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    Alright. I believe totally in global warming. Does anyone agree? If you disagree, that is fine. I was wondering if maybe those who don't agree could provide some websites with legit proof from scientists. I think that it is fine for people to have their own opinions, just as long as they are backed with scientific data. I haven't seen any real scientific data to disprove global warming, so if you could provide some, I would be able to see where you are coming from.

    Alright, you are right. nothing is going to change, and i think that the websites you gave me are not accurate. I would have preferred something published by the United Nations, cause they had a huge paper compiled on a meeting they had concerning global warming. i still think the non-accepting people are just arrogant.

    Only if you relate greater intelligence as arrogance. An interesting article on what is starting to become known in the popular press as yellow science in the same fashion as in earlier days yellow journalism caused many evils to sell a few more newspapers. most teachers confuse the students because they do not know the real answers so they provide the confusing political talking points they have been given to use. In 1850 the world was coming out of the little ice age where temperatures had been very low because of 4 periods of low sunspot activity that had occurred close together with only a couple of warming periods like our current one between them. There is still a lot of scientific debate as to whether we are in a true climate optimum or if this is only a short spike between minimums like the one that occurred between the Spoorer and Maunder minimums. The whole global warming controversy is because a couple of half baked low level science graduates had a hunch that the reason we were still not in the little ice age was because of the industrial revolution and the Co2 and other gases ejected into the atmosphere during it. They then hooked up with this low grade politician who wrote a book featuring the hunch and calling it a proven scientific fact. Real science professionals laughed their heads off at the mistakes and pure propaganda the politician put out. Then in 1992 the politician got selected as Vice president and he was able to funnel government research funds to his buddies to develop made up proof to build a publicity campaign on. So they found in order to make their campaign work they had to write out of history three preceding warm periods that were much hotter than we have currently achieved and the little ice age and the dark age cold period that destroyed the Roman empire with the Germanic barbarian invasions. The famous Mann hockey stick graph was this documentary proof of the sins of humanity against mother earth that the politician wanted for his campaign to rule the world. Well the graph and its accompanying slide show made the politician a couple hundred million dollars so he can live in the style he wished to become accustomed to but he still is not president and he is not going to rule the world for a while. Here are two of my favorite links on how climate functions. If the AGW believers had studied this material they would be skeptics instead. The difference between believers and skeptics is the breadth and quality of their education. finally why the AGW models do not work and keep giving the wrong answers, they did not include sunspots in their calculations.

    Worldwide warming is one facet of the argument yet even events required for worldwide warming of their argument are actually not happening and in actuality are happening to the opposite of their predictions. An equivalent form of scientists say worldwide warming isn't real and tha an ice age is greater in all likelihood. purely a splash of credibility right here as some oceans and seas are actual getting less warm and it is not from soften water. maximum scientists, politicians and the media hedge their bets and now call it "climate substitute". The earth has long undergone a procedures greater advantageous variations many situations. the international started devoid of ice, a good number of sea and a supercontinent. The continent chop up up and moved to the places the guy continents positions now. whilst there has been upthrust this has been specially in inland aspects. simply by erosion there's slightly much less landmass around sea point yet even though if each and all the ice melted the final public of the landmass could be above water. so which you will positioned that existence jacket away and forget approximately approximately development that ark!

    Try these Lily, they'll dispel the "anthropogenic" notion fairly well. If you or anyone else here can successfully refute the science in these papers, I have more ... Why CO2 (thus human activity) is not the cause of warming: not human cause. This one is a PDF for download: don’t forget that Al Gore and other believers won’t even debate the science because they deem the science “settled” and “the debate is over” – a total subversion of the scientific method and an indicator that their argument is non-scientific. Edit: We may be arrogant, but it is willful ignorance to choose to believe in something despite scientific papers by PhDs showing how it is false. You shouldn't bother asking the question if your mind was made up because it shows that your belief is a matter of faith, not a matter of fact. I'm sorry my dear lady, but you are more than a little confused.

    My only question to you is... You believe in global warming with absolutely no scientific proof, but you need scientific proof to not believe? This makes no sense. Global warming is a scientific issue, to BELIEVE it you should look at facts or proof. you don't prove a negative, you try to prove a positive. Edit For someone that is thick-headed enough to flat out say that no matter what the anti argument is you simple wont believe, how on earth can you call the other side arrogant. Typical, typical liberal environmental wacko.

    Huh, ohio doesn't want to give people to much credit. True there has been allot of spoon feeding out there and it comes from both sides of the ring. Cyclical or man made. As someone who has studied Meteorology and Geology as well as Environmental Science it is not about which or both but it is happening and what can we do about it. Lets just say if you are in your retirement years you wont have too much of an issue. If you are in your 30's to 50's you are going to see some pretty horrific cases of drought, starvation, flooding, and erratic storms. If your are in your teens, well I can't even imagine. Eventually, nature cures. Even if that means getting rid of a few billion humans.

    What drives climate, the sun drives climate and greenhouse gases moderate climate fluctuations. This is where the basic error of judgement is made about greenhouse gases in general and Co2 in particular. link is a very basic study of climate interactions and how they work in the real world. is the history of how Co2 became the culprit in something that never happened. The basic flaw in reasoning that led to the AGW hypotheses is that the global temperatures of the late 1800s were normal and desirable while people with a better scientific and historical perspective knew they were at the low end of the cycle. more research that illustrates how the mistake was made placing the blame on Co2 instead of sunspot activity. Added documentation on how the weather cycles are driven by solar activity and extremes are moderated and balanced by greenhouse gases. These gases in combination with the thermal storage of the oceans work to keep the planets temperature in balance within a fairly narrow range compared to what it would be without them. More on how the atmosphere and oceans work together to moderate the worlds climate and keep it in a comfortable range. Clear information on solar minimums and maximums and how they effect climate variability. Our sun is a variable output star and a misunderstanding of this variability is a major reason the AGW supporters have made so many errors in their climate models. Added studies on climate fluctuation over wide periods of time showing that while we are warmer than 1850 currently it is cooler and milder than previously documented climate optimums.

    I believe most folks making the argument against anthropogenic climate change are arguing from a different angle. Instead of science-backed arguments, they would tend to attempt to debunk the science that says humans are the cause. An "innocent until proven guilty" stance, if you will. There is not really any peer-reviewed scientific study that will say with certainty that climate change is not happening. Reasonable doubters will say the science in support of it is wrong or not sufficient.

    To deny global warming has occurred in the last 150 years is obtuse. The argument is what is causing it and, more to the point, is it going to be a catastrophe? I'm not going to point you to any websites arguing against human-caused global warming because if, as you say, you are a "true believer" it's completely pointless. You are already past the point of objective reasoning and either you, or others, will pull out the tired mantra that scientists arguing against it are right-wingers funded by the oil industry. Of course, if you actually research those claims, you would find them to not be true in many many cases. (Here's a clue though, start with the folks at the University of Colorado.) And, oh, I love how websites funded by left-wing alternative-energy proponents are somehow considered "objective" in their own agenda. *heavy sigh* If you really wanted to find objective information you would seek it out's not difficult to find at all. But, no, it's not going to be spoon-fed to you by Al Gore and the popular media...which is exactly how you got your current information.

    Disclaimer: My guess is that you will see a lot of "sources" from right wing blogs without any lead to serious climate experts having produced papers reviewed by peers. Please check each and every link and any name given to see how reliable the sources are.

Dortha Johns
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Kennedy Jerde
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