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    I'm going to say America would have been better if we stayed out of slavery. I feel that enough escaped slaves would have made it to America from other areas to give us the cultural input that came from slaves. US society however did not adapt well and the discrimination and racial tensions that resulted from slavery have badly harmed the nation. Still is harming the nation. Blacks for example vote %90 or more for a certain party. That harms Democracy as it's no longer issues they are voting for if that large a percentage is voting for the same candidate and or party. Democracy cannot survive large voting blocks and other ethnic groups are now modeling themselves on the model created by Blacks. This will eventually lead to most people belonging to various mostly ethnic and religious based voting groups and hostilities and tensions far greater than we have ever seen even in this nation. The biggest stain on America's reputation is the use of slavery. For some reason America despite the fact that Africans have engaged in it for thousands of years and still do today in some areas, that it was Africans who sold the slaves to us instead of other African nations and or Arabs, Spain engaged it in it far longer and imported 10 times more slaves, that a huge percentage of the slaves in America were brought here by English or French traders it's America that wears the blame. It is easily the most shameful part of our history and if we had just not done it in the first place we'd be better off. The descendents of who we brought here as a group consider Africa more their home than the US by calling themselves African-Americans thus putting Africa first. America failed so miserably in assimilating freed slaves that they have their own culture, one so deeply ingrained that it may take many generations yet for Americans to just be Americans again. In fact right now it is heading away from unity and toward dissolution of America as a nation. Years of discrimination such as the separate but equal policy that really wasn't struck down until the 1960s is primarily to blame. The only benefit America recieved from slavery was that the South was able to develop it's agriculture a little faster. Realistically another method of cheap labor would have been developed and so the benefit was minimal. It is not like some parts of South America where Europeans before the invention of quinine had a hard time surviving because of disease epidemics. The inventions were not anything that changed America. It was musically that we'd see the biggest changes. Had the Blues not developed then Rock and Roll may not have ever happened. No Rock and Roll then there's no medium for the cultural revolution of the 50s, 60s and 70s and it's questionable about how much life would have changed during that period without Rock music. Without civil rights marches and the discrimination that helped galvinize a whole generation into protesting quite a few things not just discrimination. On the positive side, Marxists wormed into such protests, even helpd found some of the causes/groups. We would be a nation far less polarized by race and politics at this time. We'd probably win a few less Olympic medals every year, especially in track and field. So overall I have to say slavery was not just a bad thing, America is very much the worse for it having happened. As a nation we'd be far better off if we'd never taken part in the slave trade. -----added----- As I pointed out it's not logical to ding the US which practiced slavery for the shortest time and which in many parts never saw widespread use of slaves at all. We were the last Western nation to abolilsh slavery, but as you pointed out European interests were often who brought the slaves over in the first place. Illegal in their home country they were quite eager to participate in it still. Whatever the case America is known world wide for it's participation and often seen as the primary force. Lots of Americans even believe Americans captured slaves in Africa which really did not happen. Might be a very rare exception but often it wasn't even American ships that brought them over and few Europeans or Ameircans went any farther than the dock. Key thing is that we botched the whole thing and now we have a sub culture that intentionally or accidentally opposes most of the things held most dear by America. Blacks as a group are quite socialist. They are divisive even take the name AFRICAN over American becoming hypohonated Americans. Many hate America and most of the most evil things you can demonstrate about American history was our treatment of Blacks. Not all Blacks int he US are like this and if they started coming here much later in our history as free people I seriously doubt we'd have the racial tensions we do today or many of the issues we do today. If the vast majority of Blacks assimilated into American culture we'd again had seen an end to racial tensions, better economy, far fewer domestic problems and questions like this would mean nothing. Think about it. Large numbers of Whites came here as part of penal colonies. Their own sin was to be in debt and sent to a debter's prison then forcibly relocated to the US. Many indentured servants came here involuntarily. Their descendants are likely unaware of the means they came to America. Nor is there a drop of interest in law suits and guilt and other bs about how they came here, instead they are glad and proud to be Americans for the most part. There are many Blacks that feel the same way but you don't hear from or about them. Many of the Hispanics in the US, some of their ancestors were Moors who had only slightly more rights or choice in coming here than African slaves. Many have Native blood from tribes the Spanish enslaved. Again that is long over history with them. This is the here and now and there are core concepts that define the American dream. Speaking English, every American is our brother regardless or color or religion, a strong worth ethic, belief in the justness of the American dream and love of America. Blacks as a group do not even believe some of these things are right. The socialists would make the American dream impossible using redistribution of wealth to prevent it from ever happening. Blacks support socialist causes by over %90 with the other %10 split between more radical Left causes, Right wing groups and lessor known political groups including a few Black supremist parties. Electorially they are the swing vote and logical distrubution would be around 50/50 meaning major reform for both parties if they voted by cause rather than race. Ghetto culture which infects many Whites, Hispanics and Asians now but which sprang from Black Ghettos and is transported to the mainstream by Rap music espouses many ideals that are repugnant to mainstream America such as striking women, getting over on anybody. The old phrase no honor among thieves becomes no honor at all. That is a culture which was shaped and built by post civil war US politics. Had we had no slavery there would be no ghetto culture in the US. There have always been ethnic enclaves of newly arrived immigrants and those are typically the centers of crime waves but nothing like the entrenched culture that stays with people long after they leave the ghetto. This culture sub-Conciously generates racism. It is the primary factor involved with White flight. White flight is first off misnamed. Whites, Asians, Indians, Natives, Blacks and Hispanics leave not just Whites. They leave because they don't want to listen to a guy standing right next to another a block away from inside their own house. They don't want rap music blasting through their walls or the crack dealers on the corner. They want to be able to forget to lock their door sometimes and actually have stuff there when they get home. To not be targeted with looks and even physical violence just because of their race. People leave for a better neighborhood when those things start happening and if you move Ghetto culture in of any race that's what happens. Blacks that don't subscribe to Ghetto culture are called Uncle Toms and berated by other Blacks even often attacked in the media and TV. Then they have to hear it when they come home? No they leave just the same as the other ethnic groups. What is so wrong with just being American? Who cares where your ancestors were born or what religion if any you practice? Aint we part of the same nation? A nation that has achieved tremendous things scientifically, militarily, introduced the very concept of human rights, sacraficed money, time and our own lives for humanitarian causes? We aint perfect but we had it going on. We were what most of the world wanted to become. We are still a world leader in many areas and more importantly we strive to be better. We've made our mistakes, are making mistakes right now, but if we keep harping on past mistakes we'll never have time to solve our current ones.

    Although people of African descent have made many great contributions to American culture, I can't help believing that America would be a better place it they or their ancestors had come here only voluntarily. Without slavery, we might not have many of the beautiful buildings from the 18th and early 19th century--although slaves didn't build the palace at Versailles or St. Paul's Cathedral in London. But in any case, far more important is the fact that slavery is simply a major blot on our history, especially in view of the ideals on which the country was established. Think of the opening words of the Declaration of Independence, and then think of the large numbers of people to whom those words didn't apply--in som ecases until nearly 200 years later. It's a great iro ny of our histoey that, only a few weeks after the first representative governing body in the English-speaking New World, the Virginia House of Burgesses, was formed, the first slave ship arrived at Jamestown.

    Good question, slavery was bad, but by having it we have many great inventions and people here now. Star for you!

    AmeriKa WOULD NOT BE new-jersey EXISTANCE if there had not been slavery because early on, Amerika depended on AGRICULTURE and THAT TOOK SLAVES... had there not been slaves.. THERE WOULD NOT BE AN AMERIKA I know they don't teach HISTORY in the broken Amerikan school system.. but why don't they teach COMMON SENSE AND REASON?

Easton Schneider
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