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    And I got slammed for suggesting it.. well here you go 1/2 million new families.. but at 200-600k foreclosures Monthly for the last year, that number is exponentially higher we won't hear about it until it's unavoidable.. but you will see that Millions new homeless have been entered into our "Land Of Plenty" Why has the United States Government both Repub and Dem, ignored this tragedy? The Bush TARP money went to ..who knows where, and Obama's second half went straight into the banks pockets.. with little more over site.. and yet foreclosures continue on and on.. shouldn't this one issue be enough to make American Blood Boil for their fellow Countrymen ?

    The Irony Of Yahoo answers is that even if you try to ask a non partisan question the partisan hacks take it upon themselves to bash The other.. silly people. Don't you understand that It's an equal shakedown of us all ? No One..NO ONE, buys a house thinking "Hey maybe we can live here for at least 6 months before the Money runs out" come on, you are smarter than that.. These people were lured into the "Ownership Society" There was a direct Push by the previous administration to lower Lending standards.. it's well published.. Read that to understand better how Diabolical this travesty actually is.. and it wasn't just the Republican Led Congress and Executive behind it. Democrats as well as Repubs have huge ties to sub prime lenders and Financial institutions, So these crooks made money on both the front and back ends get it

    They have ignored it because they are ashamed. and so they should be. Several months ago (I think it was during the election campaign) a TV News crew fronm the SBS Network in Australia did a story on this very subject...and in many places they were prevented from filming and interviewing people who were living in carparks in cars and mobile homes. Most of them were working families who had lost their homes in the sub prime lending debacle. It's shameful that it happened in the first place....but unforgivable that the victims are being made to feel as if they are somehow the ones who should be feeling if their personal desperate situation is somehow letting down the great American tradition of Rugged Individualism. The story was called "The Death of The American Dream". It was on a show called investigative news programme of particularly high quality. SBS is our Government funded community languages network. They broadcast homegrown news and sports programmes and content from around the world in other languages, with English subtitles. It made me weep...and it made me feel grateful once more that I live in Australia...where for all its flaws, this situation is unthinkable.

    Poor in spirit ,is the American way of life.We are not concerned about anything unless it directly affects us.We are quick to feel sorry for causes that affects someone in another country.I talked to a man in the housing business,he told me that he had been involved in a $200,000.00 mortgage financed for a guy who was a $12.00 per. hr. dish washer He was driving a giant SUV.I find that kind of hard to believe but something along that line must have happened.These people were paying their mortgage at sometime.A lost job or a increased interest rate is what push them over their limit.Did these people know that the higher interest rate was coming?.yes some did .I think there is enough blame to go around.There is something very wrong with anyone buying a home that they know they just can't afford.It is more than wrong to give a person a mortgage that you know they can't pay for.If you can't pay cash for a home you have to have the guts get a mortgage you feel you can afford or else you will never own a home.If you become unemployed and can't find a job within a certain time you can't pay any mortgage.Exactly , what should be done for a person who bought a house that anyone could see that they couldn't pay for..I think that maybe the people who sold these mortgages should be locked up ,after all ,the mortgage people have a moral responsibility to not finance a home for a person who they know can't afford it.The buyer has a responsibility to try to stay within his or her limits to pay for a the home they want to purchased.The mortgage company does this for a living and are in better position to know better.They were greedy and didn't care.By the time the poop hit the fan some of these guys had pocketed the money and gone.They laugh all the way to the bank.It should be considered a crime to sale a home to someone who you knows for sure that they will never be able to pay for. Maybe the deal should be taken tn front of an administrative law judge to keep the mortgage people honest but that would add too much red tape to the process.Maybe a loan councilor would be more appropriate.

    I think some people have a problem with the homeowners who bought houses knowing full well that they would not be able to afford them later. I'm sort of torn on this one. While I do think that some sort of aid should be offered, I also think that Americans need to sit back and take a look at their own spending habits, incessant greed to live beyond their means, and financial responsibility. While some of the blame can be thrown on the Mortgage companies, the average American also needs to acknowledge wrong-doing. It's kind of like this...I don't buy a $500,000 house when I know I can only afford a $150,000 house. I don't get a variable rate mortgage when I know I can only barely make the payment at the current APR, much less if it increases. However, I don't think that Mortgage companies should get away with taking advantage of "less intelligent" sorts either. Really, how do you solve a clusterfuk like this?

    The situation you describe is the natural consequence of an economy deliberately manipulated to cycle through boom and bust. At each boom, wealth is created as the banks relax the supply of credit and then when the supply of credit is restricted the resulting bust allows the super rich to harvest that wealth at rock bottom prices. Of course now the banks have discovered a new source of income by simply bringing the economy to the brink of collapse and then demanding billions directly from the taxpayer to step back from the precipice. Expect plenty more of that. Americans should have mounted a torch and pitchfork parade at the first hint of a bailout for the banks. Now the U.S. is finished.

    There are many programs that are trying to help solve this situation. They need to be coordinated, but most are local programs that communities create to help with their situation. The problem is there are more homeless. For every family that gets another home there are probably 1.5 new homeless families.

    I don't think it is ignored. I think it is odd the way your first answerer blames dems. All I have heard from the right is that we shouldn't help this people cause they were stupid & greedy. I have also heard many of them say "where is my bail out?'. So now they are taken credit for helping people this is typical republican BS. I think before you post a question like this you really need to do your research to see what has & is being done. I have heard that mortgage companies have restructured loans thanks to the help they have recieved & while I am not an expert I know there is a lot that has been done. George W. Bush set out to ruin this country & the republicans don't see how people at his level of wealth who are greedy want people to be homeless & suffer. This is why he wouldn't move to help the people when Katrina was going on. Those they can't see what people like him have done really have no connection with their inner guidance system, inner intelliegence. It is so obvious but they listen to greedy preachers & capitalist who love to have them brainwashed. They pay right wing media to keep them this way.

    And it's going to get worse. Bloviator Barney is trying to push MORE lax rules to do it ALL OVER AGAIN even though he glibly sits on TV saying he never was involved in such a thing to begin with. In the meantime, ACORN is still shaking down and intimidating banks regarding this. I no longer wonder why....the new census survey wants to know a wee bit too much, and eventually, when no one owns their home anymore due to foreclosure---maybe they can "redistribute" them all based on all the info you gave on the census. (flushing toilets, etc.)

    >shouldn't this one issue be enough to make American Blood Boil for their fellow Countrymen ? No, not really. While I sympathize with their plight, I have my own issues to deal with.

    Perhaps it is time for a good old fashioned PROTEST! Let's have evicted family names on signs, one sign each, and have people in the ohio area [the evictees can't afford to travel] carry signs saying I represent the homeless ______________ family. DO SOMETHING! The media is SURE to cover THAT.

    Only the right gets mad the left still claims their unfortunate elect and his bs stimulus had to be done to save america lol

Zachary Raynor
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