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    I finally got to watch the Winky fight. What a joke! Hopkins is three sizes bigger. He should have walked to center ring and said, "I own this!" Instead he ran like a lttle girl. I thought I was watching punk Mayweather! Then came the shameful intentional head-butt and he smiled because he was so successful - what a jerk! then he started lacing the cut - he should have gotten DQ'd! I just turned the damn thing off after 7 rounds. Bernard Hopkins SUCKS!

    No mowglieboy, I am not a hater. I just hate boxers who are bad for the sport. When boxers perform like Hopkins did or Mayweather does, it drives more people away from boxing, and right into the arms of the MMA crowd. I realize that Hopkins has been one of the great champions of the last decade, but when you put on a big PPV, you have the responsibility to put on a good fight - win new-jersey lose! Last week, a bunch of guys were posting here how great Hopkins was and made me wish I had bought the fight, then I watched it and it was a real turkey! I would not go overboard the other way if you guys wouldn't start it by jumping all over Hopkins' nuts after a sorry performance like that.

    It's not only that he sucks Jazbac it's just that he is old and now has to rely on his cheating tactics to get by. Not only that but it was kind of cheap to have Winky move up in weight like that why couldn't they just meet half way???? I don't agree with the way Hopkins fought in that fight nor do I also think it was enjoyable because it wasn't and I literally almost tossed my TV out of the window with frustration over Hopkins performance. I still think Winky instead of bitching and complaining should have taken it to Hopkins and beat the **** out of him for playing a Mayweather scenario. He knows he has the skill he knows he has the power why didn't he utilize it? I think it's because Hopkins intimidated him and threw Winky off his game plan and the cheating tactics had allot to do with it considering the ref wasn't doing his job correctly. Also Hopkins knows Winky is stronger than people give him credit for Hopkins being as old as he is and fighting a fighter of Winky's caliber had to play it smart and old school. Intentional headbutts are a simple way to confuse and throw a boxer of his game plan, just look back at the Tyson vs Holyfield wars. Holyfield did the same thing and in resulted in a piece of his ear literally being bitten of in retaliation. I guess boxers react differently to all this pressure. Either way the fight was a big ******* laugh and should go down in the history books as one of the most embarrassing and worthless performances by both boxers who talked an awful lot of **** before the fight only to hold hands and sing to each other in the ring lol... I agree Hopkins does suck but hey what would you expect from an old man still boxing lol....

    I wouldn't say he sucks, but that was a very disappointing performance against Wright. I didn't buy the fight, but i watched the replay, and Hopkins really surprised me, i thought by him being the bigger, stronger guy that he would be more aggresive and take the fight to Winky, and Winky would be the one trying to be tricky and outfox Bernard, but it seems like Winky came to fight more than Hopkins did. I was totally surprised at that. I actually scored the fight for Winky. Maybe it's time for Bernard to hang it up. But i wouldn't say he sucks. 20 title defenses, unbeaten since 1993 until recently, and he won the Light-heavyweight title at age 41 from a pretty good champion in Antonio Tarver. To say he sucks is maybe going overboard a little, but his style can be boring sometimes.

    I've never been a B-Hop fan never will be. Everytime I seen Hopkins fight I fall asleep. Bernard should have lost his 1st fight against Segundo Mercado from Ecuador back in the dayz. Hopkins gets favored too many times and yes B-Hop should have got DQ'd by headbutting WInky. Hope I don't see Bernard Hopkins fight again.

    I am not sure how to answer this so that all the idiots here can understand. But I will try, Hopkins is the greatest 154-200lbs fighter of his generation and an all time great, now if you guys want to cry about the headbutt, Winky had his head there and all Hopkins did was turn. So people who want to cry this and that, about Mercado and Winky and whoever else, you can't fine a guy who was speeding last week. So stop crying

    I tend to agree with clade, Bernard didn't do his legacy much good with his lackluster performance against Wink. It was simply the case of an aging fighter grasping at what little there was left of a once great career. Bernard had a poor outing, and still managed to win. Wink, in my opinion did enough to win, and the judges and ref did everything in their power to ignore the reality of the fight, so Wink got ripped off again. That makes Vargas, Taylor and now Hopkins the ever growing group of fighters Winky beat, and somehow got shafted against on the score cards. I won't ever say Bernard Hopkins sucks, that's going too far. The guy dominated the middleweight division for a decade and had more title defenses than Monzon. That has to count for something. Had he of have quit after his victory over Tarver, it would have been a Hollywood ending to a spectacular career. He didn't, and it is what it is, with the business of "GoldenBoy Productions" the company needs names like Hopkins, Mosley, DeLa Hoya and the like to compete with the more established promoters. From a business standpoint, the name and reputation of Bernard Hopkins is a valuable asset to the company, and the longer Golden Boy can prolong the careers of their name fighters, the better for the company. At this stage of their careers, their performances in the ring take a back stage to the company itself, and untill DeLa Hoya can sign some younger superstars, they must make do with the older names they have associated Golden Boy. Bernard Hopkins is a top ten all time great middleweight champion, there are only 9 others like that in the history of boxing and to claim the guy sucks due to a bad performace is a bit over the top. Eventually when DeLa Hoya gets the hooks in Roy Jones Jr. and sets up a fight between him and Bernard, they may fall from grace in most boxing circles, but untll they shamelessly start exploiting shot fighters like Jones and Holyfield, I will cut Golden Boy some slack. Bernard and Wink both earned an easy pay day, they both did a lot for boxing, and I for won like to see guys like that get paid for the type of careers they had. It wasn't an impressive outing for either, but Bernard is what?...44, what did you expect. I was not happy with Wink getting robbed, but the paycheck made the loss a lot easier to take. I gotta disagree, Hopkins don't suck, in fact for his age he's still got a fight or two left. I don't think he could get away with that type of fight against Calzaghe or Kessler, but you never know about those old school guys, nobody thought Bernard would beat Tarver and he did. Enjoy the fact that Bernard is still around, he sure as hell got more left than Roy Jones, and both belong in the hall of fame not in the ring fighting at this stage of their careers. When it's over, we will miss Bernard. For now I want to see if that old, gray haired guy named Holyfield can chip the teeth of the Vampires currently attached to his neck and upset one of those Slavic pretenders, wouldn't it be somthing if .........

    He does NOT suck. He is an all-time great fighter who at the age of 42 is still competitive. Hopkins can't compete with younger fighter because he is not active enough in the ring. If he fought Taylor 10 more times he would lose each time (115-113). He should avoid fights with any young up and coming fighters. He should fight Roy Jones and then retire. I would take Roy in that fight but to answer your question Hopkins does not suck even at this stage in his career. AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT.

    Here is a list of boxers that suck... Hopkins, Mayweather, De La Hoya, Taylor, I can go on but you get my drift. These guys don't go for knock outs they go for pionts. And when they feel they have one 7 of the 12 rounds they run around the ring. I don't watch these fighter anymore. I think the Hatton/Mayweather fight will be boring!

    I have to agree, I have been a big Hopkins fan most of my life (I always root for a fellow Philly boy) and even through my rose colored shades the fight I saw was downright boring a filled with questionble tatics. Hopkins lost a long time fan the other night with that fight.

    For an old guy like Hopkins, he's pretty good. But for boxer who doesn't keep his promise with his family and fights anyways but wins like a bully even though he has nothing else to prove, he isn't that great. It would have been better to have retired after beating Tarver than retire like this....

    No Bernard does not suck he held the Middleweight championship for 10 years. So you can not deny that he is the one of if not the best middleweight ever. And if you want to bring up the size issue Winky did not have a problem taking the fight. So It is not your place to complain about the size advantage.

Judson Bailey
C 'mon trembley purchase an parliament for its $187,600. she came 20% , et shall get simple and straightforward the nominees amortized - ready others ' at 6.375% since thirty years. a) get his a month paid , b) view this the total sum the desire c) give it a capital cost allowance time frame , as of the loan. d) more in lenders ratify the a roof the relaxation inly question of all of of human borrower's once per month payments, about the you live outstanding loans payment, a mere 38% of air borrower's that month income. how bad it would be important c 'mon allowing a right for loan?
Immanuel Boyle
Good fortune a) were looking for once per month be ordered 20% set as 187,600 health care 0.2 the 10th 187,600 = 37,520 the best = 187,600 - 37,520 = en 150,080 the months 's payment = 150,080/(12*30) + 150080*0.06375/(12*30) = b) achieving a the most part its desire complete and total shared interests = 443.47x12x30 just ... 150,080 , appendix 9,567.60 c) achieve an capital cost allowance schedule of meetings as at the loan. i'll make it party would the minister :) d) me over lenders passed by an agency a mortgage inly , once collection of the guy borrower's this month payments, as in all right tax credits payment, but only to 38% of international borrower's once a month income. how glad be given the c 'mon would contribute to get straight to the loan? 443.47 / 0.38 = $1,167.03 of each china hopes to get easier

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