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    What you you think about Reparations By Another Name/ Election '08: Barack Obama says Washington shouldn't just offer apologies for slavery, but also "deeds." Don't worry, he says, he's not talking about direct reparations. Relieved? Don't be. The Audacity Of Socialism 'I consistently believe that when it comes to . . . reparations," Obama recently told a gathering of minority journalists, "the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds." A few days later, he clarified his remarks, saying he's not calling for direct cash payments to descendents of slaves, but rather indirect aid in the form of government programs that will "close the gap" between what he sees as white America and black America. He says government should offer "universal" programs — such as universal health care, universal mortgage credits, college tuition, job training and even universal 401(k)s — that "disproportionately affect people of color." In other words, reparations by another name. Obama knows that if he pushes too hard on reparations, he might scare off white voters. So he couches race-specific welfare as "universal" social programs that appeal to broad-based political coalitions — "even if they disproportionately help minorities," he confides in his book, "Audacity of Hope." Obama has a name for his scheme: "universal strategies." "An emphasis on universal, as opposed to race-specific, programs isn't just good policy," he wrote. "It's also good politics." Maybe so. But not all his plans for reparations are roundabout. His book and Web site outline a separate plan calling for essentially a government bailout of the inner cities. Among other things, he proposes: • Doling out faith-based grants "targeting ex-offenders." • Subsidizing supermarket chains that relocate to the inner city to deliver "fresh produce" to blacks, helping wean them off unhealthy fast food. • Imposing "goals and timetables for minority hiring" on large corporations whose work forces are deemed too white. • Continuing to fund the Community Development Block Grant program, Head Start and HUD public housing subsidies. • Funding Small Business Administration loans for minority businesses who train ex-felons, including gangbangers, for the "green jobs" of the future, such as installing extra insulation in homes. • Doubling the funding for federal after-school programs such as midnight basketball. • Subsidizing job training, day care, transportation for inner-city poor, as well as doubling the funding of the federal Jobs Access and Reverse Commute program. • Expanding the eligibility of the earned income tax credit to include more poor, and indexing it to inflation. • Adopting entire inner-city neighborhoods as wards of the federal government. • Spending billions on new inner-city employment programs, including prison-to-work programs. This is just a down payment on the "economic justice" Obama has promised the NAACP — financed by "tax laws that restore some balance to the distribution of the nation's wealth," he says in his book. And the indirect aid he's proposing now could quickly turn into cash transfers once Obama is safely ensconced in the White House. Claiming "blacks were forced into ghettos," Obama is certainly sympathetic to the idea of reparations. His church has actively petitioned for them for decades. And he's strongly suggested there's a legal case to be made for them. "So many of the disparities that exist in the African-American community today can be directly traced to inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery and Jim Crow," he said. "We still haven't fixed them." He assumes the economic gap is a legacy of discrimination and largely unrelated to personal responsibility. He also makes it seem things haven't gotten better for blacks. In this, Obama is intellectually dishonest. In his book, he cites statistics showing a 70% rise over the past two decades in the number of "Latino families considered middle class," but never cites one stat showing the even more impressive gains of the black middle class. He complains about low black wages, but never mentions the quantum leap in black home-ownership rates. Why? Such stats would undermine his case for roundabout reparations. Even if it were true, he says, "better isn't good enough." "The problems of inner-city poverty arise from our failure to face up to an often tragic past," Obama said. Now it's payback time.

    At any election when the one you voted for lost, you were upset but accepted the person who won unwilling but that person was elected and ran the U.S. whether we liked how it was done or not. Obama did his research when electing Biden to be his VP. Biden has experience that will help Obama. Was that a good choice for him, maybe not. On the other hand you have McCain choosing Palin on a whim. McCain does have many years of experience. I'm happy with the outcome of this election because many of us do need to change. All of us are predjudice to a point or to an extreme no matter what the color of our skin, ethnic background that someone else has. You can compare it like this, some people like german shepherds, poodles, labs or beagles. Not everyone likes that type of dogs. Some people don't like cats. We need to be open minded and learn what there is to like about someone else no matter what their stature is or isn't in society just like having a pet. We've had many wrong doings done to people of different color or ethnic race through the years and it still happens. The one thing people need to remember is this, we have a black President and it is what it is. He may do many wonders for all of us and there may be things he'll fail at but, he can't do any worse now that what's been done in the past 8 years. Colin Powell who is a Republican isn't one to vote against his own side. This is a very brillant man who did so much in our military even went against McCain and it had nothing to do with the color of skin. Maybe many of our youth will now realize that they don't need to do drugs, shoot people and so forth to get no where in their sad life that they're being brought up in but will now see that they can make the right decision and do something about their life and find the avenues to make it happen.

    I am not happy because this man Barrack Obama could not tell the truth. I do not care if he is muslim or any part middle eastern which he is. First ammendment is freedom of speech religion press and choice. And he has a right but to lie about that. And also People look at him as a 1/8th black man and voted because they were uneducated and saw a black person and literally called him my "n" because of his skin color and today people were going around saying its the Black house no more white house and honkeys lost and also i heard I voted Obama because hes black. Well look at his back round he has 3 years as senetor and Biden has like what? 30 years? and Sarah palin has 3 years as Govoner! thats more then Obama (position wise) and people are calling her a whore because why? shes a woman. You didnt see hillary called that. But yes McCain is old, Regan was old too. just as old or mabey even older. But you dont talk about him because he was a good democrat... NO he was a Republican. and whos in our congress the Democrats so Obama dont blame bush for the war or taxes the very same taxes you want to RAISE and your 250thousand tax cut for small bussiness went to 200 then now its at 150. So what next is it going to be at 50 total? He has no Back round info or any experience and no records of birth school or grades which is why he is going to ohio court because a democrat filed a law suit agaisnt him for not turning in his birth certificate. People must learn about politics before they decide to join and "change" this country. Hitler wanted change 70 years as well... We have a socialist for president with the SAME congress... Not much change is there Barrack Obama. you dont hear that on ABC or CNN now do you...

    I am over joyed that obama has won. I believe he will bring change not only in the US, but globally as well. We are not liked very much by countries abroad and i feel that he will change this mind set about Americans as a group. I will completely support Obama until the end of his term, as he has many obstacles ahead as our leader. With that said I am truly proud to be an American today, as I see a change coming for this country, which will be for the better for all who call ourselves Americans. What a truly historical moment it was last night to actually hear Obama's speech. I still cannot believe i am a witness to such a globally historical moment.

    Yes it is better then an old man running. At least now we can laugh at more creative presidential jokes on tv. :P I really think Obama can make a difference and change to america by uniting it's citizens rather than saying were united and lying about it. I live here in Canada, and Obama says that he is going to try and make our citizens and America's citizens better acquainted with one and other and to have less refuge, not only for us but for the other Countries that America communicates with. We'll just have to wait and see what Obama can bring to this world, I just hope he isn't Liberal out to raise his ego, reputation, status, etc. Kind of like some of America's previous presidents. So I cross my fingers for CHANGE.

    I think the country is going to see how bad it can really get. The housing market that started the economic slide was not President Bush's fault, that whole ordeal was the result of the CLINTON administration. It just took that long for it to fall through, and since most Americans were against the Iraq war they blamed it (the war) and the economic downfall on President Bush. He kept this country safe for 7 years following the attacks on 9/11, I think he's done a good job. I personally believe that when other nations, who are not necessarily friends with the U.S. are celebrating the election of a President, that there is something fishy going on. I DO NOT TRUST OBAMA.

    And you did all of this for what ? Just became you say it so doesn't mean it is so . You are entitle to your opinion but not your own facts . If the presidential elections were held today President Obama would beat everyone of the potential GOP candidates by a margin of 12 points . Obama 2012

    I am elated because we now have a true man of God. A man of integrity, wisdom, intelligence and has a true heart for the people which is the country. He represents the sum of our whole, he may look black but he is both black and white. For those who can't see beyond his skin, he was raised by a white woman all his life which instilled in him the same mentality that has allowed him to acheive the impossible. But we that are in the faith know that nothing in God is impossible. Barack is the change this world needs. He in 2 years united a country that was torn apart, eventhough we know there are those who are still out there steeped in racist and greedy attitudes. But for the most part the people as a whole came together, and let's make a note, the african american's didn't elect Barack because 61% of the vote was by white people. As for Barack's experience, he has just as much as anyone he ran against because none of them had any experience being president and that is a job that you have to be in to get experience for it.Barack has the most experience of all those who have gone before except the first few Presidents because he knows the Constitution and is willing to abide by it and run this country by it. Barack has changed the face of this country and the world. Now all people can know they can achieve whatever they work for and there is no inferior people. He can also motivate and yes speak to those who have taken a wrong road. His presence will change the welfare mentality mindset, in that they will know that mentality is not to be tolerated and everyone needs to pull their weight. Something no white President could do because they really don't know the struggle, and yes that comment would have been deemed racist. Yes time will tell but it won't happen overnight especially since the last Presidency has us so deep in a hole that it will take some time and everyone working to dig out of this. But we will see change that is good for everyone, even those who have more, because it is godly to share, and to spread the wealth is not only American it is God. Every country that has 5% wealthy are third world countries because it doesn't profit anyone for some to flourish and the majority die. For those of you who are hell bent on not liking what has happened know that we African Americans have had to accept this forever. Also note that thisis the United States, a democracy, and the people have voted and chose who they desired, and if you don't like it get a passport and move to another country, you don't have to stay here, but if you do...Barack Obama is now your President, commander in Chief if this great country. The fat lady has sung and is now retired.

    No not happy. Our President is our Commander in Chief. Obama was not the most qualified candidate for this job. But the country has spoken. So I accept that and I will support Obama as our President. I don't think anyone disagrees that this country needs a change and that is what the majority voted for. His acceptance speech is inspiring and exactly what this country needs right now.

    I am very happy that Obama won, and I am proud to say that I voted for him. I feel he was the best candidate to fix this current crisis we are currently in. He also carried himself well and professional throughout his campaign. I agree with most of his policies. I like the fact that he sees the problem with America, and he is going to try to fix that problem by defeating the source of it. He also knows that the middle class are the back bone of American, thus supporting the middle class you strengthen the economy. I also admire how calm he is under pressure. He carries himself well, and has the stature of a born leader. Obama brought something that a president hasnt brought in a long time. And thats unity. He united this country, as well as united the world. When he speaks, he doesnt speak to races, he speaks to everyone equally. When he speaks to America, he speaks to Americans. And when he speaks to the world, everyone listens.

    Seems like a decent guy. However I do worry as, as happens so many times in politics he is being made out to be some sort of saint or something you know what I mean, he farts perfume that sort of thing. Look, if he is competent that is good enough for me but a Nelson Mandela he is not, and I think it is unfair to compare him to someone like that anyway. It is inevitable he is going to let people down as he is only a man after all.

Freddy Kunde
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Arne Terry
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Allene Schuster
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