and reported), whichever is higher. If i don't claim it, the computer system notices a possible error and a report messages my manager who then checks it out manually and either accepts the error or makes me change it. If he misses it and the IRS doesn't, I get auditted as well as my restaurant does. So yes, I claim it every shift.

    Re: Travelle's comment What state are you from? Every state varies in their claiming laws. I have never heard of the settlement option and I've been working in the restaurant industry for 7 years now. I live and work in the state of Minnesota. Also, i mentioned its my work policy. My managers keep a close eye on that. I never said I claimed all of my tips. I like to think i give good service almost all of the time resulting in making considerably more than the 10% I claim. But I don't think that just because I make more than the law requires me to claim because I go beyond my job requirements with most customers, does that extra dollar that i earned from another customer have to cover the guy who doens'nt believe in tipping. FYI: I work full time as a server/bartender. My paychecks are usually about $150 for a two week period. Yes, I do get a paycheck. But that barely pays for anything in this day and age now does it?

    Apparently, some people have never worked in a restaurant before. Bartenders, Waiters, Hostess, and Busboys all receive either below minimum wage or just barely over minimum wage because the restaurant understands they will be receiving tips. When patrons like this man come in they are actually costing the bartender money because 1. the seat is a possible source of income. Which means the bartender will be making more than the lousy pay most of them receive from the restaurant. 2. the bartender will have to claim a certain amount of tips (i.e. 10%) even if they don't receive it. Which means they're being taxed on money the restaurant made, not them. 3. For all of the wonderful people who appreciate good service and show their gratitude with a tip they are actually compensating for this stingy patron because in the end tip money is all combined into one pot anyway. So when you thought you were tipping a bit more, the jackass taking up the seat next to you just borrowed a couple of dollars to cover for his lack of tipping. So yes, she works and she gets paid but not like normally hourly or salary workers. When have we ever had a boss require us to say we made a certain amount when we knew we hadn't. Tipping is their income. If most bartneder were expected to survive on just their hourly pay, they'd be struggling to get by.

    I'm not saying this is right or this is wrong but this is what a bartender friend of mine did with the exact same situation. He was having a busy night with several patrons at the bar all who left tips regularly. In came this non-tipper who sat down. After a non-tipper had just about finished his drink, the bartender went around to all his other customers (not the non-tipper) and gave them "one on the house" or a free refill if they wanted it. When the non-tipper ask for his, he simply replied, "sorry, only regular tippers get extra service". The guy was a little pissed off of course. He was told politely if he didn't like it he could leave and take his business elsewhere. He was also reminded the bartender had a legal right to refuse service if they believed the customer had too much to drink. The best part is the law doesn't specify what is "too much". The customer left and when he did return several weeks later he left a "tip". Small but yet left a tip.

    You DO NOT have to pay taxes on money you do not earn. If you keep track of the actual money you earn, you can pay taxes on that. I guarantee that is more than the 10% withholding......WE ALL HAVE withholding tax, dear. You get that back if you owe less tax than they withheld. You use that 10% as your base income, as well. Then you take all the deduction that the rest of us do. Often paying NO TAXES but getting a refund check, correct??? You servers who think we are totally stupid and without sources to check some of the things you say!! Outrageous. To answer your question, the man is aware that you are not giving him the same service as the other customers. I think he is cheap and should at least tip 10%, but he doesn't have to, and if there is a war going on, he has every right to not tip at all. I think he should buy a bottle and take it home and save about 90%, but for you to outright give false information and make it sound like you are paying taxes on money that he did not give you is ridiculous. You HAVE THE OPTION, declare every penny of tip and wages, ohio take the government offered settlement. Either way, you get off better than the rest of us, as NO SERVER declares all their tips. REGARDING your Additional. You admit that you cheat on your taxes by not claiming all of your income. You cheat the rest of us, and commit a Federal offense in doing that. I think if EVERYONE stopped tipping all the time, the the employer would HAVE to pay you at least minimum wage....what also is required by Federal law, but your tips are used to make up that difference. Eventually the tipping system would die, and you'd get a wage based on your performance; and THEN you'd feel obligated to be nice to the people making money for YOUR BOSS, not just more money for you NOT to claim as income. You all are a sorry, pathetic group of tax dodgers. 15% was removed from my the least, and in effect I paid over $100,000 in general taxes the last five years. It annoys me that such a large group has legalized cheating on money received under the table The US Law says that you pay tax on the money made....that has nothing to do with what was withheld, UNLESS you have the option of paying a certain percentagel of sales made. YOU go find out if this isnt' true from a tax acountant and you will find that I am correct. YOU are a tax evader if you don't pay tax on your total actual income, or have a settlement agreement with the government. Your settlement agreement is probably 10% of sales, and YOU KNOW you bring in more tips tha than that!!!!!!! I have hving problems deciding if servers are stupid or just lieing.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with people like him. As a server, I also deal with non tippers. Some responses on here are funny in a way that people have no clue. If you have never done this job, you probably should keep the comments a little nicer. As in......."until you walk in my shoes....blah, blah, blah" There is nothing you can do for someone like this. You cannot refuse to wait on someone because they don't tip. You would lose your job. I had the same problem with these 3 people that come in and sit with me EVERY Saturday. They NEVER tipped. I couldn't understand why they would sit with me over and over if they thought my service was SO bad as not to leave a tip. Nobody wanted to wait on them because of this, but it didn't matter anyway because they ALWAYS sat with me. One day one of my co workers made a comment (probably a little too loud) about making 2.13 an hour, these people must have heard because there was a tip on my table every time from that day on. You did the right thing. I would have done the same. If you HAVE to wait on them, limit the service, no extras, bare minimum.

    I wish we had it like in other countries where servers had set wages and just did what they had to do, like in most other jobs. I tip according to service: how long did it take to get my drink, my order? I can usually tell when it's the server's fault and when it's just the cook taking a long time. Fewer points if I have to ask for things twice or if my order is wrong. As of late, I have had every horrible server in the world, it seems. One, during a slow night, went off and spoke with some other server for 40 minutes, and didn't check up on us once. No tip for him. I usually tip the standard 15% because I rarely order anything complicated or need something once my food comes.

    Every answer I've read is being defensive against a customer! The customer is your source of income, why would you not try to appease them?! I'd chat him up a bit get to know him, then at some point explain to him that bartenders (among other jobs) get a significantly smaller hourly wage as the pay is based on the expectation of tips. I worked in that capacity and I quickly learned the more comfortable a customer knows you the much better you get treated! It's just like making friends. My customers always came back and many times brought others that, in turn, created an even larger customer base. This is excellent business practice! I did very well after I learned to do business in this way.

    I am sorry that you have to deal with that. It really isn't worth it for you to even tell him that about the 10%. He has issues, its obvious that he has a problem with not tipping and the fact that you don't pay him much attention. He may be a problem, I would point him out to whomever is in charge and let them know of his outburst. He may like you, and is disapointed that you don't pay him the attention you may show your tipping customers. If he says something to you again about not tipping just shrugg your shoulders and say "so you don't believe in tipping", and go about your business. But I would watch out for him, don't play that cheap.

    He is simply being a prick. And you know you don't actually have to claim 10% on the tab.. we all know you can cheat taxes as a bar worker. 3 main reasons to stiff anyone in the service industry: 1) You waited entirely too long and didn't even get an apology or an "excuse me" for your wait.. 2) The bartender or server was rude to you.. 3) The drink or food you received was improper in preparation or final product, and after you mentioned it, a switch or redo was not offered to you... That guy that keeps stiffing you for no reason is being a jerk.

    Tipping is a way of paying for service, and it's great because it allows you to pay different amounts depending on the quality of service. Someone who declares that they don't tip at all, isn't paying for service of any kind and shouldn't receive any service. Yes, you get a paycheck, but service is only a part of your job. Ask the idiot if he'd be willing to wear a sign that says "too cheap to tip" while he's getting drunk and trying to hit on chicks. At the very least, refuse to serve him.

    You work,you get paid.Why do you think you deserve a tip?????.Unless people are really wealthy and can afford to tip,does that mean that everyone should follow suit.Where on earth this idea eventuated from is beyond me.You are talking about this guy coming into the place where you work almost nightly.Be grateful that he is coming to this place.He could be going elsewhere,which means your place would be definitely missing out.!!!! Think about it.

Mckenna Lindgren
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Esta Ferry
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Joany Zieme
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