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We can loan up to $500 to Minster occupants, in view of qualifying elements. On the off chance that endorsed, your credit will be expected on your next payday that falls in the vicinity of 10 and 31 days after you get your advance. Nitty gritty data with respect to expenses and reimbursement is accessible on our Rates and Terms page. As you consider whether an advance is proper for your prompt needs, you ought to likewise investigate other subsidizing alternatives. A payday credit is a genuine budgetary duty, and not an answer for long haul issues. Getting from a companion of relative may be a superior alternative.

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    I am in school, finally finishing my education and have taken out loans to pay for it. My husband has his own business, which makes ends meet when people pay their bills. When they don't, our house payment doesn't get made and we have to REALLY stretch our grocery budget. I have quit school several times before and if I quit again, I am not sure I will be able to get a job in this economy. Even if I do, I can't make that much without a degree, which means we never get ahead. My husband's business is his dream, but the ups and downs of the finances are so hard on us. He doesn't want to go work 9-5 for someone else. I don't want to be the evil, unsupportive wife. I also don't want to put my dreams last again. We do have children. He is great with them and the flexibility in his schedule helps him to be a more involved dad than he could be otherwise. We have been selling off stuff we don't need in order to take up some of the slack. What do you all think we should do? Thank you in advance for answering with kindness and decent sense! :-)

    I am considering the responses & some make good sense! In case you are wondering, I should add that both vehicles (which we need for transportation in my area of the world) are over 10 years old and paid off, we have no satellite/extended cable, no luxury items, no big credit card debt, no extra services of any kind, our house is okay, but no mansion. In short, I already clip coupons and there is no fluff. I am grateful for the time and effort it takes for you to respond thoughtfully. Thank you! :-)

    Well you know something has to change, or else you would not of even asked. Besides the obvious, second or even third job, (I have done that many time to keep bread and butter on the table), some things to look into: First and foremost, do not lose your home. Go to the finance company and ask them if they could refinance it at a lower rate. Go shopping, ask every bank and lender in your whole county and/or state. Do some shopping, find a good deal. Next, you sound like you need to be a two car family, but do they both have to be nice cars? If you have that, consider down grading one, one you can pay off and even get lower insurance rate on it. You should get some tax return, use that to pay off bills with higher interest rates, then cut up any credit cards you have, or at least pay them off and save for a REAL emergency. Be very, VERY conservative in you utilities usage, that is a much overlooked saving opportunity. Don't sell nice stuff, but little bumps in your finances could be covered with a yard sale or two, (wrong time of year where I live), so I stuck some stuff out at the end of the driveway with a for sale sign on them. Maybe take in a small job yourself at home, many doctors or lawyers offices use people to do paperwork for them over night. Or it is holiday time, do you have any hobbies that could be sold? Thats just a few ideas, hope whatever you do it works out for you.

    I think you should stay the course. I know everyone just loves that phrase, but the fact is, you're going to have your degree soon, which will help a lot. Dad's schedule is great, and his business is doing well enough to support you, even if it's not in the manner to which you have yet become accustomed. You would not be happy if you had more money and less husband/father, and he would be miserable, and his frustration would carry over to you and the kids. I know this would be hard, but believe me when I tell you it will save you a lot of money. If you have cars you're paying for, sell them and buy beaters that aren't so beautiful, but they will get you from A to B. Not only would you potentially save $500 a month in car payments, but an additional couple hundred a month in auto insurance, because insurance is cheaper when it's not a bank-owned vehicle; i.e., when I had my Contour, the payments were $377, and the insurance was $200/month. Now that I have a '98 that's fully paid off, my insurance is $50/month, and no car payment. Little changes like that make all the difference in the world. Good luck!

    The house payment is not the thing that I would be paying late. It would get paid first. You need to cut out all extras. Cell phones, internet, all the extras on the house phone, they cable or satellite, everything but necessities. By necessities I mean things you cannot do without, food for one and electric. I would look for extra work if possible. Maybe you need to work full time until he gets this business going better. Then he can support the family and you could get your school finished. If you think that you do not waste money or buy things you do not need, write down every bit of money that you spend. It does not matter how small, write it down and after a week or a month look at it. It will be there in black and white and you will know what you can cut out.

    Look at a calendar. if you finish and get a well paying job in X months, it is worth it to keep going obviously. everyone works toward that timetable. if you dont really know if you can get a job even with a degree it is time to find out for sure. is this business something where you give the service and people simply dont pay on time, or they dont pay at all. because no one is paying quickly these days and you have to factor that in. i once had a dream that i was going to be a hollywood actress, until i found out it would take years to accumulate a portfolio and i would be working for free for a long time, and probably would never really make any money doing it. so, it fell from a dream that could come true to a HOBBY that i indulge myself in from time to time and still dont make any money at. say he is a photographer for weddings. he gets paid up front, he does his work and delivers the pictures, and everyone is satisfied. if he needs more business, he goes to bridal fairs and gives away a free wedding picture to a lucky bride to get his name out there. if he is a cabinet guy he gets a draw each third of the way thru the job. he networks all the builders and gets his name out there. if he takes pictures or builds cabinets and is not interested in the focus and commitment that make his dream a real real real business and not something that could be more called a hobby that he does now and then, because far from just not wanting to work for anyone else, the truth is really that he just wants to do what he wants when he wants, and isnt really serious about anything, making you the only real adult in the family, well, you know better than i do. there is a volunteer organization thru the small business administration that partners retired execs with guys like your husband and helps them run their business with tips and expertise. you can google until you find it, i forget the name, score, maybe? and there are also other seminars to help someone with a business. if you are stretched so thin you are selling things to make ends meet, it might be time for a part time job for dad. i hope you all stay together and you and he work together to make a happy home for your kids, they dont care about money all that much. work together and plan and have dates on the calendar and when the task or course or seminar is completed.

    Is it possible that either or both of you could pick up a little part time employment just to tide you over until times get better? It sounds like his job is not 40-50 hours per week (flexibility of his schedule allows him to be more involved with children). Also you do not mention having a job. So, maybe just a few hours a week for each of you. Another possibility is gearing down your lifestyle?!? Could you possibly be living in a more modest home for the time being? Are there other luxuries you could cut down on (like fewer channels on your cable or less usage on your cell phones)? What about the vehicles you drive. Could you get by with less? Do you have an IRA? Deductions for education are not taxed as other early withdrawls. Jut some ideas. Hope something hit a spot that could help you through. Good Luck! Don't give up! You deserve your dream too!

    Well at least it sounds like your hubby is supportive...u didn't say how much longer u have to go to school...but if you guys can make it with his business & selling things your not using STAY ohio it possible maybe u could get a part time weekend job maybe 3-4 hrs Sat. & Sun. I know it isn't much but i'm sure it would help....If you can stay in school do so...there are NO good jobs out there right now...if u keep dropping out of school you'll never complete it there will ALWAYS be a reason to drop out so TRY REAL HARD TO stay in school and complete it. Good Luck.

    So he has a dream of woning his own business and you have a dream of going to school to finish what ever degree that it is that you are working towards. You 2 need to be adults and do what ever you need to to to support your children. You both need to grow up and get real jobs and live within your means.

    Right now he cannot afford not to work for somebody else, you're both putting the cart before the horse, he HAS to work until you finish school. then when you have a good job he can resume his business, everything in life is all in the timing. most off pray together, put God first.

    Why are you giving everything up for him? It seems like you've been the flexible one over the years and supported him. If hes failing now- maybe he should switch roles and support you! Why are you the only one giving up everything in this scenario? Equality makes a marriage happier.

    I think a partime job its a good idea!

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