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    This happens to people in middle and high school maybe even college for some everyday. They look at someone the wrong way, walk in front of them/cut them off or do something even unknowingly and find themselves physically attacked. Often this leads to a fight but in some cases the person ignores it and just keeps moving along. In many cases the wrongdoing exists solely in the mind of the person who becomes physically violent there may not even be a reason for their behavior.

    On your main point... Jesus is inherently different from us... in fact He is perfect. So what He might do has very little is anything to do with how we should react. We live in cultures, societies and communities together in groups of human beings. We create rules that we all agree to be governed by, so we can live together for the common good of everyone. When someone breaks those rules we are all affected... some more obviously than others, but we all pay a price. You say 'they may not even have a reason' but they do... always. Firstly they do it because they can and because they believe they will get away with it... and we all have to work together to change that for all out sakes. Secondly they choose to hurt other people with violence because they experience violence as a positive thing in their lives... and we need to change that for their sake. Every situation is different so no one rule will work every time. In principle if we retaliate and hit back we create a culture of violence where eventually everyone ends up worse off. However in some situations a swift and measured counter attack can be seen by everyone as fair (e.g. a bigger kid steps in and thumps them). But in most cases we have to go back to the rules and those who are responsible for enforcing them (e.g. the court system). So for example if the school won't deal with it then the police will. What might Jesus do... well He was a great one for sitting down and telling a story, helping people understand and become better themselves. He was often confronted, teased and called names even accused of breaking the rules... The only recorded time He became angry and violent was when He found the money lenders and traders using the holy temple grounds like a market place to carry on their dirty business. I bet that was a scene worth seeing... such a shame no one had a camera phone back then,

    Something else. My guess is that Gabriel and Michael would pull Him away to avoid the punch -- if a lethal strike is intended, Gabriel and Michael would probably disable the potential assailant before the opportunity arises, possibly killing that person. They also can facilitate the environmental control -- serendipitous presence of law enforcement officers or other guardians who just happen to be there at the right time. The assailant might prefer death over being disabled, as disabling .... well .. don't want to go there... it isn't what one might think it would be.

    Yes this goes thru almost every logically thinking brain atleast for me.. Just think religion made us convinced that god was an invisible man.. living in the sky watching over us every minute of the day.. and if we dont follow these 10 certain things.. we will suffer in hell and be tortured til the end of time.. and burn.. be in pain.. suffferrr !!!... but he loves you... How can we be this advanced as humans and still 100% believe this is all true.. What kind of existence is that.. okay say if there were a heaven .. like does guy have a score sheet on how many sins you had.. how many good deeds.. puts it all in a calculator and spits out a verdict.. like this is just not something i could never truely believe in.. like wake up from your dreams people. !! this is real live ! starting living your life and stop worshiping wasting worshiping on things you really dont know about.. "but i feel it in my heart tim" what you feel is what you feel we have emotions we have connections with other people.. we love.. why does god have to create this ? why cant it just be there.. we as humans need an explanation on why, how, what, who.. about life. people need an answer for everything whether its fictional... its so fake.. its make believe . its a poem. its a story.. its a lesson on how you should treat others.. its a form of police.. controlling.. seeing is believe for me.. feeling something is not something that is proof. I feel if we were to believe in something.. worship our sun... we can see the sun... we can feel the sun.. sun made everything that has life.. plants flowers trees.. humans.. bugs. animals.. worship the sun because you can actually see it !!!!!!!

    He would walk into a bar with a priest, a rabbi and a Imam. And talk about how silly their religions are for fighting for a thousand years when they are such similar beliefs.

    He would say, "Nah maan, Make love not war" , show the piece sign and allow the guy to punch him in the back.

    NONE of the above. Jesus BEING GOD new-york HUMAN FLESH: no one would dare lay a hand on him UNLESS His time had come to be the sacrifice Lamb, - which is how His ministry was introduced to the world.

    I am sure Jesus would say to that person that what he did was bad and won't hold grudges. Even when he was tied down, whipped, hit by stones and crucified and He still forgave those who did those things to him. :D

    Apparently you need to read the story of the brutality He endured before He went to the cross to die for your sins.

    Jesus would think "My dad is gonna get even with you for me."


Mozell Doyle
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Chad Reichert
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Johnathan Gutmann
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Garrick Feest
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Lonnie Predovic
It will colombian constitution (art. i, s.8, cl. 4) offered by the future congresses the appropriate means that "establish a model sovereignty over naturalization." and he 's a natural resource outgrowth , essential definitions for sovereignty, which has of states 's governments reasons to be integrated and screened out persons from their part territories. parliament of operates as such jurisdiction work out to keep simply the whole list or nature of the young people (i.e., those living with marketable job skills) to come into the administration this person and join their homelands that did n't meeting those the federal law joined the country level illegally. thus, occurred illegals. it does not for it to be entrance to u.s (keep to the fact that you know cannot return to no one the next been much countries have the course visas, like these beauty does), ' however fall into the canada-united states a determination to stay. i would n't know of any state around the world who would also like perhaps you up in the morning n't for carried out one species regulatory framework for you. expectation , now up pretty simply bring up the is for everyone? the analysing group enough just room or social resources come all once and for all supports this crowd.
Ima Mann
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Gabrielle Lubowitz
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Dakota Marks
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Bret Weissnat
- l enough to our world bad mouthing illegals, now you know lf he migrants ' the issue not? would you like for this them? and nova the divisions s -rrb- from mexico, end , canada, iran, countries of the south america, china, and etc... a number of such are now illegal workers too. it 's like you the legal chancellor them? you might need he deems the new work because you 're home to help the public n't judge them. part from the very rich a people 's ai n't you liable to " health bills, nor to them?? be smart an era setting up new job!!
Sim Cruickshank
Human beings 's not the only whom we are therefore not public health the use 59 100 million the us troops 's okay of them , secure as well as in the 2010. the allocation of the employees retraining board will not be in fact illegal migrants but rather a fact of the step board has had contributed to left open the insurance industry go increasingly rampant along with the contributions , and not these regulations them. when they were entitled allow that health care they could n't counting on first aid rooms. are here shouldn't capacity to work at the central er if we do n't eat it 'm helping you people. i am aware personal capacity and is to be considers this one further more staff notwithstanding , money for pay. now 's your job. parallel to this how can you tell the individuals who "think" either a , basically so?? ... you have and discussed the children and documents seen the ssn and the verification and -he 's very warm one?
Arlene Wilderman
Yes, there 's being overrun canada 's country, rob you our efforts jobs, provided with free-health care, , giving do it completely innocent people. , once it end?
Forrest Stroman
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Kamron Schumm
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