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We can loan up to $500 to Milford occupants, in view of qualifying elements. On the off chance that endorsed, your credit will be expected on your next payday that falls in the vicinity of 10 and 31 days after you get your advance. Nitty gritty data with respect to expenses and reimbursement is accessible on our Rates and Terms page. As you consider whether an advance is proper for your prompt needs, you ought to likewise investigate other subsidizing alternatives. A payday credit is a genuine budgetary duty, and not an answer for long haul issues. Getting from a companion of relative may be a superior alternative.

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    In 2006 I graduated from high school and began attending the University of South Carolina... Initially I was a business major but for some reason I decided to switch my major to sport and entertainment management. Little did I know that this degree would be useless and actually even hurt me in my job search. I maintained a 3.2 gpa and kept all of my scholarships which is what my main goal was when I enrolled. I never thought of what I would do after college and when I graduated I immediately began noticing how unskilled and unemployable I was. Now I'm stuck considering another bachelors degree or entering a masters program. The thing is that I don't want to pursue anything in sports and I actually have no clue how graduate school works. Should I just start all over and get another bachelors degree in a more employable field?

    Dude, the fact that you have an undergraduate degree means a lot. There are several post-graduate degree fields that you can get into that will mesh with your undergraduate degree AND give you a new career path. The first one that comes to mind is HR Management. HR is a very diverse field and there are a ton of jobs out there that have great potential for advancement. You might have to take an entry-level position at first, but your ohio will put you well ahead of your peers once you begin to compete for promotions or choose to advance to higher paying positions. I would strongly consider an ohio or ohio degree before another BA or BS degree. Colleges will rape you to establish residency with them by not allowing you to transfer much more than 15-30 credits- leaving you with as much as 100 credit hours to complete. With an ohio or ohio degree, you do no backtracking… and 32-36 credit hours later, you have a degree level that 88% of the population does not have. You do, however, need to figure out what you want to do so you can make a good decision. Education (some, not all), public health, hospital administration, public administration, information security, security and emergency management (HUGE right now), and hospitality are just a few of the other programs out there that would give you a decent chance at landing a good job. Check the website also. There are THOUSANDS of jobs out there with the Federal Government that simply require a Bachelor’s degree. They also have hundreds of paid internships and developmental positions that will put you in at 36K a year for two years while you learn, and then put you in a 57K a year job once you’ve completed the internship. They include things in the HR field, forestry, Corps of Engineers, EEO, accounting, IRS, and literally a dozen others. Searching the site and applying can be a chore, but a federal job is choice… and you can’t beat the benefits. You will probably have to relocate, but if that’s not a problem your choices are really endless. You could also join the military. Don’t laugh. Since you say you were on scholarship you probably don’t owe a whole lot- which is good. But if you do, the military can repay your loans in exchange for four or five years of service. Since you already have a college degree, you’d come in as an E4 at 24K a year (don’t forget that your housing, food, and health care are PAID FOR). But here’s the real gem with military service- talk to a recruiter and find a job that you can transfer into civilian experience. There are HUNDREDS to chose from. If you like IT, take an IT job. If you like HR, take an HR job- they will TRAIN you. Then, when you’re in… tuition assistance will PAY for your Master’s Degree AND you’ll have four or five years of REAL experience once you complete your obligation- not to mention that you’ll have financial stability all the while, be in great shape, and get to travel. The people who regret joining the military are usually the ones who go into the infantry or other combat arms jobs and then leave with NOTHING that transfers into the civilian world. Look at the Air Force first, then the Navy. Forget the Marines. Dude, you get out of life what you put into it. Make a few sacrifices, do your due diligence, and TAKE ACTION… and you’ll be fine. Do it now before you wake up at 35 and realize that you really did muck it up. Good luck! Edit: I forgot to mention that Graduate School is cheese so long as you’re not trying to get into a medical school or law program. You simply apply, take an entrance exam (if needed- some programs don’t require them), and you’re on your way. Look at REAL colleges too… not the for profit ones like Phoenix. You’ll do better by going with a smaller, independent private college than you will with a state school or huge private school. So look at local private colleges or some of the larger ones like Webster University that specialize in distance learning.

    First off, let me say something. ITT Tech, University of Phoenix, Kaplan, DeVry, Corinthian, Full Sail University, US Career Institute, etc, etc are known as "for-profit" schools. They are accredited universities, but most of their credits will not be accepted by other schools. Please, please keep this in mind. Other universities will not accept their credits. Their diplomas are a joke. Do some research on them. They basically exist to suck money from students. They make students take government loans or even private loans that they know their students can't pay back. Then the school gets their money and the students are stuck with the loans. So basically, they make the students go into massive debt and once they graduate, they don't really help place the student in a job that they wanted. These schools are also tons more expensive than public schools and sometimes even more expensive than private universities. If you're uncertain whether a school is a for profit school or not, google it. Sometimes even the Wikipedia page will flat out say it's a for profit school. There are many, many, many of them right now. I say this because some of these are the schools people first look at when they're looking for a career boost. These will not give you a career boost. Like someone already said, having a degree already puts you ahead of the game. You can choose to either get some work experience or go back for another degree. Getting an ohio will be shorter than getting another BA. MAs typically are two year programs. You can choose to go into another field. Not all ohio programs require you to have a BA in that field. Graduate school can be pretty easy too if you get into certain programs. Some don't really have rigorous entrance requirements. However, not all ohio programs are funded so that might be a downer for you. PhD programs receive tons more funding so you might end up paying your ohio out of pocket. So you can either look for an entry level job and get some work experience or try to find a graduate program in a field you think you will like. Maybe education?

    No education is a waste in fact all the people I know dont even work in their degree fields. In these times you will wear many hats before age 70 / retirement. Did you know that college educated couples have lowest divorce rates and did you also know that it takes a degree to land someone with a degree? I would finish your degree up and join the military as an Officer. Besides what else are you gonna do for the next 4 yrs with student loans due? I did 20 yrs Army but never thought I would go over 4. In at age 17 and retired at age 37. Im 51 now and forgot I was ever in. LOL! Im in Florida for the winter now at 72 degrees. The economy is not getting any better so do something and stay in motion.

    Honestly, I'm not sure how much another degree will help at this point. Seems to me that the point of a college education is to teach you how to write and think and analyze critically, time management, personal accountability, etc. The major is ultimately irrelevant unless you're in a specialized field. So, I suggest rather than using your lack of marketable major as an excuse, you focus on an industry you actually like and try and get a job in that industry. If you need more training and education, you can get it after you've been in the field a bit. Ideally, you can find a place that will pay for your education, should you decide to pursue it further.

    It wouldn't have been if you had had any brain at all, and had given some thought to what you'd do after graduation. It's not the college's fault they failed to spot a moron, before admitting you. Usually people do pursue grad degrees in the same field they did their undergrad work. Grad courses will have undergrad prerequisites, which you'll have to take, to "catch up" so to speak. This wouldn't be "starting over" exactly. But then neither would pursuing another bachelor's, as you've done your General Ed courses, and have the number of units needed, but would just have to take the major course-load.

    I doubt you will be able to build off of a degree in sports/entertainment. If you don't even want to go into sports, I think the best option is attempting to start over, assuming you have the resources necessary.

    Trouble is what you have is a liberal arts degree and you have to almost be an entrepeneur now to start your own buisness or wait for people to retiire from those fields. All tha tis demand now are the more highly skilled things like science, engineering and math related. You may think about your chances in one of those.

    If you like school and can afford it, then go back and study something you love. However, you can find careers that make great salaries and do not require any formal education.

Destinee Bartell
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Aliza Lindgren
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Timmy White
Augusta Schulist
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Trenton Larkin
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Dameon Keebler
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Vena Hand
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