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    I am scheduled to graduate from Santa Clara University Spring 2012. I'll have a bachelors in English (BA), a Bachelors in Political Science (BS), and a minor in Women's studies. Tuition each school year was 50K (I don't have any debt though because I've never taken out a school loan). I am on the fence about applying to Law School. I'm studying for the LSAT and I have a good GPA, but I still haven't decided for certain if I'm ready for another 3 years of school. I live in the Bay Area in new-jersey and I was wondering what salary can I expect to make (in general). To me it doesn't make sense to work for less than what my education is worth. Is it likely that I'll be able to find a job that pays 50k or more per year?

    What's your GPA? Hopefully it's high enough to get into a tier 1 law school. If you can't get into a tier 1 then forget the idea altogether. The only way to get any future as a lawyer is to graduate from a tier1 performing at the top half of your class. Lower ranked law schools are just garbage money-sucking institutions that wont even get you a job as a paralegal for a homeless shelter. With your degree, the only types of jobs you can apply for are generic jobs that require a bachelors. These would include insurance sales, retail sales/clerk, bill collector, customer service advisor, clerk, and well, any type of minimum wage job. 50K a year with that degree? No chance at all, not anywhere near it even in the highest cost of living cities; best you'll get is perhaps 40k in sales / collections and you'd be REALLY lucky (need to send out hundreds of resumes). Sorry, I know this was painful to read but it's the truth. BTW, In the past, lots of generic bachelor degree grads got "government jobs" and worked their way up, getting good pay, benefits, and a bright future. Well unfortunately, governments all around are going broke so they don't hire anymore so no chance at that for you. As an aside, you might want to seriously look into why you got suckered into a meaningless degree program. Education these days is about making $ off the naive and what better way than literally a child who enters into the system.

    Realistically, I would expect to find a job at around $30/35k/year, depending on where you work. Just having a BA nowadays doesn't carry you nearly as far as it used to; many places expect you to have an advanced degree or some amazing experience doing something besides just studying. There are a ridiculous number of people graduating from undergrad every year, and not enough jobs to accommodate all of them. Don't expect law school to be a magic fix, however. The legal market is a little weak right now, especially for new grads. If you have a good GPA (3.5+) and end up with a high LSAT score, it might be worth it for you to attend law school. Graduating from a good school could lead to a high salary. However, it also might not, and if you don't really want to become a practicing lawyer, you might end up in one of those low-paying jobs that you're currently avoiding. I would study for the LSAT, take it, and see how you do. Then, go from there. If your score is strong enough to get into a great school (or a lower ranked school with a full ride), go for it! Otherwise, think about whether you really want to be a lawyer, as you're as likely to get a job paying $50k/year after law school as you are to get a $30k/year job now. Good luck!

    First of all I know plenty of people with BA's in English who have ended up working in retail after graduating. These kind of jobs are usually minimum wage and do not need job holders to have a degree. I'm not too sure about what kind of jobs you can get with Political Science. I think it's VERY unrealistic to think you'll be making more than 50K per year in an entry-level job right out of college. A more accurate salary would be 30K a year, if lucky. Obviously your parents are paying for your schooling right now if it will cost $200,000 by the time you graduate and you're not taking out loans!! Time to step into the real world honey and work and save up money so you can pay for your law degree yourself! My advice is get any job you can after you graduate and work for a few years, then apply to law school. Good luck!

    This is why there are so many people that are like OMG I have a Bachelors or a Masters and I can't find a job lol you shouldn't just go to school to get a Bachelors degree just to have it you should go in with a plan with a career already in mind because every job has different requirements and the higher paying jobs usually require experience of some kind along with a degree you can't just be like well Idk what career I wanna have all I know is I'm gonna get a Bachelors degree and I expect to make $50,000 a year wherever I apply lol Your best bet is to go to law school since you haven't planned for any other career yet.

    Definitely go to Law Schoo, you won't get very far with majors in English and Poli Sci. I'm glad you don't have student loan debt though, that is definitely a good thing. If you have to take out loans to pay for Law School, you will be able to pay them off without a problem.

    English does not lead to a job and Poli Sci is only meant for getting into Law school. So basically, you go to work at Macys or you go to law school.

    With your degrees...NO, Go to LAW school. Those are pointless majors. I did CIVIL engineering and will be making 50k in december. Expect around 35,000 with those majors..tops...with law...your life with be great

    Go to law school.

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