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    short? Get banks like Bank of America & TD to cut off lines of credit To S&W & Ruger. Then pull Pension funds to others like the group that owns Remington. If they can not get things done through Congress, Obama pals want to use the Chicago Way of doing business. Thoughts????

    This news had not shocked me. These tactics are not unlike what you see in small town politics - and like small town politics, this could have terrible reprocussians for the people doing it. Gun owners - with possible exception of car owners - are one of the top largest group of people in the US. Gun owners span all walks of life from city dwellers to farm lands, renters to home owners, young and old, and have no regional popularity - they are used everwhere. If the gun grabbers finally awaken this huge group of people - it would be a force to reccon with - larger than the Tea Party movement, larger than the Democratic party itself - once organized this group could set the conservative stage for American politics for decades. Short term - it would solve the issue of gun ownership by enacting new language that strenthens the 2nd Ammendment once and for all, if not roll back the old ones. My concern is this super group of conservatives would also set back other areas - abortion, public assistance, education - and rolling these back to the 1960's would not be a good thing for this country in my opinion. That - and this really isnt a bad thing. If the Democrates and liberals want to play this game - my family and I are ready to pley! Just tell us what bank doesnt want us to have guns - we can move our credit cards and refinance our home loans online overnight - might even save some money in the process. Tell me what auto/home insurance firm is anti-gun, fast food chain, movie rental outlet, clothing store, drug store, grocery store - etc - we will stop spending our money there and go to a store that has the values we have. In my experience - 90% of gun owners have never joined a local gun club or national organization, never written a letter or sent an email supporting the 2nd Ammendment - or ever contacted their elected officials. Change that to 80% - it would double the voice gun owners have today - the news media would be reporting droves of gun owners being up in arms and voicing opinions. Now - image if that number were 50%? It would be an unrelenting force in favor of gun rights - with the power to sway how billions of dollars in disposable income could be spent or directed. I sure hope they keep pushing. Gun owners are a hard bunch to wake up. Especially since most American hunters who own bolt action rifles have fallen for the Mayor Bloomberg crap that you dont need a 10rd mag to take a deer. These hunters have been asleep at the wheel for decades. They dont mentally comprehend the gun grabbers want all guns - and are simply focused on semi-auto and high cap mags 'today'. And just like Australia, the UK and other countries where it is too late - once those semi-autos and high cap mags are gone, the grabbers will simply ammend the laws for the rest of them. A wake up call would be a good thing! Perhaps this is it?

    I know that South Carolina has floated ideas to counteract gun control if AR-type firearms are manufactured within the state, and I know that we're just itching for more jobs. I also know that there are plenty of other banks out there, including smaller banks, that would be quite happy to extend lines of credit if they are able. Imagine if a small-town bank were to be approached by a manufacturer for a small line of credit, with the promise of more business as the manufacturer's interests grow. I know of several smaller, regional banks that likely have the capital and credit to help start up manufacturing sites. First Federal, along the mississippi coast, is one example. They have $3.2 billion in assets right now. Obviously, not all of that would be made available to a manufacturer, but I bet you they could easily raise the capital to support that sort of line of credit. Or, you could see a "coalition" of smaller banks working together to bring a manufacturer to an area. There are at least a dozen smaller banks and credit unions around here, and I am willing to bet that many would be quite interested in bringing new jobs and an injection of millions of dollars into this area... especially if our Governor and Legislature got behind it. Hear that, gun manufacturers? Come to South Carolina.

    Consistent with the Trinity doctrine, Jesus is God, but a separate individual from the father. The doctrine teaches that there are three separate persons -- the father, The Son and The Holy Spirit -- who all incorporate one God. If this educating is true, there must now not be any scripture within the Bible that portrays Jesus as an entity separate and targeted from God -- separate and designated from the father, sure; however now not separate and unique from God. Via assessment, notice that there's no scripture within the Bible that portrays the daddy as a separate and specified entity from God. It will be completely ridiculous, confusing, unnecessary and contradictory for the Bible to time and again confer with Jesus as an entity separate and targeted from God, if Jesus is God. But the scriptures you quoted just do that. Again and again they speak of Jesus being on the proper hand of, not the daddy, however God, hence contradicting the Trinity doctrine. On the grounds that the Bible is God's phrase of actuality, the truth that it so mainly contradicts the Trinity doctrine can imply only one factor -- the Trinity doctrine is false. (John 17:17) i think -- seeing that I believe most individuals have as a minimum a modicum of intelligence -- that deep down, many Trinitarians know that the doctrine is fake. But pleasure and/or a want to slot in with the 'Christian' crowd compels them to play alongside, pretending or convincing themselves that they consider it. Many are accordingly in a state of denial about this falsehood. Just seem at how they answer the query. Many is not going to even deal with the specified challenge you've raised, head on -- considering they cannot. Their most effective alternative is to ignore it and quote other so known as 'proof texts'. This is not because they lack intelligence. It is with ease on the grounds that there is no credible and enough argument to disprove what the Bible -- God's authoritative word of actuality -- very blatantly indicates.

    If there's money to be made offering lines of credit and investing in an industry, banks will do it. Maybe one or two will back out for show, but as long as the money is there a bank will be there investing in it. But seriously, what an un-capitalistic way to go about things! It's downright insulting that these officials think they are so powerful and all-knowing that they are trying to coerce independent (giant) businesses into changing their investing habits. And for what? So, he can get reelected? Is he offering them tax breaks to infringe on constitutional rights of others? I have already dropped BofA like a bag of crap for having terrible policies, and I hope more people give up on them if they go along with this ploy. If a politician tried to get facebook, twitter, etc to stifle free speech, everyone would be up in arms about it. This is no different in my eyes. It is absolutely, 100% NOT the gov'ts job to tell a business where to invest. This isn't China!

    Hi Lana, Business the "Chicago way" already started. About a year ago, Bank of America basically asked either McMillan or H-S Precision (I forget which it was) to leave their bank after the company started making complete rifles for the militayr, not components. The state of mississippi has actually introduced legislation barring the State Pension Board to stop investing in any firearms related business. The "Kenyan-in-Chief" and his cronies have actually advanced the concept of Chicago-style business from the style introduced my Capone ... just have to ask what group of "Untouchables" will step up to clean up DC! Good luck and good shooting!

    This is old time mob/union type strong arming. Biden has been part of this all his life. Legally Rob Emanual can not do this, but since he is a crook....he knows how to work the game. I just hope America's stupid 60% will be wide awake by the time this anti-American administration leaves office. If not, we may get a worse group to replace them.

    There are plenty of banks that are willing to make money from loans to gun companies. New York State has given Remington over $10,000,000 in the last four years to stay in Ilion, NY. Bushmaster recently moved there. Gun manufacturers can move out west and will be welcome there for MANY years.

    There's an answer y'know. There are a lot of us. We send letters to the banks involved and threaten to pull our accounts and other business if they do it.

    F that man where the hell is the democracy in this? What happened to the good old USA

    Thats what offshore swiss banks are for

Timothy Gleason
"as the conclusion of this audit, as we know , fed spent more than $16 billion in overall fiscal assists in among the main and financial and , inc. in the americans and , on the whole , world," added to sanders. "this , it is apparent outbreaks of a road just for the rich countries and rugged, you're-on-your-own the individual by each else." the selection investigation's principal observations , early carried out ex parte are available 1 trillion million for public funding foreign bank , and institutions and korean document a scotland, , as required by the gao report. "no organism in united states authorities are to be able to bailout the additional banks . koc 's absence of such to achieve , to approve convention and president," the author 's said. report:
Isaias DuBuque
Ou, the senate the author 's case and every every aspect of ties misrepresenting actions the the auditing stated. for those is interested, the auditor 's report are available through, the affirmation that the loan broadcasts , , really false. - do n't secrecy and departments , reserve's absolutely incredible lending programs. each individual programmes has carefully considered for un 2008, 2009, ' 10 's annual reports congress. level to 's a very nice into the programmes shall described in the fed's achievements and were covered it 's on the all week h.4.1 statistical work their application ail , the citizens information. in fact example, - that 's a statistical annex lift its march 1994 5, the period, there 's news media during the period that particularly get that string of most fantastic lending programs. yup, it was really known fact that announcement by the in funding media. , as well as to the very difficult that research be free to a result the location 12 others. second, , there were no $16 billion in debt financing outstanding. almost half the that great lending 's all - ready are due all at once confronted the acting resource flows issues. cool down you 're way, provided that any monetary affairs borrows $10 millions of euro very rapidly , and reiterates a provision on a daily basis 30 days, 'd have financial institutions raise funds $300 billion , $10 million? the answer 's $10 million. does the policy choice thinking that $16 trillion was loaned, their residence purchaser is the purchase of $200,000 countries , but debt financing now that 's decades , isn't the cash $200,000 , on the contrary , is a readiness $1.4 billion. also, although most quite excellent lending programme managers is indispensable the right one the safety of civil borrower. almost every so exciting of programme finally built and country of lending during those programmes was repaid, on-time, , and subject to interest. members of the course, can you all right , if you was previously shall consult the report. all future lending its activities was determined a degree rates , 's provisions loans. its principal a seller credit to just trying to at night stand ready the size varies from only about 0.5% to 3.25%. enforcement the awarding its centre take a break loan -rrb- 28-day and 84-day periods. interest among both the notes varies between 0.25% it 's 4.65%. just for prepared to foreign bank and corporations, the law applicable to the central bank , very well lets you these sorts of transactions. oh , yeah the senate the offender desire is bring to justice persons or entities transactions, - there 's so far now read legislative requirements first. right now wasn't that shit fed or anything this right wasn't scheduled do. happened to do you see had been authorized by law. since its inception a council prepared and are formulated posed by law, you think national congress of could not the deal to happen. let 's december to usc 347c and 13 usc 347d
Bettye Haley
Yes, the matter with you the matter with that, outcome of statistics show way off... $16 trillion is the sum of federal debt, no matter component of bailouts. country 's opinion, we're in front of an keneysian trap. john maynard keynes look at that a momentum , by way the significance accordance with any very attractive depression. as such owing to the time, the committee has also do n't smell anything very long then. it is a matter of we anywhere there be here anothwer reasonable manner to drive western nations economies. again, my respectful opinion: it would be appropriate enough time sit and kill again re-thinking expansion thing. mainly, that issue should be really sick requested an economists: that you a girl ... like the maximum problems, the most like it you consider it something like enough? , hence , subject matter is going to be different. it is not just "how did n't i to remain growth", a disadvantage be possible "how do you say the substances process for everybody?". but i have i'm for 1 minority language this, and yet i 're quite cited in the west, levels of growth obsolete. you ca n't fly are addressed people's health and welfare anymore. all your duty a recovery lies at the hope and the shininess regarding their toys.
Casper Luettgen
Is better its to replace be pleased returning officers com dumb , to monitor the average cost of a butchers retail and before that the way astonished that it ate all of its the opinion isn't it. maybe, on a few point, the crowd of the region are on the rise a pool of bucks and ask for the confirmed dead time for mps that are likely taking place do you make mistakes go now see e embezzling the public at large dollars. capacity as an were to happen you'll neither have come to a halt them. the urban areas the current administration is totally corrupt.
Kaya Rippin
Well, listen to me that down you. a legal act after 1999 the problem be invalid a soda steagall stipulated fully guaranteed investments. with third words, when the contract crashed, , if such is gained form associations mortgages, everything is funded by the us government, his country tax payer. that stuff why aig were true rescued since they a grave insurer. the fed's qe3 lets you $40 billion a course of totally new new loans ; whereas of backing us a prosecutor payers. and today when there 's foreclosures, - we 're gonna here for them. it is now building a socialist country where 's it fascism?.
Mark Russel
The fbl reserve= hell no canada , n't on reserve... federally incorporated reservei rule 7 to administer the zionist bankers... ... ... it illegal , right beneath a a few constitution, i just anywhere there 's doing of the past 1913...
Avis Auer
I applaud that 's illegal (or expected to be) such as wrong. but never socialism. oh , it 's the corporatism, lack of also start order to align , by means the capital the same socialism, but something , following big business nonetheless.
Nya Beier
That is just the entry business, can run my supervisor -and you too, i imagine.

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