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    Interesting Voting results in Cali: "Nov 05, 2008 Green Initiatives Get Slaughtered in California, Will Media Notice? By Noel Sheppard Californians by very wide margins defeated two green initiatives that anthropogenic global warming enthusiasts in the media and in legislative houses across the fruited plain should take heed...but will they? To begin with, Proposition 7 would have required utilities to generate 40 percent of their power from renewable energy by 2020 and 50 percent by 2025. Proposition 10 would have created $5 billion in general obligation bonds to help consumers and others purchase certain high fuel economy or alternative fuel vehicles, and to fund research into alternative fuel technology. Much to the likely chagrin of Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his global warming sycophants in the media, these measures went down, and went down in flames: Proposition 7 Renewable Energy Generation Yes 3,294,158 35.1% No 6,102,907 64.9% Proposition 10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Yes 3,742,997 40.1% No 5,581,303 59.9% Will global warming-obsessed media share this news with the citizenry? Shouldn’t this be HUGE news given President-elect Obama’s green sympathies and his desire to enact a carbon cap and trade scheme to reduce carbon dioxide emissions? We’ll see."

    What killed both of these propositions was some investigative reporting that discovered the truth behind the placard. Both were funded by big producers planning another Enron type scam funded by state money, not their own. I do know T. Boone was directly funding 10 along with another wind farm promoter. The supporters of the other one have not been clearly revealed yet, but the bump in projected energy prices was what killed it off.

    Global warming is a scam. the world has had volcanoes, earthquakes, ice ages, meteors, and floods for millions of years. No problem. Now some simple carbon dioxide that is essentially just plant food is going to destroy everything? LoL. This has to be one of the biggest communist hoaxes of all time. I understand that most of the history of the world has seen warmer temperatures and that we are emerging from the mini-ice age following the Krakatoa volcanic eruption 800 years ago. I think that the earth would be warming right now if humans weren't here. I also know that there has been increased solar flare activity in recent years that may be contributing to temperature increases. The last 25 years has seen very slight temperature increases for ALL the other planets in the solar system as well. Evaportion is good for living things because 2/3 of the earth's surface is water and what goes up must come down. I don't necessarily believe increases in CO2% will increase plant growth directly as some do because this increase is only a very minor amount and of course CO2 is not generally thought of as the limiting factor in plant growth but more often sunlight and to a less consistent degree water which as I've mentioned should increase with higher planetary temperature. Increased rainfall will balance the water factor enough to increase land mass coverage by foliage. When the volcanic dust blocked out sunlight 800 years ago oxygen levels plummeted as photosynthetic organisms collapsed.leading to a new ice age round of large animal extinctions. Arctic and antarctic circle animal, plant and human tribe extinctions also occored. The mass migrations out of northern Asia and Scandanavia sparked huge unrest and the northern Asian population has barely begun to recover. As the world recovers from yet another ice age humans have become self aware enough to recognize the dynamic nature of the earth's climate but maybe not enough to percieve all factors. Al Gore says the oceans will rise up to 25 feet! From just the frozen north and south poles? Are you kidding me? He can't really think think the world is dumb enough to believe that obvious lie. If the caps melt the ocean will rise very little. You see I took GEOMETRY in school. The earth is a sphere. A vast majority of the sphere is not covered by ice. Each half has to be far less than 10% ice covered even in the winter, probably less than 5% in the summer. LOL. It switches year round because of alterante seaons in the north south pole. How tall would those ice sheets need to be to raise the sea level noticably of the rest of the earth which is mostly covered in water have to be? Don't forget that ice expands to a much larger size over the same quantity of water, including the portion that is below sea level which will of course itself contract subsatantially as the arctic is all sea with little land. The answer: It would have to be miles high. It is a proven fact that 1000 years ago there were huge vineyards growning in northern Britian. It is far too cold to grow grapes there today. Guess what the sea level was then? You guessed it (whoever has at least and average IQ) the same as it is today according to coastline sediment formations.

    No they won't share this news with the citizenry, remember California was supposed to lead the way in the US's fight against global warming. And this would cause a great shock wave in the Global Warming believer camp if this was made public. Yes this should be huge news, since Obama's campaign had a lot about the so called global warming issue.

    Bless you laddy! I didn't' know the final figures, thank you for the link and the good news!! I live in ohio and I can't deny I've been worried about this matter. Last week Obama's energy adviser stated Obama's intentions very clearly: "blackmail" Congress to force them to follow his green agenda I fear the results on Prop 7 and 10 threatened him and may act as a reaffirmation for him to put his plan in action. I don't see why he should not let the Senate decide without having to "blackmail" them

    Those propositions were OPPOSED by conservationists. That's why they were defeated. California did support high speed rail. Why did not notice that? You should read the news. The votes throughout California were nearly 100% victory for those who understand environmental risks. Conservationists were elected to the legislature, rails was invested in, and bad law that would have constrained growth of green industry was defeated.

    I'm an environmentalist and I voted against both propositions. One was funded by a wealthy man from Arizona, another by T.Boone Pickens, of Texas. Neither was what California wants or needs. Check out the site below if you want to gauge California's commitment to change.

    Obviously not. As Amy and Baccheus noted, both ballot measures were grossly flawed and misleading, and would have done more harm than good to renewable energy and addressing global warming. California did pass a ballot measure to fund a high-speed train, and my county passed a measure to fund a trolley connecting West Sacramento to Sacramento. Calfornia remains the leader in the US in addressing global warming.

    They don't want to return to 2000-2001 power prices for a reason just as made-up as the reasons in 2000-2001.

Lukas Lesch
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