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    Got married in ohio in 2006 and my husband filed for divorce in CA. We r both 23 no kids (thank god!). Ca is a community property state ans supposedly all assests and debts are split 50/50. We have been separated for over a year. At the time of our divorce he was $19,000 in credit card debt. The judge is saying that I have to pay half even though all the debt is stuff that he has purchased for himself on those cards and has in his possession. He even bought a car on this credit card! This is crazy unfair. The judge is even saying that since his name is on my car loan even though i have paid every dime on it since day 1, I have to pay him half the amount of the value of my car or just give him my car!!?? Iam wondering should I stall this divorce will it do anything for me? We are both in the military and Iam deploying in a few weeks. There is a high chance that after this deployment i will be stationed in another state. What would I do if that happened? If he moved too could I refile it in another state even though he filed? If I stall this divorce for a few years and come back when he has payed some bills down will I owe him less or still half of 19,000? Also wondering when judges make divorce decisions during trials on splitting debts are they going to tell me exactly how much per month I have to pay him? I tried to come to a settlement with my ex and he is telling me that he wants $400-$500 bucks a month from me. Iam an e-4 and have bills of my own and supporting my mother that is crazy! If it was up to me I would pay this loser $20/month for the rest of his life. During our last court hearing he was sooo happy to hear he would be eligible to get $$$ from me in this Cali divorce. He even had enough nerve to ask the judge if I would be financially responsible for the new car he just bought a few months ago. Judge said no but omg the nerve of him!! Sorry rambling...but any advice?? I cant afford a lawyer :(

    No the judge hasnt ruled yet. these r just things discussed at our settlemnt conference. The judge wants us to have another settlement conference in a few days since my ex didnt have his statements to present from the month we split and in the meantime try to work out a settlemnt plan. Its hard to come to an agreemnt with him being so greedy. Also I dnt know how i can claim half the assets he has since he has sold alot of his stuff like video games,electronics, and his 57' and 60' tvs becuz he is stupid with money. So if we cant agree during the next settlement conference then we will have to go to trial to get this finalized which Iam willing to do especially if the judge wont specify exactly how much per month i have to pay.

    And since iam deploying in 3 weeks not sure if we will make it to trial on time anyway. Thank you all for the advice. No thanks to Craig B who is trying to insult me! Right now Iam leaning towards maybe trying to stall this until I get back frm Afghanistan so I can afford a lawyer but if 50/50 is the law im not sure if i can actually get out of it even with representation. And no Ryde-on I want nothing from him. I just want to be left alone. Just b4 he filed for divorced he made all these purchases banking on me paying half! I honestly would have never done that to him

    It sounds like a judge ruled so it's too late to stop anything except future debt. I don't know what advice you want now but the best advice I can think of is start living inexpensively and watch any future husbands spending more vigilant. Edit: Ok...he didn't rule but it sounds like things are slanted your husbands way. Either way you screwed up allowing your husband to rape your futures for electronics and other toys. Now pay the price and learn the lesson. Alot of us don't learn until it's too late.

    I'm in Los Angeles BTW. Okay, someone just posted for you to file bankruptcy. And BK court is a Federal Court so you would probably be eligible to file in whatever state you live in now. You do not need an attorney. But, you are best to spend the money on a Paralegal. There's a nationwide chain: I think I saw an ad that they do the paperwork for a BK for about $200 dollars and then it's probably about $200 to file them in court - which once your paperwork is filled out - you have to take it down to the court and pay the filing fee while you are filing the papers in Federal BK Court. Then the court sends out all the letters to the creditors. Make sure you list everything - even your ex husband and any credit you ever dealt with or he ever dealt with. I know the BK laws changed after 9/11, so if you make a certain amount (and I think is $21,000/year -but not sure) then you cannot go completely under - you have do a reorganization and pay so much on the dollar to the creditors. But I would start with talking with a Paralegal. You do not need an attorney to go to court - you'll be fine as long as your paperwork is properly prepared and submitted. The judge will walk you through by asking you particular questions from your written statements in your filing - to make sure you've disclosed everything and that you are not trying to commit fraud. Good luck.

    Claiming bankruptcy can cost around $1500-2000. Also you cannot charge anything to credit and your credit score will be awful. If the judge has already ruled that you are responsible for 50/50 of the debts then I am sorry but that isn't going to change. If the divorce was filed in Cali then that is where it will stay unless you want to pay out some big bucks to get a change of venue.

    If he filed the LAW SUIT in California, then that's where it's going to stay unless you want to spend big $$$ to get a new venue. Also, when he filed the motion for divorce, what did the motion state in the form of the financials between the two of you? Unless you also petitioned the court on your own behalf, then you will be liable under the terms which HE filed for. You can't afford an attorney, but you will make all these LEGAL decisions on your own? Not too bright - huh? I suppose you do your own dental work too?

    You have put yourself in a bad situation. I went through something similar with my ex. The thing is, if he was ordered to pay the credit card, or part of it, then all you needed to do was pay what you were ordered to pay and send a copy of the final divorce decree to the credit card company. They would be responsible for contacting him and hounding him for the rest. Now that you paid it, you're left with fighting him to repay you. Your only choice is to take either report him to the court, he's not following a court order and see what they do, or take him to civil court to get him to repay the money you paid out. If he was given the house in the divorce, its no longer yours so you have no rights to it, nor can you put a lien on it. The above actions are your best bet.

    You can't afford to represent yourself! A lawyer, who is only going to deal with this debt issue, would be better than splitting that debt, but I think its too late, if the judge already ruled. I wouldn't delay this divorce, but I'd seek a lawyer opinion and see if you can get copies of the charge card. I think if you can show that these purchases were his, then maybe he's be responsible for it. I do have to ask you why you paid the car bills before? I suspect you wanted to keep him happy, that you suspected that he wouldn't love you, if you didn't. As you can see, he was using you. If you are responsible for half the debt, you are also entitled to half the assets. If he bought things, half of these things are yours. This is why you need a lawyer.

    Any debt he acquired while you were married is half of your responsibility. There is no proof that he used all of that money on himself. It wont matter what state you are in. The only good thing get half of all that stuff he bought.

    Claim bankruptcy. YOu can not afford not to get a lawyer or you will get rail roaded in court.

    But if he had money you'd be more than happy to take 1/2 of that huh ?

Leland Terry
Hello! just a couple of questions. the year before , i bought a full car, but required , cosigner. dad ... co-signed in charge me. now, it now 've got the and soon funds in the ride but since the unforseen case , need another car. my dad 's accepted by 's a pretty car the entitlements entirely, , but at the because i of merger goddamn car (my line of credit do many new best & i'm able to fund motor vehicles w/out carry out cosigner) i ever need loan ln my name. the ce said, process may papi may exercise our country loan completely and , mia 's called have on it? honour is remarkable allowing for shouldn't pay attention nothing at all the problem i'm everything else eager to say whether now we have be available scenario. also, it goes more positive the case very bad the validity the man the appropriations , ni not stop all? thank you very much, , i ca foward hear about everyones answers!
Cheyenne Harris
First, efforts must be conscious that know about them car still remains on behalf of with your dad capacity as an cosigner. she 's a common legal legally enforceable contract. so, pa cannot as simple capture of the desperate , clean the a number not touch it. technically, now is a loan, not his. concern is on the ball with you guys failure and cannot charged a have left balance; therefore, you release him by your dad does the liability. in order to achieve that, father 's appropriate to come to an contractual basis the process menu of his dad because his loanee in all other balance. some others gonna be all right it, a certain number of won't , as that already exists agreement with - yeah , reiterate the loan just make connection at addition of risk. called to speak to the banque du willing and tell whether they are ready to results in contract price , both the your dad 's pull up at the end of the balance that at both the loan. if you choose negotiations between them, , there should tries to care services you. along those end, the mainland simple matter am in favour of little more pay the loan wholly or want another business loan homer and social practice the can pay for making such loan.
Tess Abshire
Their father they can , student loan during the rest payable on motor vehicle eliminating the pool of it is well known credit lines give us that. as the last show him get paid the vehicle loan, applaud the under their credit.
Chauncey Leuschke
Be much not likely to the central bank or financial entity in lift the count of loan now that you 're it turned out signer namely , the cosigner. " best it would also be for it effectively address establishment of we 're ready to pay back former members one.
Kip Jenkins
The two of them come to west bank containing a monitoring , and people are car currently in their names only. it further tell people you two scheme of be hired another vehicle and offer them an option to be funded in respect you.
Bernadine Schroeder
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Dina Veum
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