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    You say: They take our jobs. I say: Yes, they take the undesirable jobs that most Americans don't want to do anyway. Aren't we grateful to have a work force who are willing to earn so little? You say: Their kids go to our public schools on our tax dollars. I say: It's not their fault they were born in Mexico and want much better for their families...a life that's available right over the border. I'll address the tax dollar issue below. You say: They get welfare & food stamps, which is another drain on our tax dollars. I say: Is that really true? Like I said, it's not their fault they were born into poverty. It may be a drain on our taxes...but hey, they're highly motivated people -- those who aren't highly motivated are still living in slums in Mexico. The motivated ones are seeking better lives, and they've got to start somewhere. We've all seen 2nd and 3rd (etc) generations of Mexican-Americans who have worked hard and are THRIVING and paying taxes now, and contributing to the USA in positive ways. These are people whose ancestors came to the USA illegally. You say: Many of them are dirty and uncivilized. I say: Animals can be tamed. Think about this if you will: For some reason humans can often be selfish and territorial. Why should we be so stingy? Why are there borders at all? Why, why, why?

    No, I did not say that I have illegal immigrants living with me. I said (see above) and to be more specific, they are born and bred US citizens, and they're not living with us (yet), I merely invited them. I said that just to illustrate to that man that I don't believe in being stingy or selfish when I have something I can share that someone else desperately needs. One more point that's been made clear to me during this q&a: I failed to incorporate the "illegal vs legal" aspect of this issue into my original train of thought. So now I hereby acknowledge that LEGAL, responsible immigration is good. The illegals need to go back home, and if they want to come back, they can do it LEGALLY!

    This is stupid. I'd like to see you guys go to Mexico and live there happily. I went to Mexico City when I was 10 years old. When I was there the first few days were very harsh at school. The kids picked on me for being American and the teachers didn't want to help me learn Spanish. After 2 months of being there I learned the basics of Spanish and learned to talk to others. Once I knew their language I asked them why they disliked me so much and most of them replied that they didn't like me because is was from the United States. After a while of getting to know these people I learned that they were not the stereotypes you see on T.V. Yes some of them were filthy, but they worked hard! Actually our classes were separated by economics so to say. The average wealthy children would go to school in the morning and the horribly poor children would go during the afternoon. I would go during the morning fortunately, but the teachers would always tell the classes how horrible they were doing compared to the afternoon children and how money doesn't matter as long as you work hard for what you want. After 5 years of living in Mexico City, I decided that I wanted to return to the Untied States for a better opportunity at getting a better education. Well, the first year I was there I got straight A+'s. The classes were extremely easy and I was the "Shy" kid at class, but in Mexico I was worst behaved student there. At the American school, I got honor roll, a 4.4 GPA out of 4.0! (My grades were over 100% thanks to extra-credit) and then I slowly slipped into the American way of doing things.. My GPA went from the highest in California to an average student's. I didn't notice it though until my Dad (Immigrant) talked to me about my grades and he told me that he wasn't going to reward me for getting good grades and that the grades would pay off by themselves once I was in high school and once I got my free ticket to collage. Now this small part of my life is something you are never going to understand unless you go to 3rd world country and see how it is by yourself. I believe that If I wouldn't have gone to Mexico for the 5 years I wouldn't have collages begging me to accept their invitations. This story compares pretty much to what my father told me and my grades. Immigrants are not coming here for the purpose to steal your jobs!! They are here to work hard for this country to send money back to their relatives back in their home countries or to succeed in life! Lot's of comments Ive seen is that "Well why doesn't their government do something about it?" or "Why don't they work hard in Mexico?". Well the government can't do anything about it because they don't have the money!!! Why don't they work hard in Mexico? Because even if you do work hard it will never lead you anywhere since the country is so corrupt! If you want to get rich in Mexico sell drugs. If you want to do it well then go to the Untied States and work your *** off. If you are born hard working in a country that will support your dreams then lucky you. If you aren't then why the hell are you not looking for a better country? The people who come here are looking to work hard. Americans do NOT understand what working hard is. I would like to see you live in a 3rd world country and get somewhere the legal way. If you do send me an e-mail.

    You say: Why do so many Americans raise a fuss about Mexicans wanting to live here? I say: We're not saying all Mexicans are illegal and not illegals are Mexican. There are Mexicans who are not born poor and/or are legal citizens of the USA. You say: It's not their fault they were born in Mexico and want much better for their families...a life that's available right over the border. I'll address the tax dollar issue below. I say: Many other people who are hard working and want better for their family are willing to fill out the paper works and study their butts off just to get in this country. There may be doctors, teachers, etc. The legals Mexicans had to go through the whole process like any other legal immigrants. I say: "Jumping" over the border is a crime. Therefore the illegals are criminals. Being from a poorer countries is no excuse just to get money from the government (that originated from the tax payers) Also having an anchor baby doesn't mean you are entitled to anything. Also, if we removes all borders, why don't I just go to one of my favorite countries: France and take it all without giving in return? ^_^ You say: ________________________________________... This was fun writing.

    Yes they deserve to be here in his country, legally! Like so many thousands of Americans they were once from another country. They had to go through the process of becoming an American. Some of these Mexicans don't want to do this. I myself have asked a few Mexicans that are illegals "why go through this and get caught," most of the time it was the same answer "we send the money home where its worth way more and if we get caught here its a free ride back home and we do it again!" So to wrap this up... They don't pay taxes, they send the money they make back home, and they get a free ride! Plus in this economy every job out there is desired by Americans! We need to stop letting these type of people into our country, taking our jobs and sending our money back to their country. Once we can fix that problem our country maybe on the road to recovery!

    You say: Why do so many Americans raise a fuss about Mexicans wanting to live here? I say: I have no problems with Mexicans and I don't care if they are here, just as long as they go through the process like everyone else does to get here. Why should Mexicans get preferred treatment? Because Mexico borders the USA? Is that fair to anyone else from other countries wanting to live here? You say: Is that really true? Like I said, it's not their fault they were born into poverty. It may be a drain on our taxes...but hey, they're highly motivated people -- those who aren't highly motivated are still living in slums in Mexico. The motivated ones are seeking better lives, and they've got to start somewhere. I say: If they have to start somewhere, maybe they should start on their own in Mexico. Mexico is ranked 14th in GDP, higher than South Korea and Switzerland, just because Mexico doesn't spend money on their own people is not a United States problem. The highly motivated Mexicans still live in Mexico going to their own college making money being doctors, lawyers, etc. And everyone is motivated to make money and have a better life. I could do that if become a drug dealer new-jersey get an education, find a good job, work my way up, etc. ( but you can't do that if you are here illegally) Can you guess which way is the wrong way and the right way? Judging by your attempt to provide an unintelligent thesis....probably not. You say: We've all seen 2nd and 3rd (etc) generations of Mexican-Americans who have worked hard and are THRIVING and paying taxes now, and contributing to the USA in positive ways. These are people whose ancestors came to the USA illegally. I say: illegal ancestors of 2nd and 3rd generation Mexicans received amnesty in the 1980's, which made them legal and also was a big mistake because there are more coming here illegally year after year. You say: why have borders? I say: The existence of different countries provides stabilization in this world. Without borders, everyone would be running amok, wherever they wanted to go when they wanted to creating riots and possibly famine, ending world trade. Is this what you want? Having borders creates a safe environment for the people, do you really want a one-world government? You FAIL ==edit== You have had illegal immigrants living with you for a few years until they get back on their feet? They we're on their feet until they decided to come here illegally. And a few years? Is that not enough proof they are coming here for freebies, especially you? and you approve of this? Wow. I won't say anything because you are such an idiot.

    I don't have any issue with Mexicans, in fact I don't care at all where you came from as long as you got here legally. If you got here legally then your an American now, congrats and welcome for getting here LEGALLY. And I don't appreciate you calling Mexicans animals thats just messed up. And America cant operate like a soup kitchen, if we took every single illegal immigrant our economy would completely collapse screwing over everyone here who got into this great nation LEGALLY. You talk about this issue using only your emotions which is just plan stupid and irresponsible. Problems like this can't be solved by emotional reactions by people like you who would do anything for someone after hearing their sad story. Sorry for the reality check but life can't and doesn't work like that. I pretty agree with most of the peoples comments here. Just thought I would add my own twist.

    Why can't we deport 12 million illegals? We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can withstand the power of millions of voices calling for change. We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics who will only grow louder and more dissonant in the weeks to come. We've been asked to pause for a reality check. We've been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope. But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope. For when we have faced down impossible odds; when we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that we can't, generations of Americans have responded with a simple creed that sums up the spirit of a people. Yes we can. Now Obama tells us , NO we can't secure the border ,Obama tells us , NO we can't deport 12 million illegals , Obama tells us , NO Arizona can't help with illegals , did Obama lie ? I tell you, yes we can deport 12 million illegals , yes we can secure the border , yes Arizona can help with illegals aliens , and any other states that wont's to help . If we can put men on the moon, fight wars on the other side of the World and dive to the deepest depths of the oceans . I tell you yes we can.

    I am so glad to hear so many people simply standing up for the law. You have restored my faith in America. On the other hand, I am also glad that I am old enough to probably not live that much longer and see illegal immigrants completely take over.

    Do you know for a fact,seen with your own eyes that it is only jobs that Americans wont do?Because i can tell you here in the real world what i have seen with my own eyes is that they take more then there fair share of good jobs that a American would love to have.We can not take in every poor person on the planet.If they are born into poverty in Mexico then why not stay in Mexico and fight to change the corruption there,Why piggy back off OUR ancestors blood,sweat,and tears?Why?Why,Why?

    There's a 25-year-old illegal alien Mexican woman living in Texas , with eight kids. Yes, eight "anchor babies" and she receives just shy of $1,500 per month per kid, plus medical, plus food stamps. Oh, wait. I've been informed that I shouldn't call them Food Stamps anymore. That's not PC. It's all called “Social Assistance” now. You do the math on that yourself. I'd say that she was schooled early in how to make it in the system. Twenty-five years old, eight kids . . . . . yep, she started early. You can whip out the calculator if you want, but this woman, who never has paid a dime in taxes of any kind, (and still doesn't – she's 'illegal,' remember?) is here in this country illegally. She hasn’t paid out one cent in medical for all the “anchor babies. She has eight and she’s not a stand-out case. She’s not alone. That's the way the system works. Millions of illegal aliens know this, know how the system works and know how to use it. (Haven't you seen the pamphlet? It's handed out all along our borders, "The Illegal Immigrants' Guide to Keeping America Just The Way It Is.") and that's just the way it works.

    Get rid of territorial and selfish ways and we get wiped out as happened to the Native Americans who trusted us scum coming in to the lands they tried to share at times. Why be so stingy? Well, you can be some great example. Go broke, owe thousands of dollars for houses and food you give to charity, and then go broker giving more to charity. Let your children go hungry since you are so concerned about other people's well being. Oh and remember to leave your house open so people can come in and out and use your computer and eat your food and do what they want to things in the place you live, since you don't believe in being territorial! Nations have the same issues that you would if you tried doing what you say we should be doing. But instead of your children coming first, the nation has to worry about its people first, before letting other people in and not being "selfish". I say I'm tired of seeing my language changing from English to Spanish. The less of them here the more likely the WASPS can re take over this country before it turns into a Spanish speaking slum land like Mexico. Well, the way they are now, we need a Berlin Wall kind of border to keep the criminal elements of them out. Look what those drug people do! Killing children's parents right in front of the children! I don't want more of those types in my country! Bring on the mines and the Berlin Wall and keep them OUT! Its not their fault they were born into poverty, but its not our fault either. So why should we have to pay for them? You say animals can be tamed. But they aren't animals they are humans! Many times humans are harder to tame than any animals! That makes more tax dollars drained "taming" them. The USA is already wiped out of money and doesn't have the money to save all these other people whose fault its not that they were born into poverty. And it is their fault they are born into poverty when they are the fools who keep breeding more of themselves in the poverty! It is sad this is the way things are, but that's life! Don't be this mean and you just get yourself wiped out by others.

    Everyone is saying they only take jobs Americans don't want.... tell me how many American man/woman would not love to get their construction job,meat packing plant job.. Where I live we have over a 12% rate.. ALL of those people would gladly do any job if it meant putting food on the table paying the rent/mortgage.

Andreanne Lang
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