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We can loan up to $500 to Lawrence occupants, in view of qualifying elements. On the off chance that endorsed, your credit will be expected on your next payday that falls in the vicinity of 10 and 31 days after you get your advance. Nitty gritty data with respect to expenses and reimbursement is accessible on our Rates and Terms page. As you consider whether an advance is proper for your prompt needs, you ought to likewise investigate other subsidizing alternatives. A payday credit is a genuine budgetary duty, and not an answer for long haul issues. Getting from a companion of relative may be a superior alternative.

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    I'm 20 yrs old just got a job internship at Gulfstream and they match 150% of your contribution when you contribute over 6% of your paycheck, so I've chosen my contribution to be 10%. My question though is where to invest it. The options they have are: ~ Fixed Income Fund ~ Bond Index Fund ~ Balanced Fund ~ Large Cap Value Fund ~ S&P 500 Stock Index Fund ~ Large Cap Growth Fund ~ Small Cap Index Fund ~ General Dynamics Stock Fund I don't mind taking a bit of a risk, if it also means potentially being well off in the long run, but w the economy like it is idk what to invest in, especially since I don't know what any of those things are. I read the descritions for each and all but a professional opinion would be nice. Currently I'm doing: GIC/Stable Value 10% Bond 10% Balanced 20% Large U.S. Equity 60%

    There is overlap in their offerings and if you're not careful, your asset allocation could be skewed in a way that you did not intend. For example, the Balanced Fund is likely a cross section of some of the offerings in many of the other choices. The S&P 500 likely has some overlap with both the LC Value and LC Growth. I'm a bit surprised that they're not offering any exposure to Global/International. Since you're still very young, it's not unreasonable to weight your current investments in favor of stocks (higher risk) while keeping only a modest amount in bonds and cash (lower risk). You say that you don't mind taking on some risk. Your knowledge of your own tolerance for risk is critically important because no matter what anyone else advises about how you should invest, you have to be able to sleep well at night with your choices. My comfort level at your age would result in an asset allocation something like the following: > 60% S&P 500 Stock Index Fund > 15% Small Cap Index Fund > 15% Bond Index Fund > 10% Fixed Income Fund If I could get exposure to an international stock fund as well, I would take 10% out of the S&P 500 and put it into international. Remember, this is me, not you. Tweak it to what you're comfortable with. If you're worried about the economy, do less stock and more bond & stable value. You can always rebalance later. Gulfstream Aerospace is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (GD) which is why they offer the GD Stock Fund. Does Gulfstream automatically direct the company match into GD or do you have a choice of how to invest the match? If you think GD a solid company, you might want to allocate a small amount there as well (up to 5%) if you're not already automatically invested in it. GD has a steady stock price and a consistent yield of around 3%.

    Maybe they changed the law?,..But you're not "Vested" till 5 years,.So if you don't expect to be there longer than 5 years,..Then just get an IRA, on your own..If you're sure you'll be there passed 5 years get both, 401k, and a IRA.. Instead of GIC fund,..replace that percentage with Small Cap Index Fund A Balanced Fund is either 60% equities, and 40% bonds, or 40% equities, and 60% bonds So that is a fair portion of the total Bond holding...Your full Bond percentage is too, high,..But wait to change it at the bottom of a Market Crash.I personally would keep the Bond portion below 20%(Your Balanced fund is your full Bond fund percentage),..there's no need for any more. You should ask around about General Dynamics,..and if news is good , and you can buy it in a cyclical low,..Then Buy..

    I think your current mix is pretty good for your situation. My opinion is when it comes to stocks the best place to be is large cap, preferably with a dividend and definitely in the US, no international exposure. So stick with the large cap growth, S&P 500 and large cap value funds. You are also 10% in cash, which is new-jersey for now but if the market takes a hit later this year then stick that cash into equities as well. I'm not that crazy about the balanced fund, you may as well split that in half and go with 10% more in the bond index and 10% more in equities. Or maybe put the 10% into cash instead of equities.

    At your age I think you should lean toward more risk with greater returns on your investment. You can get an idea of the risk involved in the funds you mention by simply examining the history of each fund. I would go back ten years (recession years alone will not present an accurate assessment of any investment). For a comparison of index funds you can go to a mutual fund company like Vanguard who wrote the book on investing in index funds. (Vanguard is the worlds largest mutual fund company.) So, for the next 20-25 or so years you should avoid or restrict investments in fixed income funds, bonds and balanced funds. The other funds you mention in your top list should be okay with the small cap funds offering good returns with probably the highest risk. The S & P fund would also be a good choice with moderate risk. I know nothing about the General Dynamics offering but you can make a quick decision by simply researching their history. As you continue to age your tolerance for risk will begin to diminish. When that happens you should think about re-balancing your portfolio to include less risk which, unfortunately, will mean smaller returns.

    I would just suggest that you invest into a target year fund. A target-date fund contains a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash that is generally suitable for someone your age. As you get older, the percentage invested in stocks automatically goes down and the amount in bonds goes up. You pick a fund based on your likely retirement year – typically, around 65. If you’re 30 today, you’d go for the 2040 fund. If you’re 50, you’d look at the fund dated 2025. A 2010 fund is for people 65. This eliminate all the hassle plus if you check your Target year retirement account holdings, certain retirement accounts are already diversified into different companies and sometime spread into different sector such as ~ Balanced Fund ~ Large Cap Value Fund ~ S&P 500 Stock Index Fund ~ Large Cap Growth Fund ~ Small Cap Index Fund ~ General Dynamics Stock Fund Seek a Target fund is my opinion. Take Care


    At 20 years old and without a lot of knowledge (for now anyway) about investing I, too, would recommend the age targeted fund. When you learn more about investing, and the plan asset options in particular, you can change your allocation. That said, if you want to choose...I would avoid bonds like the plague. Rates are so low they nearly have no place else to go but up, which means that the value of your investments in bonds goes down! Plus, at 20 yrs. old, you have 45 years until retirement and can "afford" to take some risk. Remember to account for the "risk" that you don't make your return goals. If you like about 3% return (NOT accounting for any potential loss in value/price), then put 10% in bonds...get my drift? I notice that you work for Gulfstream, but that General Dynamics Stock Fund is an investment option. Do you know the name of your plan? If so, you can see how it stacks up against your industry peer group. If a Gen'l Dyn plan, it's most likely very well rated in terms of fees you'll be "charged" etc. See the link. At the top is a drop down list - G.D. has 9 plans so be sure to look at the correct plan. your plan is from Gulfstream International Air (I don't think so, but..) - this is NOT a good plan - WAY too many fees, etc. more thing - is your employer matching the amounts ABOVE the 6%? If not, you may be better off investing your 4% (the amount above the 6% that's possibly NOT matched) on your own. You will not have the tax benefit, but you could avoid a lot of hidden fees that sap your retirement savings and return when the money stays in a 401(k). Did you know, for example, that you are may be being "charged" administration fees that vary every quarter simply because you contribute more money to the plan every payday? What do you get for this "administration"? You get a quarterly statement - why should that same piece of paper cost more every quarter simply because you put more money in? Why should your quarterly statement cost any more than it costs the guy down the hall who has contributed less to his plan? Perhaps your plan is managed well enough to have addressed these issues - if not, you and your fellow employees should speak up! One more thing, since you are an intern, find out when the employer's match actually vests. If you know that you're a "short-termer" and you won't be vested at the end of the internship, you may rethink your contribution percentage. Saving for retirement early is very laudable, but also consider that you need to have an emergency fund set up (about 8 months worth of expenses) - some CASH you can get your hands on immediately - so think about getting that set up as well. Good luck!

    Penny stocks are prone to violent fluctuation (volatility), many people believe that they'll luck out with a stock that will jump from $0.08 to $8 in two weeks. And it's happened. Learn here enough investing message boards and you're sure to find success stories from investors who made a mint while "playing the pennies." Companies that can successfully make the jump from penny stock to power stock are rare, but when you find them they pay out in spades. Numbers vary quite a bit in the penny stock world, but investors have raked in gains over 1,000% in a couple weeks' time. The real trick is finding the right stock.

    Don't do a 401K..... think of what governments have done with inflation..... you do not want to be locked in with your money till 59 1/2 and just wait till tax rates go up or they change the rules on ya.. Save in silver or gold or tires in a warehouse..... hard assests are the key now a day.... take 4 1964 quarters..... then put 4 of todays quarter next to them.... one pill is worth one dollar the other is worth 6.50.... dollars.... get my point.... and you control your stored labor...(.Money) not the banks wall st or the government.

Damion Runolfsdottir
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Arianna Mraz
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Thelma Weissnat
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Millie Murazik
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Sheridan O'Hara
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Lorenz Corkery
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Richard Kling
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