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    My Husband is ETSing next year right after his last deployment. His home of record is Florida, but we are planning on living in Kentucky since we were willed a house there...My husband says they will not pay to move us there since it is not his home of record and he wants to start moving our stuff already before he deploys to speed up the move since we have two little ones... Now my question is is that true? Will they not cover moving expenses? If so is there anything we can do about it or are we pretty much screwed? How do we go about switching his home of record or what steps need to be taken, who do we need to talk to? Thanks in Advance.

    Thank you guys for your answers... however i don't appreciate your passive aggressive comments...I too am prior service and my brother is a Marine as well. I don't take it lightly to be treated as the spouse that is just just looking to get over on the military. Yes the Army may not be requesting him to move, but they do however offer the option to pay for your move back home... I myself ETS'd out of Germany and went straight to my home of record, they paid for my flight, they paid for someone to come pack my stuff away, and they paid for my moving expenses, even after they had used me and were done with me as you so kindly stated... However i at the time was single and and without kids, i lived in the barracks and all i had to move where clothes, clothes and more clothes! Now we have accumulated 8 years worth of "stuff"... believe me, I too wouldn't even be asking this question if all i had to do is drive Myself 11 hours to my destination... But I have a LIFe

    Your husband is incorrect. A Soldier's last move, either ETS or Retirement, is to his Home of Record ..... new-york ..... to any other place, but the Government will only pay for the amount to his HOR. Depending on where you are currently at, this could be a no-brainer, or you might have to cough up some cash. While you will be reimbursed all costs that are part of a regular PCS move, you will not get DLA, as that is not paid for the PCS bringing you from your HOR or your last one taking you back. You can not change your HOR. You can change your place of residence, but not your HOR. If he is adamant about beginning to move now, he might want to go down to your local Transportation and see if you all can do a partial DITY now.

    Army Moving Allowance

    You only get one home of record move for every duty station change, so your husband would be using the move. The Navy doesn't pay for vehicle shipment if it's within the US, I'm not sure if the army does.

    If I'm not mistaken the Army will pay to move to your home of record or another location that will cost an equal or lesser value and if you want to move even further you have to pay out of pocket. You may want to check with Transportation to find out the right answer. I know for retirement they will send you wherever you want to go in the US.

    I dont have an answer, but I was wondering how it all went down for you. With the gov't shutdown, my husband is unable to re-enlist. If nothing chances, his ETS date is Oct 2014. We are in Germany, his HOR is Iowa, but we want to go to Washington State. So you did receive DLA when YOU etsed out of Germany? And where you able to go to Kentucky vs his HOR?

    No they are not going to move you. For one they are not requesting him to move so why would they pay for you to move. Also if I read the question correct, if he is about to get out then once again why would they pay for him to move, they have used him for what they needed and they do not need him to move therefor they are not going to pay for it. And that goes for any branch of the military. I am moving 11 hours away in the next couple weeks from where I am now, there in no way the Marine Corps is going to pay for that move. It is going to come out of my own pocket. lcpl 0311

    No they will not pay for your to move somewhere else, it is not their job. You are own for the move. You shouldn't move if you do not have the resources to do so.

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