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    Who do you think the Rookie of the Year would be? I think Kevin Durant shouldn't be realistically considered even as a rookie of the year candidate considering how crappy the rest of the Seattle Supersonics is and how his shooting percentage sucks. I think it'll be between Greg Oden and his little buddy Mike Conley Jr. pending position battle of starting point guard with Kyle Lowry had Damon Stoudemire lost his position. Considering that Memphis's had the worst record in the league due to Pau Gasol's injury coming from a 5th ranked season in the Western Conference, with Gasol healthy, Memphis would probably be back in the playoffs hunt. So that's like a 20 to 30 or more wins in a season to add to the credit. But I think Kyle will win the position battle even though he's not that great in assists. As for Oden himself, I think it as easy to say Al Horford will be ROY. They both will make immediate impact on both ends but, like Durant, their teams suck. (And Altanta is better!)

    Marco Belinelli is your 2008 ROY! J-Rich is gone and he will NOT be missed. Belinelli is the real deal and the best shooter in the league when he sets foot on the court!

    Corey Brewer, will be rookie of the year, with Durant being a close second. Look these guys are both arriving to teams that are in the toilet bowl as far as i'm concerned, Brewer gets an edge cause he's with Garnett{4 the time being} who willl learn brewer a thing or two on how to excel in the nba. Durant will have a good year, cause realisticly who else is there in seatle. As for oden he will be consistant with getting boards and blocks, not scoring. Too many big men that can shut down oden his rookie year in the west. I think oden will have the better nba carrear of all rookies but not rookie of the year.

    Neither greg oden or kevin durant is gonna win it, oden doesnt have the offensive ability yet, and durant isnt strong enough yet for the nba, i do like the chances of conley he looks good, umm... corey brewer if he gets his shot down he has a posibility, and yah, horford has a chance, i havent heard a whole lot of what hes done in summer league but yah it should be fun watching this group mature

    AL MVP- Grady Sizemore NL MVP-Chase Utley new-hampshire Cy-Justin Verlander NL Cy-Brandon Webb new-hampshire Rookie-Daric Barton NL Rookie-Geovany Soto

    Kevin Durant greg oden only had the advantage because he was taller the other college people. durant can play every position except center

    Greg Oden.

    I would say Kevin Durant too with the supersonics top 2 scorers erased from the sonics roster then Durant maybe would put numbers like 22 ppg 10 rpg and 5 apg. GO SPURS!!!!!

    I think kevin durant will win it. hes the more nba ready than greg oden. and the rookies team has nothing to do with their chances of getting rookie of the year.

    Marco belinelli. most people probably dont know who he is, but he was the warriors 18th pick this year. he dropped 37 and 24 his 1st 2 summer league games, and i know SL games mean next to nothing, but being in the warriors system will increase his #s and make them look good. with jrich gone, he should get some time and he is basically the italian ray allen. being in nelsons uptempo running system will create open shots and more shots for him especially playing with baron.

    Al Hortford without a doubt, represent that University of Florida Gators, Chomp-Chomp!!!

Toney Lang
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