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    My fiance and I want to have a wedding on a budget... Although, it seems like having a "budget" wedding could be quite the task. I've done some research and found out that the average wedding is about $25,000 and is increasing about $2,000 each year! Wow! The only way we could afford a $25,000 wedding is if we charge everything... my fiance is the anti-charge man and is very frugal about what he charges... I would hate to have a wedding that would take us years to pay off. I've checked out some packages one of which seems to suit us and is about $13,000... it includes the ceremony, reception, food for up to 150 guests, and 14 rooms for a bed and breakfeast for 40 out of town guests. Being that most of our family is from the north and we are in the south it is VERY important to us that we accomadate out of town guests... this is a daunting challenge. I want to either supply the room new-york airfare for our guests--both would just be overwhelming! $13,000 is a bit out of our league however it seems like the only package that suits our needs. Has anyone have a wedding on a budget? About what was the budget you were working with and what did you do to make it work!? I've heard of people having fantastic weddings for about $5,000 although I don't know HOW that is even possible. One thing is that I absolutely want to have a nice meal at our reception... not just appetizers. The meals do not have to be extravagant but I feel if we have guests coming from 1,000 miles away that we should provide a substainal meal... and the meals seem to be the most expensive part of our wedding!!! If anyone has worked a wedding on a budget, I'd love to hear suggestions and get ideas of what a reasonable "budget" is... Thanks :)

    I am getting married by the end of this year if all goes well. My biggest tip is don't go with any "wedding vendor" and to hopefully have friends/family that love you enough to offer their services! Our projected budget was less than $5000, no, actually more like less than $3000 if we can. We expect about 250 guests. Here is a brief summary: -! (My friend who is a DJ is gifting me his services.) -! And $14 (A relative who bakes is gifting it to me. That will be the main cake. Since me and a few of my relatives have celiac I also need gluten free, so I will pick up a smaller GF chocolate "supposedly grooms but really brides" cake that will be next to the big one on a stand my guy's making me.) - Venue...less than $600 (The ballroom of a local university. I live in a big city so this location is in a suburb about 20 minutes away. Also my uncle got me a "connection" who reserved it for us at a discount since she is an employee of the school. Even without the discount, the place is about $1000, and it is not listed as a wedding venue anywhere, although it is certainly elegant enough. Also, no required caterer!) - by Jason's Deli, less than $8.00/person (Our biggest "splurge" but we made it work. Not only is Jason's fresh/healthy/organic and have GF options for me and my family members!!! But they are affordable and you don't have to book them months in advance. Even if we choose a hot meal, we found that instead of serving the meal on a 12" restaurant size 1" deep plate, which no one finishes anyway, we'd serve it on 8" flat plates and can get 3 meals out of 2 restaurant portions! Jason's will do this if you ask because they usually have to plate your meal anyway.) -My wedding! (My mom is gifting me my dress, since she gifted my sister hers when she got married. Her limit was up to $500, so anything above that I'd have to pay and anything below she'll give me the difference for my wedding. I scoured all the bridal salons and online preowned sites and found nothing to my liking and my price range, so she offered to sew my dress for me, since she's made my clothes/dresses since I was little. We even checked discontinued gowns and clearance gowns and although those were gorgous and more affordable I am just too picky for my body. Guess I'm too used to things being made for my body, and also my mom taught me very well how a good dress is made and not many that I saw made the cut. I found my dream dress by Enzoani with some "redesigning" to my tastes and comfort and we both really love it. My mom helped me find a pattern of a veil I like and will help me make it. My sister makes beaded jewelry { } and she offered to gift me any beads for my gown as well as any beads for my jewelry which she will custom make to my tastes and liking; she really wants me to splurge and pick Swarovski crystals.) - Decorations for 30 tables...handmade, price unknown but so far less than $200 (My friend just got married and is lending me the vases she used. In this case is my best friend, as well as the DIY archives at Most everything will be hand-made and I was leaning towards tissue paper flower centerpieces and small LED candles since we can't have open flames at our venue. Me and my sister are very handy, but I am lucky enough to have great friends who offered me their help too.) be determined (We plan on hiring two photography majors from new-york based on recommendations from their professors. It can count as credit for them, we'll write their professor a review, they can use our images in their portfolio but we get to keep everything they shoot since it will be digital and as college students they can earn some cash.) -Extras I went to BigLots and dollar stores and found a whole stash of loot. LED tea lights for one quarter what they cost online. Also a whole stash of really great Martha Stewart Weddings stuff; I had seen it the week before on clearance at Walmart and went there and it was even cheaper than Walmart. We got a big scrapbook that we're going to use for our guestbook for $2.00. It is eyelet print and I just have to add a bit more decoration to jazz it up a bit. The only splurge I really want is to have real flowers just on the bouquets - 1 bridal, 4 BM, 1 Jr Bm, and maybe something for my 2 flower children. My friend found me a source who can get me honest pricing for that so depending on how our finances are I might splurge and get a few real flowers and mix them in among the tissue paper ones. Favors I still haven't decided. There are some great online craft sites and my best friend is the weekly Hobby Lobby online coupon, sometimes up to 40%. So if I have to print out multiples of those and go to the two Hobby Lobbys nearby everyday with as many people as I can bring with me that week just to buy one things at time I will! Our colors are clover and lilac and we want a nature-y theme with a vintage vibe so we will see. Pretty much just think outside the box; you don't need everything magazines and websites tell you you need. Aside from gifted items, no one is helping us pay for anything. His family is being especially stingy and the sum they did offer a few months back they have since taken back, claiming they don't have any money. So I do see this wedding as a challenge, a money challenge where we hopefully triumph.

    A reception is ALWAYS fifty percent of your budget so if you only have a specific amount of money to spend you will either have to cut your guest list considerably or choose the least expensive meal (which is usually chicken or turkey) plus eliminate alcoholic beverages (wedding guests love FREE liquor). Budget weddings are all about making choices and determining your priorities. Here's a few budget real life recent weddings . . The Bride and Groom (# 1) got married at 1030AM in a garden. A brunch was served to one hundred people in a banquet room at a local hotel. The only liquor served was a champagne toast to the Bride and Groom. In order to keep within their budget there was only a Maid of Honor and a Best Man (two Thank You gifts). There was no band or disc jockey. A professional photographer was only hired for four hours. The wedding cake only had two tiers, the guests were served decorated cupcakes. The Bride and Groom (# 2) and two of their best friends traveled about fifty miles to a victorian bed and breakfast. The late afternoon wedding ceremony was performed under a blossoming cherry tree. After the ceremony the Bride and Groom and their two friends (Maid of Honor and Best Man) ate a candlelight dinner on the bed and breakfast's porch. At 9PM they released a bunch of balloons into the sky and then ate wedding cake and drank champagne. This wedding cost less than $750. The Bride and Groom (# 3) just purchased a new home so they could not afford to entertain their wedding guests lavishly in a hotel. The ceremony was performed on the front lawn of their new home and then the guests were treated to a chicken and ribs barbeque in the backyard (by a catering company). The Bride wore a simple white sundress and the Groom wore a dark suit. When dinner was over the Bride and Groom brought out a CD player and everyone danced under the stars. In place of a wedding cake an assortment of homemade desserts were served (pies, cookies, brownies, cream puffs, eclairs, and ice cream sundaes). Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant

    Hi Sweetie You can stay in your budget by cutting numbers in the guest list and like a previous comment their there to celebrate your wedding not to eat up your food. Stick to finger food like meatballs , wing dings, salad, bread, store potatoe salad and others so you can place money in other areas now if food is what you want the most than go with that and cut other area like print your own invitation buy your gown off last year clearance at david's or Demetrio's make your flowers from the craft store or use 1 rose for your bridemaids. Lunch time is the best even better during the week at night. Picture can be cut by having a photographer there for the wedding only and have someone take pictures at the recession. Just have a nice digital camara on hand and the best thing is to get help from your family people you can count let their wedding gift be something they can help you with in the wedding . Good Luck and may God Bless the days of your Marriage

    This may seem like a no brainer but the most important thing is to actually have a budget set and stick to it. You seem to have an idea of what you want , but do you have a budget set already? Once you know what you can afford is easier to start looking within your budget not the other way around. Having a dream and affordable wedding is possible when you put the proper time in planning and researching. is a great site full of ideas and advice, and their store has almost any item you'll need for your wedding too... Going with a wedding package seems to be ideal , not too much work on your part, but it really pays of to think outside the box and sometimes hire different services from different vendors to fit your budget, against hiring all in a wedding package. Find great information on saving tips at: Some DYI on what you can will save you money too. I hope this helped ( at least a little)

    It is possible to have a wedding for under $10,000 or even $5000, but it depends on what kind of wedding you want. I really don't think that you can stretch a wedding budget that is under $10,000 to include airfare or hotel rooms for your guests though ... dollars just don't go that far. That being said, if you shop around, do a lot of the decor and stationary yourself, cut down on flowers and decor you could do a lot for under $10,000 ... including a sit down meal. Try picking an off day/season too ... you can save big doing. I'm having a winter wedding and we are saving about $40 per person on catering just because of the date we picked ... which works out to about 30% savings! You just have to set yourself reasonable expectations about what your budget will get you. If you see a $30,000 wedding on TV you have to understand that with 1/3 that budget you will just stress yourself out trying to duplicate it. Call up vendors before you even set your budget to get realistic costs for things, so you don't set your budget and then HAVE to break it just because there isn't enough money there. I know when I was looking for a wedding cake, I had budgeted an arbitrary amount I thought a cake "should" cost ... well no baker would do it for anything less than double what I had "budgeted". But since I had done no research before I set my number ... it was my own fault. We ended up getting a great deal on a beautiful cake, and we just had to reallocate the money from another area, but just because you decide you can afford a $150 cake, doesn't mean you will be able to find a baker that will make one for you that cheap. Doing before budget research can save you a lot of stress too! Best Wishes!

    My hubby and I had our wedding for 5k. It was my dream wedding! Everything was perfect. We did leave out a few things that most people have, such as alcohol, catering, a band, etc. Also, we didn't pay for everyone's hotel room or travel fare. We reserved a block of rooms at a hotel and everyone paid a discounted price. Where I'm from, out of towner's travel and lodging aren't paid for by the bride and groom. For the music, we had a friend play the piano and that was it. We had no outside vendors because people we knew volunteered their talents for photography, cakes, flowers, decorations etc. We also didn't have to pay for an expensive venue because the wedding was in a friend's back yard. We had a dessert reception, and after my husband and I left, my parents hosted a barbeque dinner that was provided by some friends at a very cheap price. There are lots of ways to cut expenses. Do as much as you can yourselves, that will help alot. Congrats!

    Have you considered getting married where the majority of your family live?, thus cutting the outrageous extra costs such as hotel rooms and airfares?. A dress from ebay? - as long as it is in good clean condition - no one need ever know. I would invite maybe 40 people maximum, less money, less stress and more intimate affair. I am not married yet, we just can't afford it, even though we would only want a small gathering, the prices for such an event are ridiculous and we have 2 small children. We have considered eloping to Scotland as we also worry that our family and friends will feel pressurized to spend money on the gift, their new outfits, travel and hotel etc that they just can't afford.

    There are tons of ways you can cut cost's. *cut down the guest list *don't hire a wedding planner *shop around *There are tons of DIY kits for favors, place cards, menus, invitations. *go with simple center pieces and less flowers *If you have a wedding during the week (mon. - thurs.) places charge less *check out sites like for bakers, DJ's, photographers (you can usually find some great ones) *use a venue that is already amazing and that doesn't need a lot of decor *use sites like and (they are very helpful *if your creative do the bouquets your self (you can order on line at places like,, and Best of luck!

    There's a website It's designed for brides who want some aspect of their wedding to be non-conventional. You will find photos and accounts of bride's telling how they planned their day. I hope you also find some budget info there. Since you are in the process of planning your wedding, you can also sign up to get on their blog/network/whatever-it's-called, where you talk with other brides for help. And you're totally right, charging it is nuts, and 25k is crazy!

    $5000 can cover a VERY frugal wedding, but not airfare or hotel rooms. Maybe you should consider having your wedding closer to where the majority of your family is.

    My budget is 7,000 and im having on the beach and its a buffet dinner , only 50 to maybe70 guest and im getting a maggie sottero dress im not doing flower centerpieces though, and i have a friend who will do the photos but doing a wedding for under 10,000 is possible.

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